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The kurta pajama has been a go-to attire for years among Indians who look for comfort more than style. The years of exposure to the world of fashion and the ideas that designers have come up with through the influence of the past has brought about a number of variations in the ways of styling a regular kurta pajama over the years. One great thing about the kurta pajama is that it never goes out of style. Whether you wish to buy a kurta that gives you a dapper look or get one for casual everyday use, a men’s regular kurta paired with a pajama is the way to go!

Further, if one has to consider the number of days celebrated by Indians wherein lies the expectation of all being dressed in traditional wear, a minimum of twenty odd pairs of ethnic wear in your closet will be the least you’d require if you do not wish to repeat the outfit.  Breathable and light, buying a kurta pajama is certainly easy on your pocket along with being a classy outfit to be worn at any occasion, any time of the day! And with the right accessories in tow, you can rock the look without a doubt.

Origin of the Kurta and the Pajama

Worn since ancient days as a long tunic reaching the knees, kurtas have become a popular attire since the early decades not only in India but abroad as well. In counties like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Nepal, a kurta is as standard an outfit as a tee in the modern day. Having been flaunted by the who’s who of thee nineteenth century, namely the poets, artists, and scholars, the outfit was bound to gain the popularity it did back in the day. However, unlike what most people believe, the kurtas of the old were plain and simple with no form of designs whatsoever. The elegance of the outfit, though, has remained constant through the years even with the many evolved outcomes.

Back in the day, silk and cotton were some of the most opted for materials for kurtas. The affluent were known to wear silk kurtas albeit others got one made for them for special occasions. On other days, cotton was commonly worn due to the comfortability the fabric offered. Another spurt of popularity to this outfit happened during the 1960s and the 1970s where people chose to flaunt these outfits as a show of their carefree attitudes. Since most kurtas are loose and provide comfortability, the outfit stood as a personification of people’s own mindsets that offered showcased an attitude with no narrow-mindedness. The people choosing this attire during these decades were equally laidback and carefree as the outfit seemed to be, further surging its popularity.

Pajamas, on the other hand, was introduced to the Indians by Mughals. Since the time it was first introduced, pajamas have been flaunted by both men and women as a form of bottom wear. With the amazing sense of comfort it tended to offer, it was adopted as a lounge wear, more specifically as a causal home attire, over the next few decades. By the 1980s, this attire was marketed by the British to be the next best trend in fashion. It is therefore not surprising to witness the pajamas being used as a term in almost every continent by people as a form of sleepwear. The Indians back then, however, began to pair the pajamas with the regular kurta, forming a style that is relevant even today.

The regular kurta pajama eventually became an accepted form of dressing on a daily basis by people from all walks of life.

The acceptance of kurta pajama as an everyday outfit

The popularity of the kurta pajama back in the day was so immense that it was not strictly restricted to a few certain regions within the country. People throughout the land gave in to the comfort of the outfit by opting for a kurta pajama over their usual style of dressing. The acceptability of the outfit has been a major reason for the many variations and evolutions it underwent with the change in trend and people’s attitude toward fashion. With men’s regular kurta being paired with pajamas, the perfect outfit was formed that comfortable in every sense and had the breathability that people needed to move about freely without being bogged down. In no time, the outfit became a unisex attire for both men and women in their own forms.

While one can pinpoint the popularity of the outfit to the earlier decades, it wouldn’t be right to ignore the influence that is being made today in the west. So much so that countries across the globe have shown an interest in the rich culture of India that is so clearly seen in the dressing. With famous Indian personalities flaunting the ethnic garb of India on their voyages and international appearances, this outfit has garnered as much attention as the outfits that make appearances on celebrities walking down red carpets. People who are not on the Indian ethnicity have equally adopted this outfit as a regular wear or a special occasion outfit as Indians throughout the world.

Styling the kurta pajama right

Kurta being a comfort clothing, for both causal wear and as a formal attire, it was bound to be accepted and used in every way. Over the years since its first wave of popularity, the regular kurta pajama began to be designed in various ways, making it an appropriate garb even for special occasions.

With zari work and other designing methods coming into the picture, the use of the kurta pajama expanded from being just a routine outfit to something grander. One could witness people flaunting kurta pajamas at other special events made in the best of fabrics such as silk and linen which led to more and more people following the trend.

