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Mens - Kurta Pajama, Sherwani, Indo-Western Suits

India is famous for its cultures and traditions, and along with this, it is also immensely popular for its Indian ethnic wear. People often feel that women usually have plenty of dressing options to choose from and men, on the other hand, have very limited choices. However, we beg to differ with this common notion, since we Ė Nihal Fashions Ė have much more to offer. We have a massive collection of menís sherwani, menís Indo-western suits, menís kurta- pajama, and dhoti-kurta Ė the designs and patterns of which are beyond imagination. We often find numerous sherwani for men but usually do not know much about its existence. The original sherwani is long coat-like garment (similar to a doublet or an Achkan) worn over a kurta and a churidar that is majorly worn by men belonging to countries in South Asia from a number of decades. It originated as a fusion of the infamous British Frock Coat and the Salwar- Kameez. The sherwani Ė an attire and symbol of the rich and the royal Ė is basically associated with the Muslim tradition, and it was the men belonging to noble families who were seen wearing a sherwani on all occasions. Around the late eighteenth century, the sherwani was more widely adopted across the globe, and all men Ė irrespective of their status and stature Ė embraced this royal attire. In the earlier times, men usually wore a sherwani for all formal occasions, but from the past few decades, especially in India and other South Asian countries, the sherwani is more popularly worn during weddings and similar celebrations. The Indian wedding sherwani is typically a classic sherwani that is aesthetically designed using heavy suiting fabric and has an inner lining that increases the durability of the fabric. The stiff royal fabric of the wedding sherwani has a perfect upper body fitting and flares towards the bottom, delivering an aura of richness and elegance. The Indian sherwani for men is available in numerous fabrics, colors, and designs that make it apt to be worn on all occasions from formal to casual. Designer sherwani for men has creative and artistic embroidery, zari and stone work done on to them that enhance the look of the sherwani. The trend of the wedding sherwani for men is gaining massive popularity not just in India, but across the globe as well because this ensemble is one of the best attires of men that convincingly showcase a royal and powerful personality. However, of late, fashion experts have come up with a twist in the traditional sherwani in terms of patterns and style which is called the Indo- western sherwani. This is because it is a fusion of the South Asian ethnic wear and the western fashion. The Indo- western sherwani for men helps in showcasing the modern and trendy look along with preserving the traditional and native avatar, and the look of this attire differs from the traditional sherwani in terms of the churidar pattern, the sleeve length, shirt length, and neckline designs. The bottoms or churidar is often narrow at the ankle with some gatherings and is baggy above the knee level. The Indo-western sherwani looks best when accessorized with a stole or a dupatta of a matching color and with traditionally designed mojaris. This contemporary and classy attire is apt to be worn on semi-formal to casual and festive occasions since it is a perfect blend of Indian traditional clothes and the modern western style. It is perfect for men who think global while being local and this is the reason why the Indo-western suits for men is one of the most globally demanded Indian ethnic attires. Menís kurta-pajama also referred to as menís kurta- pyjama, is very popular amongst men of all ages since it is simple, elegant, and comfortable. Having originated in South Asia, several variations of kurta-pajama for men have been introduced in the past years. The kurta-pajama, as the name suggests, is made up of a kurta (a piece of garment closest to the version of the Ancient Arab clothing that falls just below the knees, and is worn for fashion, culture, and tradition) and a pajama (generally a loose-fitting pair of trousers that is completely comfortable providing ample freedom of movement to the wearer). The most common look of a typical menís kurta- pajama is the one that has a loose fitting and a simple cut with or without buttons, depending on its pattern and style. Today, the kurta-pajama for men can be basically divided into two major categories Ė casual kurta-pajama and designer kurta-pajama. The casual kurta-pajama is made of lighter fabrics like cotton and linen, has a simple cut and design (with or without buttons), and is perfect to be worn on casual events and get- togethers. Designer kurta- pajama is usually a heavily designed outfit that is worn on festive and auspicious days. These have authentic embroidery and gems and stone work done, and are stitched using premium fabrics and designing materials. People belonging to different parts of the world often purchase menís kurta online since the Indian kurta for men stands synonymous to quality, comfort, perfection, and style. Similar to a kurta-pajama is the menís dhoti-kurta that is a combination of the traditional kurta and the Indian ethnic dhoti. The kurta, as already mentioned, refers to a loose- fitting knee-length garment that is made up of varying fabrics. The dhoti, originally worn by the older adults, is basically a traditional garment of Indian men that exists from times immemorial. It is a long rectangular piece of unstitched cloth that measures about 15 feet in length and is wrapped and knotted around the waist and left loose around the legs, thus resembling a long skirt. These days however, the dhotis are made of varying fabrics and all of these can be worn in numerous styles that not just make the dhoti-kurta an apt attire to be worn on all religious and auspicious days, but also make it apt to be worn of all festive days owing to the traditional yet contemporary personality that they deliver.