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Shop for Designer Kurta Pajamas Online

Designer kurtas have become quite a phenomenon amongst Indians as well as others across the globe. Apart from being comfortable in every sense, the elegance of the outfit is a class apart, being imbued with the very essence of Indian culture and tradition. This includes the weaving of the fabric, the tradition of designing and creating patterns, as well as the style in which these outfits are stitched to perfection.

The very cut and fitting it offers to men who care to flaunt it makes it a charmer right from the start. The appeal of the outfit is further enhanced with the right use of fabric, shade, and handiwork. From zari work and embellishments to the tradition of embroidering fabrics, the use of these materials in the making of traditional wear is what makes the outfit as popular as it is today throughout the world. From the simplest of kurtas paired with pajamas to a range of designs and patterns gracing the fabric, one cannot deny the appeal both the outfits have, irrespective of one lacking what the other has.

The innovation in fabrics and their use in traditional outfits

Dating back decades ago, or one could even call it centuries, the art of weaving cotton was introduced. Similarly, silk came into the picture with people realizing the beauty of the fabric. From the very beginning, these fabrics were used amongst most others in the creation of traditional Indian outfits. Linen is another fabric that was sought for the convenience it provided and for being a comfortable material to have against your skin in any weather or climate.

With the passing of the years, the use of cotton, silk, linen, chiffon, etc. became vital to the creation of grand ethnic wear such as men’s designer kurta pajama, sarees, sherwanis, and more. The cultivation of indigo and the introduction of dye led to yet another revolution in the textile industry where newer innovations brought about the creation of yet another wave in the field of fashion.

Through the years, one thing has remained constant. The popularity of all of these fabrics and its fabulous use in the making of traditional wear. The fabric weaving as well as the designing techniques used are equally fascinating to watch as they are to own and flaunt.

From sarees and lehengas to kurta pajamas other popular traditional attire that Indians favor, one can see the roots of India in every woven strand and in the finesse that the material offers.

The art of designing in the woven fabrics

Designing fabrics has been an art that has been carried on since ancient years. The geographical conditions of countries like India proved to be ideal for the cultivation of a majority of the plant fibers, dyes, etc. Designing, too, took on a new meaning when the technique was first used in enhancing the beauty of fabrics. Textile designing has led to a revolution in the making of a majority of outfits across the world with each country having their form of creating the best through the use of existing and innovative methods.

Within the Indian culture that is as rich as the designs and embroideries passed down from ages ago, bling is as important a part of the clothing style as had been in the past. With heavy zari work, embroidery, patterns, and print, that spoke more than words about the varied and rich heritage and culture passed down from generation to generation, it wasn’t surprising to see the works only enhanced with each passing year.

Famous designers today, who have had the privilege of dressing up the who’s who of the entertainment industry, have equally given in to the love of elegance and bling in the making of ethnic wear for both men and women. Be it a small scale designer or someone as famous as the very tradition of designing, one cannot deny the beauty and the thrall of a gorgeously designed outfit that shimmers and shines, bringing all eyes toward the very sight of it draped on someone.

Nihal Fashions is one of the major and popular providers of ethnic wear to countries such as the US and others that have a great crowd coming from an Indian ethnicity. And no matter what part of the world people live in, the penchant for shimmer and shine is enough to bring all flocking to ethnic Indian outfits that are exquisitely designed and made.

Flaunting the designer kurta pajama right

Men who love the snug fit and the defined look that a kurta pajama gives off can make the most of the wonderful selection of designer kurta pajamas online that are designed exclusively and with care. From the choice of the soft fabric that is as exquisite as the design to the final touches of embroidery and designing, these outfits are bound to steal the show wherever you go with the kind of defining it does to your physique.

One way to add more allure to your look is by choosing the right shade of kurta pajama. Many a times, you choice may make you appear shorter than you really are and more bulky that you wish to look. Choosing a lighter fabric with exquisite yet light design in a light monochrome shade can work wonders in giving you’re the appearance of being taller and leaner. Similarly, those who find themselves looking too lanky in this grand avatar can opt for a kurta pajama that has a heavy embroidery work, embellishments, and is made of a heavier fabric.

