Simple Ways To Style Your Traditional Indian Wear

Traditional Indian wear needs styling and the right layering. The most popular traditional outfits include lehenga choli combos, salwar kameez, kurta pajamas and sherwanis. Nowadays, traditional Indian wear also includes Indo-western styles and patterns. Women have several outfits to choose from but styling an outfit requires focus. An Indian wedding dress is meant to look heavy but with the addition of a few unique elements, you can transform the look effortlessly. Dupatta plays a very crucial role in styling for women.

The fashion industry has lately witnessed a drastic change in terms of colors, sleeve patterns, fabrics, etc. Drifting away from the mundane styles, designers are now coming up with new and updated patterns which are both stylish and comfortable. These days most people prefer to wear outfits which are comfortable and easy to wear. Even when it comes to wedding dresses, brides prefer to go subtle. The unique color combinations and use of different fabrics have now given rise to several new styles. Even lehenga choli combos now have different styles like jacket style lehenga choli, cape style lehenga choli, side slit lehenga choli, etc. Even the lehengas these days are now available in different cuts like mermaid style lehenga, straight cut lehenga, flared lehenga, etc.

Likewise, salwar kameez is no longer the boring traditional outfit. You can opt for stylish salwar kameez patterns like Anarkali style salwar kameez, dhoti style salwar kameez, Patiala style salwar kameez, etc. The selection of the outfit should be done on the basis of the occasion. Make sure you take into consideration the nature of the event and then decide. Right from the fabric to the overall work, every single element influences the look. Here are some simple ways to style your lehenga and salwar kameez.

  • Experiment with Fabrics

Most of us are very conscious when it comes to trying a new fabric. Every Indian wedding dress is now available in different fabrics. If you want to change your look it is best to opt for a unique material. Choose the material based on the season so that you are comfortable in your outfit. Some of the most popular fabrics for Indian wear are georgette, silk and chiffon. For winters, you can also go for velvet.

  • Try a Different Bottom Style

Indian dresses can be teamed up with several different bottom styles. A different bottom style can enhance the look drastically. Opt for palazzo pants, dhoti pants or cigarette pants to give your kurta a new look. Make sure the fabric and the colour of the bottoms are in sync with the kurta. In the case of lehengas, you can go for a different cut!

  • Go for a Unique Dupatta

Dupatta is the most important element of a traditional outfit. You can give your outfit a new look by simply trying a new draping style too. Additionally, opting for a contrast coloured dupatta will make you look glamorous. Choose the colour of the dupatta carefully so that it complements the attire. When wearing a lehenga choli you can also try a unique draping style. If your outfit is simple you can add embellishments on the dupatta to get a heavier look.

  • Beautify your Outfit with Tassels

Adding tassels to your dupatta or kurta can make your attire look very attractive. Tassels are available in several colours and sizes so choose them carefully. Tassels can be added to any Indian outfit. Even blouses can have tassels at the back!

  • Opt for a Unique Back and Sleeve Pattern

We usually only focus on the colour of the outfit and its overall pattern but it is necessary to select the right sleeve and back pattern too. Be it a lehenga, salwar kameez or a unique Indian wedding dress, make sure you experiment with the sleeves and back. Cape sleeves are very much in trend these days! For the back you can go for a halter neck and backless design or a tie-able bow pattern! The fabric plays a very important role in selecting the pattern because not all styles are possible in all materials.

  • Ditch the Common Embellishments for Something more Unique

These days both lehengas and salwar kameez combos are available in unique works. Though most heavy looking outfits are embellished, you can try to go for something different too like thread work, mirror work, zari work, etc.

  • Add a Contemporary Element to the Outfit

Traditional clothes can look common but with the addition of some modern element, you can better the look of the outfit. Try and use unique colour combinations like grey and pink, silver and navy blue, green and beige, etc. Additionally, you can also add a jacket to the outfit or go for a crop top instead of a blouse.

  • Complete the Look with Right Accessories and Footwear

Indian dresses are usually worn for festivals and weddings. Wear statement earrings or go for a neck piece to complete the overall look. Wearing the right footwear with the outfit also impacts the look. See to it that the accessories and the footwear are in sync with the dress.

  • Opt for Glamorous Clutches and Handbags

If you are not very fond of accessories you can team up your look with a glamorous clutch or handbag too. These days you can get clutches of all sizes, shapes and colours. A shimmery clutch can work well for both salwar kameez and lehenga whereas a simple handbag can blend well with a kurta pajama combo or a salwar kameez.

Follow the stated tips and look your best in every Indian wedding dress! These days you can get an amazing collection of lehengas and salwar kameez online too. Online shopping portals also offer mind-blowing discounts. Check out ethnic wear online and restock your wardrobe with the best Indian outfits.

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary is a Fashion Blogger with 14+ years of experience in the Indian Clothing industry. He has high level of expertise in Indian traditional outfits.

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