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Designer Dhoti Kurta

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Beautiful Designer Dhoti Kurta for Every Occasion

Known to be a country that is brimming with traditions, the dhoti is yet another tradition that is a common sight in a country like India. With years of influence, however, this attire has been accepted across the globe in innovative ways where it has become a style statement, replacing the usual pants to form something funkier and comfortable at the same time. Coming across men flaunting a dhoti kurta during weddings and parties instead of the usual tuxedo is another refreshing sight that has led to a welcome change in the world of fashion.

The trend of the dhoti kurta for men has been such that men all over the world have begun to recognize the exquisiteness of the outfit. Flaunting this is one great way to make a style statement and stand apart amongst a crowd after all.

The origin of the dhoti

A traditional attire worn by men since the olden days, dhotis have come a long way over the years. Originating from the Sanskrit word ‘dhauti’, the dhoti is a long, rectangular piece of cloth that is tied around the waist and wrapped about the waist and legs. While the dhoti is worn by people throughout the country and abroad, the names differ from region to region and language to language, although the gist and the draping style remain the same. Dhotis are generally worn by men in materials such as cotton or silk, depending on the occasion and the style in which it is being worn.

The popularity of the outfit, and the comfort and convenience has finally been recognized enough to make it a trending attire even today with styles that would earlier have been considered fashion faux pas. One of the most popular style of flaunting a dhoti today is no doubt one of pairing it with a kurta or a sherwanis. What’s even more surprising is the fact that the outfit has evolved in ways that allows women to flaunt it as well.

The journey of dhotis and kurtas

Looking at black and white pictures of old is enough to give us a glimpse of the combination of a dhoti being paired with a kurta in the earlier decades. The concept of designer dhoti kurtas, however, have become a huge trend over the years with the kind of fitting it provides and the way it enhances the look of men. The collection of designer dhoti kurta for men at Nihal Fashions is enough to give you a glimpse of the fabulous way it draped around your physique to give you a look that is both suave and elegant.

Beautifully patterned kurtas for men styled with elegant dhotis that are stitched to perfection, the look is perfect for every occasion, whether you plan on attending a wedding, a party, a cultural event, or a family get-together. These dhoti kurtas are available in expertly woven fabrics such as silk, jacquard, linen, and cotton, offering you a range of outfits that are both comfortable and styling. You can choose from all of these fabrics while making your purchase from the selection of dhoti kurtas in the inventory we have.

Ways of Styling a Dhoti Right

Are you confident about pulling of your ethnic dhoti look the right way? Using your imagination to style it the best way is all you need if you are comfortable in the look you create. For those who need a little help in styling their dhotis right, here are some tips to follow when you don on your dhoti from Nihal Fashions:

  • Color and Pattern

Styling a dhoti right involves two major pointers that you need to keep in mind so as to avoid a fashion fiasco. The first is the color and pattern of the dhoti and your kurta. This is no doubt a simple one. When you decide to wear a golden designer kurta, pairing the outfit with an equally matching shade of dhoti is bound to be a let-down. Instead, a contrasting shade is sure to work best. Equally important is the pattern of the dhoti. Try to add as much variation as you can, opt for funky prints that add to the charm of your kurta, and go for options that blend well together as an ensemble.

  • Style of the Dhoti

The other important factor is the style of the dhoti. Fortunately, Nihal Fashions offers ready-made dhotis to go with your kurtas. So, you need not worry about draping it the right way. And with the fabric and the patterns forming an exquisite pair of designer dhoti kurta, you can have the best in your wardrobe to flaunt at any occasion.

  • Accessorizing the Dhoti

The right accessories can take your ethnic dhoti kurta look up a notch while making you the center of attention. Gemstones studded on the kurta, a regal-looking pendant that matches the hue of your kurta dhoti beautifully, bracelets that bring out the elegance of your attire, and more can be added to your look to make your dhoti kurta stand out among a crowd.

  • Footwear

The perfect item to complete any ethnic look is the right footwear. A pair of mojdis that match the shades and pattern of your outfit makes your overall look all the more appealing. Nihal Fashions gives you an option to choose mojdis along with your outfit, depending on your size or specification.

  • Event and Time

The time of day that the event is being hosted makes an equally great impact on how your outfit is received at the venue. You can make or break your look by the choice of color you make, depending on the time of day and the event. Being too jazzy at events that are a small affair being hosted during the day are sure to keep you the talk of town for all the wrong reasons. You have the option of choosing the color while making your purchase at Nihal Fashions, making your way easier.