While these rules may work to your benefit, make sure you do not overdo it with too much of glitz. Pairing the designer kurta pajama with a few accessories to ring out the charm of the outfit is yet another way of flaunting your outfit right. Whatever you decide to purchase, make sure you keep the color schemes and shades in mind so that you do not clash horribly.

Accessorizing the designer kurta pajama

Designer kurta pajamas in themselves are as grand as can be. From the choice of fabrics to the choice in designs, all these aspects together form the exquisite designer outfit that isbound to steal the show at any event. Do you know how to make them even more captivating? With the right accessories in tow!

At Nihal Fashions, you can have a selection of matching accessories to choose for with every product we have on display. You can carry along a dupatta that matched your outfit brilliantly and also show your feet some love with the traditional mojdi available to complete your ethnic look from head to toe. All of these accessories are available at a minimum additional cost, making them worth every cent being spent.

If the outfit you purchased is to attend an upcoming wedding in the family or among your close friends, as is most often the case, you should certainly choose to buy the matching safa we offer. You definitely wouldn’t have to worry about getting one for yourself at a later date and will be able to wear one that blend with your outfit beautifully.

All of the accessories can be purchased in your size and specifications from the range mentioned on the website against each accessory. If you would rather wear your outfit with any additions to it, you needn’t worry about spending on redundant things when the time comes. Since all of the accessories are optional, you can forego the purchase if you wish to and pay just for what you desire to buy.

Occasions to flaunt your designer kurta pajama

The best of the fabrics, the most enthralling patterns adorning your clothes, and a cut and stitch that gives you a suave look – perfect attire for a groom’s best friend! Weddings are the best occasions to flaunt any Indian ethnic outfit that is grand and elegant. And if you need more than just that one occasion in a year in which to dress in your best, you can always wear one to silver jubilee celebration, or a family function that requires you to be dressed in your traditional best.

For those with a penchant for all things traditional, you also have occasions like the many national days in a year, cultural events, etc. that can do with a dose of the conventional. Whatever the occasion, we here at Nihal Fashions are ready to help you find the finest of the designer kurta pajama for men at prices that are jaw-dropping.

You can go for a silk kurta pajama for events as grand as a wedding or an engagement, opt for linen during warm weathers for a fabric that is both breathable and elegant, and try out a cotton sherwani that is equally grand for a close family function where you need not dazzle the crowd as much with exquisitely grand sherwanis and embroideries.

Why choose Nihal Fashions to shop for your designer kurta pajama?

NIhal Fashions has a vast collection of every ethnic clothing that Indians have a penchant for. Considering how we cater to Indians settled across the globe, it is only proof of how dearly most Indians love and follow their culture and traditions. The eclectic range we have leave you spoilt for choice, giving you more than what you need to choose what’s best for you. Since the use of the right fabric is an important factor in the making of the ethnic wear designer kurta pyjamas, care is taken to use the best of the raw materials and fabrics along with ensuring the right cut to bring out the designs and patterns so intricately embroidered. Owing to all the heavy work that designer kurtas showcase, the care needed in handling the fabric is equally high. Our staff work to keep the essence of the fabric and the brightness of it intact while handling your outfits to be packed and sent across to you. No matter what part of the world you reside in, we offer free shipping for you purchase of above USD 199. Further, you get your chosen outfits customized to your preference and specifications, allowing you to save both time and money with a quick alteration before it is delivered to you.

The monthly discounts and festive deals we offer are an equal boon to shoppers along with the comparatively low price of the products on our portal. We guarantee offering the best of the ethnic wear at the lowest possible prices. You also get to choose from a range of accessories that we offer with our products at a small additional cost. You also get a free pouch with your purchase from us. What’s more? You get to customize you deals as well by getting in touch with us.

By filtering out the search, you can narrow down search results and find exactly what you need within your budget, in your choice of fabric, etc. And with all of the purchase, we assure a 10% discount to make your shopping with us sweeter and keep you coming back for more!

Go through our website to buy your designer kurta pajama, or to check out our fine selection of designer dhoti kurtas, sherwanis, kids’ ethnic collection, and women’s traditional wear at reasonable prices.