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Do you also feel lost when it comes to Indian outfits for men? Well, read our extensive guide on men’s traditional fashion. Every outfit has a story of its own that is embedded deep within the roots of the traditions followed in the past. Whether derived from other styles of dressing or emerged from the ancient traditions and culture, Indian traditional men’s clothing has made an impression among different countries and cultures with its impressive style, pattern, and way of being worn. Nihal Fashions offers you the latest trends in the world of Indian men clothing and wedding dresses for grooms. With amazing discounts and top-notch quality, this is the best space to stock your wardrobe with impactful traditional attires.

  • All-time favourite Kurta Pajamas

Kurta pajamas have become quite a norm among people who prefer comfort over style. Kurta pajamas certainly allow people to comfortably move about while still looking their elegant best. At Nihal Fashions, you are sure to find regular kurta pajamaslinen kurta pajamas, designer kurta pajamas, jacket-style kurtas, designer dhoti kurtas and more. You can find the latest designs and patterns in varying shades that each outshine the other. These kurtas are available in varying fabrics like dupion art silk, jacquard, cotton linen, dupion silk, brocade art silk, giccha silk, cotton, dupion jacquard silk, cotton silk, Banarasi giccha, taffeta, and jacquard are silk. Here are some trendiest ways of styling a kurta pyjama!

  • Wedding Sherwanis for Grooms

One Indian outfit for men that steals the hearts of every one is the sherwani that not only exudes a sense of royalty but also manages to lure men into donning one on his wedding day. Having been influenced by numerous outfits from ages ago, sherwanis have made their own niche into the world of fashion along with being one of the best wedding dresses for mens. Nihal Fashions offers designer sherwanis and more in materials such as velvet, net, Banarasi silk brocade, Banrasi giccha silk, jacquard silk brocade, Banarasi jamevar silk, etc. You can choose the fabric and shade of your choice while making a purchase and have it customized according to your requirements. For those who are still unclear about this wonderful attire, check out our blog on sherwani being the outfit of the elite.

  • Indo-western outfits

A perfect blend of the modern way of dressing along with a dash of the old, indo-western outfits form another segment of traditional Indian men’s clothing that have appealed to people far and wide due to its charming style and fashionable appearance. These Indian suits for men with just the right touch of modernity give it its more elegant and trendy style, making for perfect outfits to be worn at any occasion. You can also create your own style by blending various aspects of traditional and modern fashion into forming a look that is on a different league altogether. Read our blog to know how you can charm your way in a fusion of the traditional and the unconventional. Wake up the inner fashionista in you while purchasing indo-western suits for men at Nihal Fashions to create a lasting impression on the audience you are sure to have.

  • Sophisticated Nehru Jackets

Named after a prominent figure in history, Nehru Jackets worn by men as part of traditional Indian men’s clothing have become quite a rage today with both Indian traditional outfits and western outfits. Intricate patterned jackets prove to be perfect companions to kurta pajamas and sherwanis that have a simple top that can be accessorized with these jackets. You can find art dupion jackets in various shades that contrast and blend beautifully with the kurta or sherwani of your choice. This waist-length jacket can be found at Nihal Fashions in numerous colours, designs, and at affordable prices. Styling a Nehru jacket requires a bit of effort so here’s everything you need to know about the Nehru jacket style

  • Cant decide how to add more Ethnicity to Mens Clothing? Read On

Indian men’s clothing has made its way into being one of the most followed trends where cultural influence is concerned. The collection offered by Nihal Fashions allows customers to also choose the accessories they wish to pair their outfits with to make their own style statements while following this trend.

  • Choices in bottom wear

Kurta pajamas and sherwanis, both have one thing in common. You can make it look even more appealing and chic by pairing it with the right pair of bottoms. Keeping the occasion and venue in mind, you can experiment with your look by trying on a dhoti pajama instead of the usual straight-cut pajamas. Going with the usual can make your outfit pretty boring without accessories to enhance it further. Purchasing your kurta pajamas and sherwanis, as well as Indo-western suits, online gives you the liberty to choose the kind of bottoms you would prefer to flaunt with your traditional Indian men’s clothing.

  • Ethnic Dupatta or Stole

When donning a sherwani, carrying a dupatta along is certainly considered a must. No matter what the occasion or the season, your sherwani is never really said to be complete without the add-on. Nihal Fashions lets you choose between opting for a dupatta along with the sherwani you intend to purchase and foregoing one altogether. If you don’t wish to purchase the dupatta, you shouldn’t really have to.

  • Traditional Mojdis

The right footwear with any outfit makes a great difference in the way you look, no matter what style you opt for. While wearing Indian menswear, pairing it with boots can take the show away from the ensemble, owing to the mismatched attire. Traditional footwear, commonly known as mojdis, make for an ideal match with men’s Indian wear.

With intricate patterns adorning the boat-shaped footwear, the mojdis offered at Nihal Fashions with kurta pajamas and sherwanis can complete your ethnic look to perfection.

