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Mens - Kurta Pajama, Sherwani, Indo-Western Suits

India is a nation that has always been home to myriad cultures, varied languages and equally wide-ranging historical influences in the way Indians arrayed themselves. From Mughal empire expansion to the Rajputs and the Great Maratha Empire, Indians have had assorted cultures coloring their palates and ensembles. As a result, the outfits also subtly changed based on the climes and geographies. General notion, though, is that Indian women have a heady mix of choices for Indian traditional dresses, whereas men have to choose from a limited pool of offerings. However, that is far from the truth, at least not if you look at it from our lenses.

At Nihal Fashions, our designers come endowed with the acumen to craft multifarious patterns for men from the same staple options of attires. From Sherwanis, the long coat-like garment (similar to doublet or Achkan) to plain Kurta Pajamas and Indo-western suits, Nihal fashions prides itself on its a bunch of designers who, over years of dedicated fashion study, have successfully grasped the craft of creating finest and the most tasteful designs to best suit your palate.

If you are looking for a more regal and debonair look, Sherwanis for men are ideal. If you are looking for something that borrows some influence from western tux while retaining the quintessentially Indian traditional touch, then Indo- western suit is your solution. On the other hand, if you want something more unassuming yet something distinct and stricking, the good old Kurta Pajamas should be your pick.

But Why

For the very simple reason of convenience. From an exhaustive variety of Kurta Pajama, Sherwanis, Indowestern suits, you can sort your preference by Relevance, Product Code, New Arrivals, Sales, and Prices. Furthermore, you can refine your preferences based on style—whether you’d want Designer or Regular Kurta Pajamas, Linen Suits, Pathani Suit, Designer Sherwanis, or your choice of IndoWestern Suits. You can also choose from color, price, and fabric, i.e., cotton, dupion silk, poly jacquard, linen, etc. By purchasing from Nihal Fashions, you are also beneficiary of unique provisions and offers such as Attractive Ongoing Discounts, Lower Price, Free Gift, and Free Shipping Worldwide for over USD 99. Makes your life easy.