Latest Trends in Designer Dhoti Kurtas

Changing trends have led to evolutionary fashion that have taken the world by storm. Dhoti kurtas are no exception. While a regular kurta paired with a dhoti makes one a vision to behold, trying out newer trends to challenge the ones gone by is the right way to make a statement. And at Nihal Fashions, we give bring you the latest fashion in designer dhoti kurtas at your fingertips through online shopping! Here are the some of the latest trends being flaunted by the who’s who of the fashion industry:

  • Indo-Western Fusion

Pairing dhotis with kurtas has been an age-old tradition. What’s new is trying a dhoti with a western touch. The fusion of an ethnic dhoti with a snugly fitting shirt is a sight to behold if pull off well. For those with a good physique, this is certainly a look worth trying.

  • Short Kurtas and Dhotis

Donning short kurtas in favor of the long ones is another trend that has steadily gained the approval of men. The short length of the kurta is perfect to show off the perfect pleats of the dhotis that make it so appealing as an attire.

  • Dhoti with Tuxedos

Wearing a tuxedo atop a dhoti has also been in fashion lately, especially among those with a penchant for all things elite. From models to famous personalities, a number of people have flaunted this look, making it seem like a flawless combination.

  • Dhoti and Denims

Another trend making the rounds is pairing denims and dhoti together. Pair a denim shirt with sober-toned dhoti and you are set to be the talk of the evening. If colors and patterns are kept in mind, a lot can be done with this trend to make your look a notch above the rest.

  • Nehru Jackets and Dhotis

A dhoti kurta becomes more charming with a Nehru jacket in tow. Irrespective of what it came with, you can always pair one jacket with another kurta and create your own masterpiece to flaunt for the occasion. Pairing a jacket that contrasts the dhoti yet gives a look that is put-together is the best way to experiment with this trend.

Occasions to Don on your Dhoti Kurta

Indian wear has the fortune of being worn on some of the most important days for Indians. From the greatest festivals to grand celebrations within the family, occasions to flaunt a dhoti kurta aren’t hard to come by. Here are a few places and occasions that can do with a refreshing take of the dhoti kurta you intent to flaunt:

  • Festivals

Indians celebrate the most number of festivals, irrespective of where they reside. Whether one is settled in India or across the globe, every festival is celebrated with a vigor and joy that is hard to suppress. Festivals like Diwali, Navratri, Eid, and more make for perfect occasions to flaunt a lovely designer dhoti kurta.

  • Weddings

A wedding sees the most number of Indian wear flaunted everywhere your gaze lands. Men strutting in the best of kurtas and sherwanis are a common sight, making it vital that one put in some extra effort to stand out among a crowd. Nihal Fashions has an exquisite selection of designer dhoti kurtas for men that are made to let you stand apart from all the rest. The quality, design, and fit of the outfits are just right to give you a suave look and a perfect finish.

  • Cultural events

Numerous cultural events come up every year giving Indian and others the opportunity to wear Indian clothing. The sheer elegance of a dhoti kurta is enough to make men everywhere choose these over the usual tuxedos. And with dhotis being different from the common pajamas that most people are bound to wear, Nihal Fashion’s collection of dhoti kurtas is just right for your next shopping spree.

  • National days

National days are celebrated with great pomp not only in India but throughout the world as well. One can see people dressing up in their ethnic best on these occasions. For men, this is the perfect time to get their dhoti kurtas out of the closet, or perhaps go on a shopping spree online at Nihal Fashions. A gorgeous designer dhoti kurta for men is sure to create the impression you wish to make and let you spend a day basking in your roots.

Why choose Nihal Fashions?

Nihal Fashions being a major online distributor/ seller of Indian ethnic wear, you have the luxury of purchasing the best quality outfits online without inconveniencing yourselves. Another great bonus to shopping with us is the low price. Along with monthly discounts and festive deals, the base price of all that we offer is low enough to get you everything you need within your budget. You can also have the deals customized by getting in touch with us. Our eclectic selection and the best quality of raw materials that are utilized in the manufacturing make us the best in the field of online shopping for ethnic wear.

Our stunning collection is available in a range of gorgeous shades and patterns, as well as materials that you can choose from. Along with your chosen outfit, you can also choose to purchase the accessories that we offer along with the outfit. If you wish to pair your dhoti kurta with a dupatta and a mojdi to complete the look, you can get ones that match your outfit brilliantly at a small additional cost. If you are planning on wearing the outfit at an upcoming wedding, you can even choose to purchase the safa we offer with the attire.

What makes us an even better shopping partner is our promise of delivering your purchased outfits to you at zero delivery charge across the globe on a total purchase of USD 199 and above. Browse through our exquisite collection of kurtas for men to find the one most suitable for your tastes. Along with kurtas, you can also find sherwanis and women’s ethnic wear selections at unbelievable prices at Nihal Fashions.