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Wedding occasions are not just about the food and decorations they are also about the trousseau. Men usually have a hard time when it comes to choosing the right wedding attire. These days for every wedding occasion there are different outfits and looks. It is important to choose the outfit which complements your body type. Sherwanis are the most royal looking outfits for men. Sherwanis have been an integral part of Indian culture. These attires were worn by the royals and have been regarded as the most elite outfits since then. Usually, sherwanis are worn by grooms but these days their simpler styles are worn by others too. Every mens wedding sherwani has a specific pattern to it which is apt for a certain function. Make sure you choose the appropriate one. Sherwanis are a perfect combination of class and royalty but they need to be styled properly as well. Though kurta pajamas are most preferred by men because of their flexibility and easy styling, sherwanis are class apart in their looks. Sherwanis for men are available in several fabrics. Generally, it is best to opt for traditional sherwanis but one can also choose to go for Indo-Western styles. These days designers experiment a lot when it comes to traditional wear for men and due to the same even men have loads of options to choose from. It is not necessary to wear sherwanis only for weddings you can wear simple sherwanis for cultural events too. These days men opt for sherwanis even for festivals. You can buy sherwanis for groom online too. Here are some useful tips to buy the right sherwani.

  • Avoid low-quality fabrics

Most people just focus on the embroidery when they select an attire but it is also necessary to check the material. Sherwanis are meant to look royal and therefore it is necessary to buy them in a high-quality material. Several people choose sherwanis with low-quality material because they are cheaper price wise. However, even embroideries and embellishments look and stay better on high-quality fabrics.

  • Choose the right colours

Every groom’s sherwani needs to be impactful. Wedding sherwani for men is typically available in red and golden tones, but in order to experiment, you can try other colours too. These days grooms are also experimenting when it comes to colours of their attire. You can go for pastel colours like peach, pink, mint green, etc too. One doesn’t need to stick to the mundane colours for wedding sherwanis. The time of the event is also an important factor when choosing the colour of the outfit. If you are the groom your sherwani should look presentable and impactful by all means!

  • Don’t ignore the fit!

The look of the outfit largely depends on the fit too. When you choose a mens wedding sherwani see to it that the fit is proper. For men, the outfit should fit properly from the shoulders. Check the length of the outfit because a sherwani must be of a proper length otherwise the whole look can go for a toss. Make sure that the pattern you choose for the sherwani suits your body type and flaunts your physique.

  • Don’t blindly follow the trends

It is good to stay updated with the latest fashion trends but following each one of them is not necessary. Before following an ethnic fashion trend, make sure you are confident enough to carry it with poise. For instance, velvet sherwanis might be in fashion but are not suitable for people who are on the heavier side!

Sherwanis are available in several varieties. One can experiment with this particular outfit in terms of colours, patterns, styles, fabrics, etc. Here are some mind-blowing sherwani styles you can opt for.

  • Classic gold and red

If you don’t want to experiment and wish to go all traditional then choose a gold and red sherwani. For grooms, this is the best colour combination because these colours are meant for wedding occasions. Moreover, this particular combo is simple to carry because it does not involve much experimentation. A gold-toned sherwani looks elegant and rich with red or maroon churidar. Pair up this combo with traditional mojris and you will definitely make an impact.

  • Blush pink and mauve

Many grooms these days don’t mind experimenting with colours. Additionally, gone are the times when shades of pink were only meant for females. A blush pink sherwani with golden details looks best with a mauve dhoti. This combination is traditional to the core but the colours give out a modern vibe. For the footwear, you can go for loafers too. Simple black loafer shoes can enhance the overall look of the outfit.

  • Ivory sherwani with embroidery

Men sometimes don’t prefer much embellishments and designs on their outfits, in such cases it is best to go for simple and minimal embroidery. Choose an ivory coloured sherwani with minimal embroidery and team it up with a similar colour bottom or go for a darker shade. This combination is apt for both daytime and evening occasions. You can add a contrast coloured dupatta too with an ivory-toned sherwani. This sherwani can be teamed up with mojris.

  • Mint blue sherwani and white bottoms

If you want to go for a modern colour and ditch the traditional tones of red then it is best to go for the tones of blue. For daytime events, a mint blue sherwani works the best with white churidar. Pair up this attire with traditional footwear or you can also opt for loafer shoes. It is best not to go for contrast tones in this combination when it comes to footwear. Choose from the shades of black, brown or beige.

Roaming from outlet to outlet for that perfect wedding sherwani is time-consuming and tiresome. You can get amazing varieties in mens wedding sherwani online too. Shopping online for sherwanis is easy and quick and is also cheaper as compared to offline stores. Nihal Fashions has innumerable styles and patterns when it comes to mens wedding sherwanis.

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

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