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If you are looking for the perfect men’s attire to amplify the beauty of the wearer during special events, sherwani is the best choice for you. Mesmerizing designs and stitching styles of wedding sherwani naturally lure all eyes to the groom. Apart from an elegant look, this ethnic wear perfectly suits men of all sizes and age groups. Today, you can find an astounding collection of wedding sherwani in most online stores. A new collection of trendy designs and sleek looks clearly depict the fusion of traditional and current fashion world.

To spice up the beauty of the attire, most of the wedding sherwanis come with great embroidery works using zari and silk thread. Apart from the elegance they exude, donning these outfits add glamor to the personality of the wearer. Today, sherwani is one of the most widely worn attires by youngsters and the oldies alike during weddings, family celebrations, parties and events. Fine-hand embroidery work and embellishments on wedding sherwanis are a common sight and make grooms look outstanding.

Choosing the Right Colors according to Seasons

Seasons matter as much trends when you are choosing an outfit for a special event. If it is a wedding or a family celebration, you would obviously be aware of it for quite a while to get your outfits ready for the occasion. This makes it easier for you to decide what outfit to choose according to the season that the ceremonies will be held in.

For the Summery Days

For starters, expecting summers to be the hottest ever should be an expectation you need to keep or have in order to choose the right outfit. And even if it is, the layers of outfit you wear and all of the guests clambering towards you to get pictures taken with you or congratulate you will surely give you no room to breathe, no matter how much your discomfort. The best way to stay comfortable is to choose fabrics that are breathable. Rivulets of perspiration running down your forehead would definitely not be a good look for a groom. What works is

For the Coolness of Winters

When winters arrive, you certainly have more options to try on and flaunt at all of these occasions, owing to the fact that the choices of choosing the right material for your sherwanis are expanded much to your delight. You don’t have to worry about selecting fabrics that are breathable. Instead, you can opt for ones with the most heavy embroidery work that is perfect to keep out the cold and let you stay warm.

The colors you choose for your outfit can also vary depending on the season where brighter shades can bring out the charm during summers and somber shades create just the right blend against a wintry night.

How to Best take care of your Fabulous Sherwani?

Sherwanis are the go-to-option when you want to flaunt the best of the Indian culture. No matter what the event, the right sherwani that is styles beautifully can manage to make your entire ensemble one worth tuning heads your way. However, remembering certain factors as a measure to take care of your outfits is also important. Following are all the methods you need to follow and keep in mind to maintain the gloriousness of your sherwanis:

Wash with Care

Never wash your best sherwanis in the washing machine. While it may look like a time-saver, you will only end up ruining the fabric and the designs embellished on it if you let a machine do the work for you. Using the right detergent is also important. Use the mildest one you come across.

Another thing to remember is to never wring the outfit when you intend to dry it. The outfit may be heavily soaked and take a longer time to dry but wringing the outfit to clear out the water soaked within than cause more damage than you would like.

A gentle wash is all that is requires to keep the outfit well maintained. You can also have it dry cleaned if you are worried about washing it at home on your own.

Crisp Ironing

A sherwani that is creased badly can make the entire impression go downhill. And if you are the groom, this is even more of a reason to wear outfits that are ironed to a crisp. Make sure your outfits are crisp and ironed just right to emphasize the pleats and folds and ruffles right. Placing a thin fabric between the iron and the sherwani is one way to ensure it is ironed well. Another is to iron the outfit inside out.

Taking Care of the Embellishments

When washing the sherwani, ironing it, or even storing it in you closets, make sure you follow instructions when it comes to maintaining the outfits that are embellished or studded. While you already know how to wash and iron your sherwanis, the best way to keep them looking brand new is storing them wrapped in a cloth to ensure the embellishments aren’t accidently snagged or that the outfit doesn’t start looking duller due to the dust.

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