Sherwani: The Outfit of the Elite

Sherwanis have been flaunted by men, young and old, during some of the best moments and celebrations of life. And with these moments being as precious as they are, giving the look your best shot can make you look like prince right out of an Indian fairytale. However, along with purchasing the right sherwani, styling is right is equally vital. So here we are to explain all you need to know about the outfit of the Indian elite!

How to Wear a Sherwani Right?

Wearing a sherwani right requires a keen sense of fashion, and knowing all of the things that can be paired with a sherwani to augment the beauty of the look. From the colors and patterns to the kind of bottoms you pair it with, you can make a look as exquisite as ones worthy of the red carpet or spoil it completely. Check out all of the tips we have on below to know how you can style your sherwani best!

How to Choose Sherwani Colors Right?

Consider the occasion: Is it a wedding that you are attending? Going for shades that might clash with that of the groom is a definite no. You don’t want to confuse people as to who the real groom is if you have to be around the groom throughout the evening. Make sure you choose a distinct color that contrasts from that of the groom. Do avoid wearing your own wedding sherwani to someone else’s wedding. On the other hand, you can flaunt it on other occasions such as festivities, family celebrations, and more!

Color co-ordinate with your significant other: If you’re heading to the event with your spouse or a significant other as your plus one, make sure your outfits coordinate in some way or another. This could be in the shade, the pattern, an additional touch of accessory, etc.

Keep the time of the event in mind: There are certain rules that fashionistas follow for different times of the day. Shimmery outfits, for example are best worn during events held at night rather than during the day where subtle, sober outfits tend to look more elegant.

Take your motive into account: Is your plan to look slimmer, or bulkier than you really are? Here’s where the right shade can work wonders for you. Opting for darker shades are sure to make you look leaner while opting for brighter shades can add to your physique by  giving off an illusion of you being more muscular.

What to Wear along with Your Sherwani?

A sherwani is never right alone. A number of things can be paired with the Indian sherwani to enhance the regality of the look.

  • Jewels: Ever wondered how gemstones would look studded on a pair of sherwani? Or perhaps, worn as an accompaniment in the form of a pendant, a ring, or a brooch? We have too and we definitely vouch for the look.
  • Pagri: The pagri or the safa, while can be foregone, looks absolutely stunning with the sherwani. A pagri that matches he shades your sherwani instead of the usual monochrome is another way to give your look a twist.
  • Jootis: Here’s another add-on which can complete your ethnic look. An intricately crafter pair of mojdis that blends brilliantly with your outfit is just what you need to wear along with your magnificent sherwani.
  • Stole: A dupatta or a stole with a sherwani goes together as perfectly as flowers with fragrance. You can try different ways of flaunting stoles with the sherwani

How to Style a Sherwani Dupatta or Stole?

A stole is the perfect element to add to a dazzling sherwani. A lot can be done with this simple piece of cloth if you know how to carry it.

  • Pleating it Right: A fancy touch to the common style of wear a dupatta, pleating it right and wearing it across from one side to another is sure to look glam. Just tie the ends in a knot on the other side!
  • Ruffled neckpiece: Wind up the stole around your neck in the form of a ruffled neckpiece! Make sure to keep the stole a contrasting color for it to pop out more.
  • A pagri-cum-stole: What’s better than carrying two accessories at one? Blending both into one! A pagri with a long end can act as both a head gear and a stole on a lovely sherwani. Go for floral prints or something equally exquisite instead of monochromes.
  • The elegant drape: One way of perfectly draping a stole is to have it draped on one shoulder and bringing the other end to elegantly drape around the opposite arm.
  • A waist-wrap: If you’d rather not carry a stole around with fear of leaving it somewhere, you can always tie it around your waist in a simple cinch.

What can you Pair below a Sherwani?

Experimenting with your sherwani is never a bad idea! One can see dashing men flaunting the sherwani in innovative ways by trying out different bottoms and more to make their look more appealing. Where sherwani has been paired with pajamas for generations, novel ways of sporting the outfit has made the Indian sherwani a favorite among ethnic outfits for men.

  • Pajamas: The usual pajamas may seem boring compared to tother fascinating bottom styles. But that definitely doesn’t lessen its charm any.
  • The every-elegant dhoti: Pulling off a dhoti with your sherwani is just the look to go for if you don’t mind being in the limelight. Because once you don a dhoti, you’re sure to have eyes following you for its sheer elegance.
  • Corduroys: Your hours spent at the gym won’t go unpaid with well-fitted churidaars as the companion to your sherwani.
  • Jodhpurs: For those with a bulky body structure, pairing Jodhpurs along with your sherwani can make you look leaner than you are. With the right kind of sherwani to go with the bottoms, your look is bound to be the highlight of any evening.
  • Patialas: For all the slim men out there who wish to look suave and fit, a beautifully cut and stitched patiala is exactly what you need to add to your physique.

