Women Sarees

Every Woman's Best Choice - It is the most graceful attire of a woman that amplifies her femininity to its peak. Available in varying designs and fabrics, our Sarees are a long strip of unstitched fabric that is draped over the body and consists of a matching and stylish Blouse/Choli

A Saree or a Sari is a long strip of unstitched cloth that is worn by women worldwide but is native to the Indian sub-continent. It ranges from four to nine yards in length and is worn over a petticoat (also known as lehenga in north, pavada in south, chaniya in the west, and shaya in the east), and a blouse or a choli. Traditional blouses have a simple design and cut, whereas designer blouses have a very modern cut and style. Most traditional blouses normally have short sleeves and a low neck while stylish and trendy blouses have even more short sleeves or no sleeves, and a backless blouse pattern.

Sarees are the most elegant attire of a woman and these can be draped over the body in numerous styles to magnify the grace and aura of a truly Indian woman. The most common style to drape a saree is to wrap it around the waist using one end, and drape the rest over the shoulder, bearing the midriff. But today, almost every region has its peculiar style of draping a saree, and the most famous ones include the Gujarati-style, the Bengali-style, the Professional-style, the Modern-style, and the Historic-style. Besides the draping patterns followed by different regions in the Indian sub-continent, there is an ample variety of the types of sarees that belong to several parts of our nation that are popular worldwide for their unique design and look. Some of these include the Chanderi, Maheshwari, and Kisa silk sarees from Central India; Ikkat, cotton and silk Sabalpuri, Mooga silk, Bomkai, and Phulia sarees from Eastern India; Paithani, Bandhani, Kota, and Patola sarees from Western India; Mysore silk, Kumbakonum, Madurai, Venkatagiri, Mundum, and Kadangi sarees from Southern India; and Banarasi, Phulkari, Shalu, and Tanchoi sarees from Northern India.

To continue this Indian legacy and provide sarees with a modern touch to you, we at Nihal Fashions proudly present our beautiful and vibrant collection of ethnic and designer sarees that define womanhood and femininity. Our major section on Sarees has this attire varying from wedding or bridal sarees to bollywood sarees, traditional sarees, lehenga-style sarees, designer sarees, and casual sarees, all made using premium quality fabric and unique designs.