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Buy Dazzling Lehenga Choli with Nihal Fashions to Dress your Daughters In

Before the modern attire came into existence where one dazzles the crowd at every the auspicious events, women in India were proud of their cultural roots, and left behind a stunning impression with a lehenga choli. Be it a wedding or some special occasion of cultural importance, no other attire will ever be as striking and alluring as the lehenga choli. Popular as a bridal outfit in many parts of India and around the world, this traditional outfit comprises of a long skirt, a blouse, and a scarf. Simple yet striking, heavy yet alluring, today’s Lehenga Choli is a mesmerizing attire to don.

Beginning its popularity on northern India in the early centuries, the lehenga underwent an evolution with the reign of the Mughals. While it was originally made using cotton, the arrival of royalty led to many other regal fabrics being used in the making of the attire. From silk and brocade to numerous other plush fabrics, the lehenga choli emerged as a new look with every change.

Today’s lehengas and cholis are an eclectic mix of style and ethnicity. The lehenga is popular as a long skirt that is structured well with neat pleats that run to the bottom. The pleats are neatly stitched around the waistband, which is later fastened with a drawstring comprising a golden lace and beaded ends, all which make for a beautiful bottom wear. On top of the lehenga is a designer blouse made with the finest fabric of linen, cotton, silk infused with heavy artwork of heavy embroidery, and stitched to perfection to give a stunning appeal. The blouse is worn about the lehenga such that the navel is exposed and the mid riff is left bare. This is why the ensemble comes across as an exquisite combination of style meets fashion with a punch of ethnicity at its best.  This graceful garment has been adorning the royal ladies for centuries, and the designer scarf printed with intricate designs, woven with silk patterns and embroidery, added a unique appeal to the one wearing it.

While the ladies in the house are busy donning the fabulous look, do not let your little girl skip the celebration fury; let her be the part of grandeur by getting her kids lehenga online. We at Nihal Fashions believe that this traditional outfit that pours with culture and style needs to be accepted by our young ones as well. And so we have a section dedicated to lehenga choli for kids online that lets your browse through the finest collection of this classic attire, and give your little princess the fabulous look she deserves while she runs around winning hearts.

Flaunting the Lehenga Choli

There are hundreds of kids lehengas to choose from when it comes to make your little girl look like the star of the occasion. Influenced by the Mughals, carried forward by the Rajputs, and modified by the west world, today’s lehenga choli for kids are a unique combination of various style. You may choose the best children’s lehenga choli online for kids from a wide range of fabrics, infused with light or heavy artwork, pleated to perfection with style, and simply made graceful with creative artwork and appeal.

Lehengas are perfectly able to look elegant without any add-ons overshadowing them. But to add a dose of striking appeal, ethnic jewelry made especially of gold and silver, of intricate designs, and accessories made of kundan are sure to make your kids look even more adorable than they are already are.

We at Nihal Fashions believe that the fabric of the outfit needs to be chosen depending on the seasons to keep your little ones comfortable and trendy. While you can dress up your little girl in silk, crepe of georgette in the summers, make sure to go for heavier fabrics like velvet, brocade, and satin in the winters to keep them warm.

So why let your little girl wear something ordinary and common when you can dress her up in the stylish kids lehenga choli collection, and see her drawing compliments? To get more intriguing and appealing ideas on how best to make your little girl shine in her lehenga, take a look at this little read below.

Lehenga Choli Trends worth a Second Glance

There are several styles and trends to try when it comes to wearing this classic attire. The styling of fashion artists, the fine artwork, and the diversity of fabrics from the textile industry have put forth an eclectic mix of lehenga choli for kids’ trends that will surely make your little one look glamorous. All you need to do is browse through the trends, and choose one that best fits her taste.

  • Flared Lehenga

Popular as the oldest form of lehengas, this classic garment comes with a broad flare that forms a complete circle at the hem. Endowed with numerous pleats, this lehengas for kids looks amazing with light embroidery. Available in brocade, jacquard, silk, and crepe, this garment is here to add grace.

  • Fishtail Lehenga

Inspired by the mermaids, the fish tail lehenga is body-fitted to perfection and goes well with short blouses that make for a stunning outfit. Popular in the Bollywood, this stylish outfit needs to be worn with a body suit beneath, and a short halter-neck choli gives a magical appeal to the attire.

  • Panelled Lehenga

Simple but stunning, the flared lehenga comes with some finest embroidery work complimented with horizontal panels of fabrics attached along the flare. As the number of fabrics increase, they add a lot of volume to the attire, making it look classy and crafted for the occasion. Ideal to wear with long cholis, the paneled lehenga for kids is best available in silk and georgette.