Who can wear a Sherwani?

The sherwani may have been a royal garb back in the early decades but not anymore! The influence on the outfit by the rulers in India back in the day and the colonizers marching around in their frock coats brought about a revolutionary innovation in the fashion world with sherwanis turning into a outfit that people chose to wore during important occasions such as a wedding, a festival, etc. Men, young and old, can flaunt the traditional Indian sherwani

Things to Avoid When Buying Your Wedding Sherwani

  • Choice of low quality fabric: No matter how many embellishments or fancy prints there are on your sherwani, a low quality fabric will fail to impress people. Good quality fabrics have a look and a shimmer than a bad quality fabric will severely lack. Make sure you pay attention on the fabric before going for patterns and designs.
  • Clashing shades with your significant other: Colors play an important role in any kind of shopping for ethnic wear. However, purchasing a sherwani that horribly clashes with the outfit of your significant other or you’re your plus one is sure to be a sore sight for people. Opt for shades that complement the other.
  • Buying loose-fitted sherwanis: The worst thing to do when shopping for your sherwani is choosing a size too big. Sherwanis are crafter to snugly fit your physique, giving you the suave look you wish to flaunt. By purchasing one that is bigger than your usual size, you will only end up looking bulkier ill-proportioned.
  • Selecting the wrong print, shade, and design: Choosing a sherwani needs consideration for a number of things. Your body structure and your complexion are just a few of the factors that you need to take into account. If you are skinny, go for larger prints in brighter shades to give your look an added boost while darker colors with smaller prints can work to make on look slimmer.

Types of Wedding Sherwani every Groom Should Know

Wedding sherwanis come in a number of styles that are eye-catching and exquisite to behold. Here are some that you can check out while purchasing your own:

  • Indo-western style: For those who love the modern style of dressing as much as the traditional, indo-western is the perfect look to merge the two and create an even stunning style.
  • Angrakha style: The angrakha style of sherwani is absolutely perfection on those with a tones upper body. If you wish to lay emphasis on month and years of hard work training to buff up, this sherwani should certainly be on your wish list.
  • Pakistani: Paksitani sherwanis have a certain appeal that makes them famous among Indians as well. The bodice work and the lovely shades make these a favorite amongst those with a penchant for all things elegant.
  • Jacket-style: The jacket-style ethnic wear is yet another influence for the earlier days where the jacket was worn over kurtas and more. With a sherwani, the jackets are styeles and crafted to perfection to match
  • Jodhpuri: The Jodhpuri style has been worn by royals for ages with its vibrancy and elegance. While the sherwanis are on the expensive, they patterns and designs are worth every penny spent. Most of the Jodhpuri styles sherwanis are also limited editions.
  • Chipkan style: Influenced by the Mughal era, this style of sherwani exudes royalty in its designs and style.
  • Achkan style: The achkan-style sherwani, while simple, is elegant in every way with its perfectly stitched seams and fit.
  • Anarkali style: Flared from the waist down, the anarkali style of outfits is loved by men and women alike for their distinct way of enhancing features.

How can Men Wear Sherwani in the Most Innovative Manner?

Being creative is all a matter of perspective. Being comfortable in your own look is what being stylish and innovative is all about. Here are a few tips you can try and choose from to give your look an unusual appeal.

  • Fusing royalty and modernity: An English cut, pleated sherwani top paired with Jodhpurs bottoms, or something equally comfortable yet chic can help you flaunt an innovative look without compromising on your sense of fashion with being the best.
  • Adding a casual touch: Drawing the line between casuals and ethnic wear has long been blurred and for good reason. Donning a pair of denims with your sherwani top along with beautifully crafted footwear is one way to merge the two styles.
  • Opting for minimalism: This is yet another look that can put you in the limelight. A simple sherwani with an open brocade or silk coat and you have the perfect look down.
  • Going bold: Instead of the usual knew-length sherwani top, one way to make heads turn your way is trying out a flared sherwani that reaches your ankles.
  • Saying yes to drama: A dramatic touch to outfit certainly won’t hurt your impression. Patches of patterns on the outfit with a bit of artistic work, a couple of rings lined up on your fingers, a studded ear, and some dramatic footwear are sure to make you the center of attention.

Where to Buy Sherwanis?

While a number of stores may cater to you by providing you with Indian ethnic wear for men in and around the area you live in, shopping online can never steer you wrong. Online shopping portals for ethnic wear such as Nihal Fashions delivers to a number of countries such as the US, UK, and many more. Browsing online for your shopping needs is also more time saving than heading out and going through various stores to figure out the ones with the best quality, styles, and inventories.

With you sense of fashion, you can try a number of creative innovations with your sherwani look by adding a few extra touches that are elegant yet refreshing.

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