Over the years, as the western influence took over the way of dressing in India, kurta pajamas have become limited to special occasions and festivals for a majority of the crowd. For many, however, kurta pajama still remains a daily-wear apparel, being both convenient and comfortable to be worn in any seasons and climate.

Different regions in India also created their own versions of the kurta with respect to variations in the use of fabric, designs, cut, stitching, length, and more. One can now find Lucknowi kurtas, Hyderabadi kurtas, Bhopali kurtas, Dogri kurtas, Muktsari kurtas, Phulkari kurtas, Bandhani kurtas, Pathani kurtas, khadi kurtas etc. that suits their own preference. All of these variations have notable differences that make each attire standout from another. Apart from being an appropriate attire for work, the possibility of flaunting it at places of worship, parties, events, etc. make it the perfect outfit to have in the wardrobe come rain or summer.

Innovations in styling kurta pajamas

Since its first styling with the right bottoms and the many handiworks and designs, another trend emerged where one begun styling the regular kurta with other choice of bottoms, specifically western outfits. The fusion did prove to be a reasonable one with many taking to the trend like fish to water. Pairing the kurta with jeans and corduroys became second nature with Indo-western culture being imbibed among the newer generations.

Another great innovation to styling the kurta was influenced by the ancient days rather than the western culture. The ethnic dhoti made a comeback amongst the younger crowd with a few variations to said attire wherein it became more stylish than was the tradition in the past. With the dhoti being manufactured in different fabrics to ensure comfortability and convenience, the dhoti kurta has become equally popular as the regular kurta pajama.

Apart from these innovations, many others have been introduced such as sporting a koti or a jacket over the kurta, cutting down the length of the kurta to flaunt with jeans, etc. Pairing kurtas with Jodhpurs is another trend that has the fashion world in a daze. These paired with the right accessories might just take over the world of fashion in a storm across the globe.

Accessorizing your kurta pajama

A regular kurta pajama, while simple and plain, makes for a great look once worn, owing to the snug fitting and the expert stitching that enhances the wearer’s physique. While you may prefer a simple look, there is no hard and fast rule to leave your outfit as is. You can carry along a matching dupatta with your kurta pajama that is available with us at a small additional cost. Apart from the dupatta, you can also find matching ethnic footwear that is a pair of mojdis, to complete your traditional look. Along with these, you can opt for buy a safa to go with the outfit if you intend to wear it a wedding or an event associated with weddings that requires the men of the house to sport a safa. All of these are available with us and can be purchased at a minimum additional cost in the specifications you desire.

If you’d rather have the simple look going for you, you can simply forego the purchase of the accessories and stick to what you desire.

Occasions to flaunt your kurta pajama in

If you are an Indian, you never run out of occasions to flaunt traditional ethnic outfits in. Festivals like Holi, Navratri, Eid, Diwali, and national days like the Independence Day all line up one after another, giving you enough opportunities to sport a new apparel for almost every month. It doesn’t matter that you live abroad when you have Nihal Fashions catering the best of the ethnic outfits to you online where you can shop as you please.

You can also shop for designer outfits or a simple, regular kurta pajama to wear at an upcoming wedding, an engagement ceremony, a cultural event, a family celebration, or a casual dinner. Irrespective of the event, we have a vast range of options to choose from that you can browse through to find the right ensemble for every occasion.

Why Shop with Nihal Fashions

The reasons to shop with Nihal Fashions are unlimited. From the jaw-dropping price to the many offers and deals, your purchase with us at Nihal Fashions is more likely to keep you coming back for more. For a start, our lovely collection of men’s kurta pajama is wide enough to leave you spoilt for choice. From the best fabrics and patterns to the availability of the outfit in every size, we do our best to ensure you have no qualms while shopping and find what you are looking for with ease. The filter column on our website can help you narrow down your search by displaying exactly what you are looking for by filtering out the rest. We also guarantee offering every product we have at the lowest prices as compared to others in our field, helping you save as much as possible without having your compromise on the quality of the outfits.

Another great feature that we proudly boast of offering is the customization feature. Anything you purchase, we customize to your requirements. This includes both clothes and deals. You can get in touch with us to know more about the customization feature on deals. You can also get a number of accessories along with your outfits while shopping with us at a small additional cost.

No matter where you are shopping from, we offer free shipping across the globe on purchase of above USD 199 and also give an assured 10% off on your purchase. This combined with the festive deals and monthly discounts are sure to get you what you want at a relatively lower price than the budget you originally set. We also give out free pouches to our customers on purchase.

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