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The Indians have a rich culture and tradition and this thing is evident from the clothes of different regions which represent the lifestyles of a place. You can get these Indian clothes online also from various online stores.
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  • The traditional dresses of salwar kameez were originally considered to be a worn by the Muslim community. Now it has become popular throughout India and is not confined to any single community.
  • The half saris are worn by the young teenage girls but the women generally prefer the full saris.
  • The young girls love wearing langa-a long skirt and a short blouse or choli.
  • Saris are the most popular wear for women all over India. A wide lengthy of cloth is wrapped around the body with a pallu hanging on the shoulder. The designs of the saris are various and differ from place to place. They have rich designs and people love to wear something unique. Saris are generally made of cotton or silk. There are again different varieties of silk. The wearing of the sari has become easier over the years. The pinning of the sari has made it quite easy.
  • The dhoti and kurta are also comfortable and they are worn in the central and western parts of India. In the eastern states dhoti and kurta is the dress for the bridegroom.
  • The sherwani is another dress worn on auspicious occasions. It is mainly worn in the northern parts of India and Punjab.
  • The lungi is popular in many of the parts of the country but is generally worn in the doors. In some parts sit is also worn outside depending on the social culture.
  • Menfolk may wear the kurta pyjama. Both may be of same color.
  • The shirt and the pant are the most used clothes of men. It is easy to use and now worn by men everywhere to office, market, doctor, etc.

Indian clothes online is highly popular all over the world. Indian clothing is known for its comfort, grace and elegance, that is why it is so popular all over the world. With the days going by the fashion of men and women are not remaining distinct. The clothing styles are slowly becoming unisex. There is also the trend of fusion dressing. People tend to make clothes having the details the traditional style combined with the modern styles. These are also available online.

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