  • Safa

Safas, the turban most commonly worn at weddings by the mens, are often hard to match with your traditional attire. Its a must wear accessory, to give the groom a complete look. At Nihal Fashions, you can purchase the safa/turban right along with your sherwanis or kurta pyjamas, allowing you to choose the length and more while making a purchase. This is something not often found in stores outside that have a ‘one size fits all’ policy. Don’t miss out on our festive offers wherein you might bag a combo of a safa and a kurta or a sherwani!

  • When To Wear Traditional Men’s Wear?

There is no dearth of occasions for people to flaunt their best Indian outfits. With the festivities and the number of weddings taking place every year, owing to large families and even larger friend circles, one need to seek for events to wear their brand-new traditional outfit. One only needs to have their wardrobes and closets stocked with Nihal Fashions’ best selection of wedding clothes for men and wait for these occasions to come around.

  • Casual events

Western outfits may be the norm at most casual events but sporting something different wouldn’t be a bad thing once in a while. You can flaunt kurta pajamas and add some jazzy accessories fit for both formal and casual outfits along with it to be the star of the event. Pair up your ensemble in a way that looks more indo-western to feel a part of the crowd yet make your own style statement.

  • Weddings

Indian Grooms prefer only Sherwanis on their wedding day. Wedding receptions are one place you would find throngs of people sporting the best of the Indian outfits there are. Family of the bride and the groom as well as close friends and associates should certainly go for sherwanis that offer a quirky and elegant look. You should definitely look the part while attending a family wedding. Nihal Fashions offers weddings dresses for mens to choose from to find quality outfits in the fabrics of their choice. The competitive prices make it even better, allowing you to get the best of quality and pricing.

  • Festivals

Indian festivals know no bounds with one following another throughout the year. The ones celebrated with the greatest pomp like Diwali, Eid, Navratri see people decked up to the best of the capacities. You can find designer kurta pajamas and light weighted sherwanis online for men at Nihal Fashions in the finest materials, and cut to perfection just the right way. No matter where you live, you can be sure of creating a great impression among your neighbours, peers, and friends while flaunting Indian Mens Clothing.

  • Cultural events

Many corporate organisations and firms have cultural events frequently hosted where one can proudly flaunt their roots. These cultural events are the perfect occasions in which to wear your designer sherwanis and kurta pajamas. You will not only make a style statement but also manage to create a positive impression of your roots within the minds of others by flaunting the impressive outfits. If you are unsure of how well a completely traditional look would be received, go for an indo-western look that makes up a perfect combination of modern and traditional.

  • Family Celebrations

A silver jubilee within the family, a first birthday, or your grand-parents’ anniversary, every occasion falls close to the heart, making a big celebration with family a mandate. When planning for all your family celebrations, look out for the best designer traditional outfits for men online at Nihal Fashions with a galore of choices to choose from.

  • Why Shopping with Nihal Fashions Is A Bliss!

Nihal Fashions is a place that not only offers an extensive range of Indian outfits for men but also offers numerous other perks that benefit you in more ways than one. You can save and get quality outfits in the finest fabrics and patterns to make up for the expense you would incur upon making a purchase.

  • Extensive Range

Nihal Fashions offers and eclectic range of Indian traditional clothing for men, from sherwanis and kurta pajamas to dhoti kurtas and indo-western suits for men. With these outfits available in numerous shades, fabrics, and more, choosing the right one becomes a lot easier while shopping for traditional Indian men’s clothing online at Nihal Fashions. The range of ethnic wear available with us also overs outfits for women and children, allowing you to find all you need for your family at one destination.

  • Unbelievable Offers and Discounts

You can find quality traditional clothing for men and even men’s Indian wedding clothing at the best rates at Nihal Fashions with offers and discounts in tow. Be rest assured of finding the best outfits at the lowest possible prices online. Along with giving you the chance to save big while purchasing Indian menswear online at Nihal Fashions, you also offer free shipping to your homes. With frequent discounts on the outfits during festive seasons, you get to save even more. The right coupons can help you save up to 15% or more on your every purchase. Another perk to shopping with Nihal Fashions is the free pouch you receive with the outfits purchased.

  • Customization as per your need

Nihal Fashions allows you to customize your outfits by choosing the pattern, the fabric, as well as the accessories to be paired along with the options available online. Every outfit you choose, be it a kurta pajama or a sherwani, can be customised according different sizes, and the accessories chosen according to your size as well. You can also choose to forego the accessories altogether and opt for a simpler look if that is something you are more inclined to. With the customization feature offered by very few online shopping portals, shopping with Nihal Fashions will certainly be a great advantage for people looking for traditional Indian outfits.

  • Accessories

At Nihal Fashions, every outfit you purchase allows you to choose from a plethora of accessories that you can select according to your preference. From safas, different types of bottoms, dupattas, a pair of mojdis, and more, you can select the length of the clothing as well as the size of the footwear that perfectly match the outfit you are intending to buy. With the option to either purchase these accessories or forego some that you feel are redundant, you only need to spend on wish to buy.

We also offer free shipping worldwide for all order that range above USD 199. So, you can not only purchase some of the finest outfits offered by Nihal Fashions but save big on the purchase as well.

The perks of stocking your wardrobes with the best traditional clothing for men at Nihal Fashions are certainly worth every penny spent. Hurry up! Shop online with us and avail massive discounts!