How to Choose the Best Wedding Sherwani?

Among all of the Indian traditional outfits for men, sherwani is the most preferred traditional outfit for grooms at Indian weddings. It is a classic example of style and splendor, offering a regal and classy look to any groom. Ideally paired with a stole, bandhni pagri, and mojris, this outfit can be styled in a number of ways to bring out the best of the attire when you flaunt it.

However buying a sherwani in no child’s play, especially when it is purchased for a specific occasion like a wedding. There are a lot of factors that you need to take into account when buying a sherwani for a groom, and more importantly, you have to make sure that it comes at a reasonable price too.

To help you buy your very own wedding sherwanis, here are some tips that can come in handy for you:

Shades and Colors

  • Make sure that the color you choose matches with your skin tone. Red, maroon and golden are some of the most popular colors that are widely chosen by grooms for their special day. However, you can also opt for sober colors like off-white, cream, brown and gray. Many grooms also prefer black as a color to flaunt at their weddings or while attending a wedding.
  • Considering your body type when choosing the color of your sherwani. A light colored sherwani with a large deign or embroidery will not look good on a groom with heavy body type. If you have a slim body type, you should avoid wearing a dark colored sherwani with small designs.
  • Make sure that the color of the sherwani you are buying doesn’t clash with the color of your bride’s dress. Clashing of the colors might end up making the combination a little gaudy. One suggestion that you can try is adding elements to your outfit in the shades of your bride’s lehenga.
  • For those who love to be trendy when they dress up and are hoping to co-ordinate the shades of your outfit with that of your bride, opting for pastel shades is the perfect option. Wearing outfits in varying shades of pastels can make your outfit look brighter and somber at the same time and bring about a beautiful blend of shades when the two of you stand together.

All of these ideas are sure to seem great when the wedding albums come out with the two of you giving off the perfect hue, from your glowing faces to the outfits you have on.

The Right Fit

  • For a perfect look, it is necessary to get the sherwani tailored from the best couturier to fit your body instead of buying it ready-made from a shop. The pattern should also be a perfect fit to the cut of the sherwani.
  • Choosing the style of sherwani depending on your body type is equally important. If you have a slim body type, go for sherwani with padded shoulders so that you look well built. On the other hand, those with a good physique can opt for sherwanis that hug the contours of the torso and emphasize your defined physique

The Time of the Year and the Time of the Event

  • What time of the year is your wedding scheduled for? If it is the summers, you would definitely have your work cut out for you in order to choose a fabric that is breathable enough to not leave you a sweating mess during your wedding. And while you may choose the fabric most comfortable for hot weathers, it is also important to choose something that is appealing to the eyes. Donning a cotton sherwani can hardly create a great impression unless it is embroidered magnificently.
  • Is your wedding being hosted during the day? The colors you opt for as well as the fabric would need proper consideration, keeping the time of day in mind. If the wedding is to be held at night, you can opt for darker shades and fabrics other than cotton. For a wedding being held during the day, make sure you opt for bright colors in fabrics don’t make you sweat throughout the ceremony.

Bottoms to your Sherwani

  • If you are someone who likes sticking to what’s conventional, normal straight-cut pajamas are the perfect choice to be worn with your sherwani.
  • Those with the penchant to experiment and the confidence to carry any outfit splendidly must opt for a dhoti below their sherwanis as against the usual choice of pajama to make the look more striking and alluring.
  • For those who love making statements, opting for even bolder styles like our Bollywood celebrities do can keep you in the limelight forever. However, if you aren’t confident of pulling off bold looks, make sure you stick to safer styles that fall within your comfort zone so you don’t look awkward in all of your wedding photographs.

Accessorize the right way

  • Among the commonly worn accessories with sherwanis, don’t forget to complement your sherwani with accessories like matching stoles, and mojris as they can add grace to your look.
  • Another accessory you can add to your sherwani for some more bling is a brooch or a gemstone pendant that sparkles the same shade as the sherwani.

Where to purchase the perfect wedding sherwani?

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