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Perfect for summers, linen is rightly termed as the most comfortable fabric for clothing. Most ethnic attires are made of heavy fabrics which can get uncomfortable after a point of time. Due to the stated, linen is widely used these days for traditional clothes. Linen kurta pajamas are very much in trend nowadays because many people now prefer comfort over fashion. Especially when it comes to ethnic wear for men, the options are limited. A variety of fabrics are available for making Indian outfits and linen has now gained immense popularity amongst the masses. Linen is not just perfect for everyday wear but is also apt for occasions. Available in almost all colours, linen kurtas for men can be styled amazingly. Additionally, if you are someone who is always feeling uncomfortable in heavy traditional outfits then linen is the best choice to opt for. Kurta pajamas are much preferred by men for important functions and events because they not only look traditional but are also trendy and easy to carry. Kurta for men does not even need much of accessorizing and hence they can be worn effortlessly. Men usually wear ethnic attires for festivals, weddings and cultural events. However, these days many men don simple and plain kurtas for everyday wear too.

Linen fabric has several other benefits too other than being comfortable. Take a look.

  • Durable

Sometimes it so happens that delicate fabrics tend to fade away and weaken after a few washes, however, linen is one of the most durable fabrics. This particular cloth is extremely strong because it comes from natural fibres. Even if your linen kurta is washed many times, it will still stay intact and sturdy. This means that once you invest in a linen attire you need not worry about how long it will stay the same!

  • High absorbing properties

Most of us witness embarrassing sweaty patches on kurtas. However, linen is one material which has high absorbing properties and does not let the moisture set in. This material is perfect for men who sweat a lot because it prevents the absorption of sweat and stays dry.

  • Best for all seasons

Though linen is majorly worn for summers, it can also be worn for other weathers. Because this particular fabric is sturdy it also makes you feel warm in winters. Moreover, linen is a natural insulator and thus can be worn for any season.

Well, along with the advantages, linen is also quite ahead in terms of sustainable fashion. Most people these days opt for environment-friendly products. The fashion industry is also marching towards sustainability. Linen consumes very less water and can grow in poor soil too. Moreover, this fabric is completely biodegradable. Make sure you opt for this eco-friendly fabric for your Indian kurta.

Here are some tips to style your linen kurta pajamas efficiently.

  • Linen or cotton linen

Though pure linen is best for any attire, it can be pretty expensive. You can choose between a pure linen attire or a blend of cotton and linen. Cotton linen is easier to maintain as compared to pure linen. Also, the combination of the two is softer in texture.

  • Colours

Pure linens look extremely classy in light shades of pink, blue, green, cream, etc. many other colours are also available especially in cotton linen. Opt from the many linen kurtas online.

  • Bottoms

Take care when you select the bottom of your linen kurta. Depending on the style of the kurta choose from churidar, pajamas or straight pants. Also, see to it that the colour of the bottom matches or at least complements the kurta.

Even in linen kurtas, there are many patterns you can opt for. Just like other fabrics, even linen is quite flexible when it comes to trendy styles. Check out the latest patterns in mens kurta set.

  • Kurta with Nehru jacket

Pair up your traditional linen kurta with a Nehru jacket to get a more ethnic look. For the bottoms in this combo, you can opt for churidar. This outfit is perfect for weddings and festivals like Navratri, Holi, Raksha Bandhan etc.

  • Contrast colours

Instead of matching colours of the kurta and the bottom you can opt for mix and match too. Try vibrant hues of yellow, red or blue when going for contrast. If you are not sure about what to team up always go for a white coloured pajama or churidar.

  • Add minimal jewellery

The options in men’s jewellery are extremely limited as compared to women. When wearing an Indian kurta pajama try to wear minimal accessories like finger ring, bracelet, wristwatch, etc.

  • Add a dupatta

Mens kurta set looks complete with a dupatta. In order to add more ethnicity to the outfit, adding a dupatta is the best option. Choose the colour of the dupatta wisely because that can influence the whole look. If your linen clothing is extremely plain and simple then try to go for a contrast coloured dupatta. Moreover, you can also experiment with the fabric of the dupatta to add more drama to the outfit. In case of a simple kurta, one can go for a bordered dupatta.

  • Experiment with footwear

Wearing the right footwear is very essential in ethnic looks. Even in footwear one needs to see which colour suits the outfit. Go for Kolhapuris, brogues, mojris, etc when wearing an Indian kurta pajama. Mojris come in many colours and if your kurta is extremely simple go for a bright colour.

It should be noted that linen kurtas look unique and classy also when there is no print on the outfit. However, if you go for cotton linen then you can get innumerable prints and colours. These days even pure linen comes in several varieties like high low kurta, sherwani style kurta, straight cut kurta, asymmetrical kurta, side slit kurta, etc. Though most people think kurta is worn only for special occasions, linen kurtas can be worn normally too because they are extremely simple and casual.

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