  • A-line Lehenga

Known to form a perfect A-line on wearing, this stylish lehenga seems to be tighter around the waist, but flares out at the bottom to add volume to the look. Though the pleats in the lehenga are countable, yet the fine intricate designs, combined with elegance of choli or scarf that runs till the knees, adds a refined touch to the attire.

  • Sharara-cut Lehenga

Inspired by the evolving trends of the fashion industry, these are the elegant lehengas that are stitched from the middle of the hem, similar to a trouser, and give an appearance of a huge palazzo as a whole. Inspired by the Mughals, this classic masterpiece styled with the creativity of fashionistas are common among Muslim brides. If not silk, then satin will work wonders for this garment.

  • Straight-cut Lehenga

Simple and sober that goes well with all body types, your little ones will look great in this lehenga. While the straight skirt is well-fitted around the body, the flare with heavy embroidery or artwork adds significant volume to the attire, making it a preferred choice for many.

Occasions for Kids to Flaunt Indian Traditional Wear

Festivals in India come and go like a storm, one raging in after another, leaving no time for respite. We at Nihal Fashions understand the struggle your little ones face when it comes to dressing up for the festivals. So let your sweet little girl flaunt the finest ensemble of kids’ lehenga cholis at any of the occasions that are grandly celebrated by you.

  • Navratri and Dassera

Let your little one flaunt her beauty with the ethnic touch of fishtail or paneled lehengas. Inspired with Bollywood, these lehengas carry the charm and appeal that is much needed for the vibrant occasion of music and pomp. And for Dassera puja, let her be one with the culture with a typical straight-fit lehenga paired with long choli.

  • Diwali

Let her look more dazzling than the diyas by bringing her the fabulous flared lehengas and cholis that are infused with the finest embroidery or heavy artwork. Add a mystic charm to her grace with the finely embroidered designer scarf.

  • Weddings, cultural get-togethers

Let your little one be a part of the rich Indian culture by flaunting her likings for it with A-line lehengas dotted with finest artwork, and perfected with lightly-embroidered cholis and a running dupatta with heavy artwork. This is the finest ensemble made for your little girl to look stunning.

With Nihal Fashions to the rescue, be it Diwali, Eid, or Navratri, your princess can have the chance to flaunt ethnic lehenga cholis that are brilliantly styled. Along with festivals, you can find their ideal kids lehenga choli even for the many national days and cultural events celebrated and hosted everywhere. No matter where you live, your kid can dress in her best with the help of Nihal Fashions that offers an extensive range of outfits to check out. With the number of events and occasions lining up every now and then, you can have a month’s worth of kids lehenga stocked up to make your daughter the star at every event. From choosing the fabric to the patterns and designs that embellish the material, you have numerous options go through and make a choice before your buy the ensemble.

Whether it is an upcoming wedding, a silver jubilee celebration, a family dinner, or any other celebration, finding the right lehenga cholis for girls becomes easier with Nihal Fashions.

Why Buy Lehenga Cholis with Nihal Fashions?

Nihal Fashions is the perfect destination for all your ethnic online shopping needs. And we tell you why!

  • Exceptionally Low Prices

Compared to others, the prices of all our products are exceptionally low. We guarantee offering our best products at the lowest possible price in the market.

  • Eclectic Selection

The eclectic selection of lehengas for kids that we have in store are sure to leave you spoilt for choice and keep you coming back to shop with us. From exclusive choices of patterns and fabrics to the making the ensemble in numerous size to cater to your needs, we strive to ensure that you have no complaints while shopping with us and find everything you wish to purchase with ease. The column on the left of our website that has a filtering section allows you to narrow down your option by showing exactly what you need to find by removing the rest. We also give you the chance to save as much as possible with the prices we offer every product in.

  • Customization

Our customization feature is another reason why shopping with us makes things easy for you. We can customize everything you purchase to fit your specifications and requirements. This is applicable to both clothes as well as deals. You can connect with us through our contact details to know more about the customization of deals and have your done. We also give matching accessories along with your outfits that you can choose based on your specifications. If you’d rather not, you can always decide against buying them.

  • Exquisite Make

Depending on the kind of lehenga being stitched, the making of the outfit differs in terms of the number of days being taken to stitch the outfit. With the detailing and the addition of embellishments to make lehengas look grander, many also take an even longer time than the usual twenty days that it normally takes. Whether it is the cutting of the fabric or the additional elements used to design the outfit, this particular outfit has become a favorite among women even more with popular celebrities and personalities flaunting it on the big screen.

  • Free Shipping

You also have the benefit of enjoying free shipping while shopping with us if your purchase sums up to over USD 199. This can be availed from any part of the world. Along with this, you have a guaranteed assurance of a 10% discount on you purchase with us. With the low pricing of the products and the deals we offer, you are sure to save a huge sum on your shopping of ethnic wear online with us. We also hand out a free pouch with your order while delivering it to your homes.

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