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Indian wear for women is no longer just limited to salwar kameez, lehenga choli, sarees and kurtas. Nowadays, many new varieties are available in ethnic wear. Women can now also opt for Indo-western styles. Traditional dresses have changed with unique colour combinations and prints. Several attires now also have uncommon patterns. Earlier, women hardly experimented with their clothes they instead went for the same old neck and sleeve patterns. Sarees and lehenga cholis have always been in trend. Lately, lehenga sarees have also made a mark. Lehenga sarees are the newest addition in traditional fashion. This particular piece of outfit is a blend of lehenga choli and saree. After traditional gowns, women have now started wearing lehenga sarees. A lehenga saree consists of a flared lehenga, a choli and a heavy dupatta which is readily draped like a saree. This outfit is extremely easy to carry because it does not need any effort in terms of draping. Lehenga sarees are now easily available online too. Women who want to dress without any fuss should definitely go for a lehenga saree. Indo-western trends are in vogue these days and lehenga sarees look modern to the core. This particular outfit is apt for weddings and festivals. These days weddings are not just about the D-day they have several other functions like sangeet ceremony, cocktail party, etc.

For wedding occasions, you need not wear typical sarees and lehenga cholis, you can instead go for lehenga style sarees. Selecting the right lehenga saree is quite a task because one has to choose the colour carefully. Right from the tone of the dupatta to the colour of the lehenga, everything needs to blend well. A lehenga saree combo consists of a lehenga, choli and a dupatta. In this outfit, the dupatta plays the most important role. The draping of the dupatta gives the lehenga a saree look. A lehenga saree look is heavy in its vibe and is therefore preferred for important occasions. Apart from the common shades of red, blue and yellow, you can also go for pastel tones. Here are some trending lehenga style saree looks which you must invest in.

  • Lehenga Style Saree with a Ruffle Dupatta

Most lehenga sarees have simple and plain dupattas. Instead of going for a plain dupatta you can go for a ruffle dupatta. Ruffle dupattas look glamorous to the core because they are very modern in their vibe. Moreover, these days you can also choose different shades for ruffles. For instance, if your overall lehenga is light pink in colour then you can select a dark shaded ruffle dupatta too. These days ruffles are added to the lehenga also if the dupatta and the choli are simple.

  • Lehenga Saree with a Heavily Embroidered Blouse

If you want to go for a simple look, then you can combine a lightly designed lehenga and a dupatta with a heavily embroidered blouse. A heavy blouse can work wonders for you if you want the overall look to be subtle. Try and opt for lace work or simply go for delicate embellishments all over the choli.

  • Lehenga Saree having a Floral Look

Florals all over the outfit look classy and unique. Lehenga sarees can also look good in florals. In this style, the lehenga can be floral with plain choli and dupatta. You can also add a thin floral border to the dupatta. Floral lehenga saree is ideal for functions like sangeet ceremonies, engagement parties, cocktail parties, etc. For this lehenga pattern, go for bright colours like red, yellow, blue, orange, etc.

  • Lehenga Saree with Mirror Work

Mirror work is always in fashion because it looks festive by all means. Lehenga style saree with mirror work is perfect for evenings. You need not add mirror work to the whole outfit because that can look over the top. It is better to either go for a mirror work lehenga or simply a mirror work dupatta. If you are going for mirror work then try and opt for colours like peach, light blue, mint green, etc.

You can choose a lehenga style saree online too. Styling a lehenga saree is easy because the outfit is itself very presentable. Here are some tips to enhance your lehenga saree look.

  • Team up the Look with Accessories

Most women these days want to go for simple looks with minimal accessories. However, for this particular look, it is best to add some statement jewellery. Go for a heavy neckpiece or opt for earrings which are impactful. You can also wear bangles or bracelets with a lehenga saree.

  • Choose Perfect Footwear

For every ethnic look, footwear needs to be on point. When you wear a lehenga styled saree go for footwear styles like heels, sandals, buckle heels, etc. The tone of the footwear should match with the lehenga saree. You can go for tones like gold, silver or metallic.

  • Pin the Dupatta Right

Not every lehenga style saree will have an already pinned dupatta. If your lehenga saree does not have a pinned dupatta then make sure you pin it right. The pins shouldn’t be too visible and obvious! Drape the dupatta right to give it a saree look.

  • Go for a Proper Hairdo and Makeup

If you want to do justice to your look then you need to go for a proper hairdo and makeup. For a lehenga saree look, you can opt for hairstyles like messy bun, soft curls, twisted side bun, etc. Additionally, you can enhance your look by applying a dark lip shade and striking eye shadow. The makeup need not be too loud. If your outfit is giving out a subtle look then you can go for nude makeup too.

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Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

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