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Buy the Best Women’s Salwar Kameez in all its Glory

The Indian salwar kameez is a popular women’s ethnic wear that has been adapted in various styles and patterns over the years. While its origins point to Punjab and Pakistan, one can find women throughout the world flaunt this lovely number in different ways, creating styles of their own.

The Origin and History of Salwar Kameez

An outfit that originated in the region of Punjab, and Pakistan, the salwar kameez is commonly worn by women in both India and Pakistan. A three-piece suit, the outfit is made up of a kameez, which is a tunic, paired with a salwar and a dupatta. Resembling a loose pair of pajama or a similar pant, salwars are comfortable and convenient to be worn. Loved by all for the flexibility they provide and the style of the outfit, salwar suits make for a perfect attire for everyday use as well as to flaunt during events and celebratory functions.

With salwars, the trend of pairing the kameez with many other styles of bottoms came about, creating various versions of the outfit. You can choose the type of bottoms you prefer from a number of styles that are seen quite often, flaunted by women everywhere. Churidaars, patialas, pajamas, and palazzos are some of the most common choice in bottoms seen today that women love to flaunt.

While it is quite a common outfit these days, the popularity of the outfit increased decades ago, during the Mughal invasion. From its rise in popularity in the 12th century, this outfit has only managed to become more elegant and graceful with each innovative way of styling and design. And it certainly is no surprise why this outfit has managed to woo millions across the globe once you’ve read through this.

The Making of the Outfit

The making of the outfit, like most others, depends on the fabric being used and the handiwork and craftsmanship that goes into its making. The more detailed the embellishing, the longer it takes to design the fabric and have it stitched.

Where the use of fabrics was limited during its first debut, there have been a plethora of fabrics used in its making with the passing of the years, giving women more options to choose from and find outfits made of richer fabrics for important events that need more than just poise.

Salwar Kameez you can find at Nihal Fashions

At Nihal Fashions, we take pride in being one of the best providers of Indian ethnic wear to people across the globe. From the best quality of fabrics and patterns to playing with shades the right way, you can expect some of the best trending salwar suits for all occasions with online with us.

  • Casual Salwar Kameez

Perfect for everyday use and as formal wear to work, our selection of causal salwar kameez are comfortable for all weathers and available at the most affordable prices.

  • Party Wear Salwar Kameez

Nihal Fashions has a lovely collection of party wear salwar kameez that can be worn at family events, celebrations, and more!

  • Designer Salwar Kameez

We have the best designer salwar suits for you at online that you can choose from based on the pattern, color, and cut of the outfit. Making use of the latest trends and designs, our designer salwar kameez are perfect for important occasions that you grace with your presence.

  • Wedding Salwar Kameez

Our wedding salwar kameez collection has some of the best styles that you can flaunt during weddings, engagement ceremonies, and more with their trendy styles and elegant patterns.

  • Traditional Salwar Kameez

Simple yet bewitching, Nihal Fashions has a splendid collection of traditional salwar kameez that can be worn on a routine basis, or even during celebratory events.

  • Festival Salwar Kameez

There is no scarcity of festivals among Indians, giving you more than enough reason to go on a shopping spree with Nihal Fashions. Our beautiful selection of festival salwar suits are perfect to be flaunted, no matter what the occasion!

Types of Salwar Kameez worn by Women

The evolution of salwar kameez has led to the creation of a number of innovative styles of flaunting the outfit right. From the cut and length of the kameez to the different styles of bottoms worn, depending on the comfort and style they offer, each of these beautiful styles exude an elegance that manages to further enhance the beauty of the wearer.

  • Snugly Fit Churidar Suits

Originating in the 20th century, churidaars have been one of the oldest outfits or bottoms among ethnic wear worn by Indians. More fitted than a salwar, the snug fit of the churidaar tapers down to form a bunch around the ankle which resembles churis or bangles worn by women. Churidaar bottoms look splendid with long kameez or kurtis.

  • Flowy Patiala Suits

Patiala suits are quite a common outfit among women in Punjab and the style has been accepted by women worldwide due to the way it enhances one’s silhouette. More voluminous than the usual salwar, Patiala bottoms look absolutely stunning with short kurtis or kameez.

  • Elegant Anarkali Suit

A long-flared kurta paired with leggings, anarkali suits offer a snug fit around the bust and flares from the waist down into a beautiful flutter or fabric. The more the flare and length of the suit, the more mesmerizing it looks. 

  • Jacket-Styled or Koti-Style Suits

As the name suggests, jacket-styled suits are gorgeous salwar suits paired with a lovely jacket, which can vary in style or length, depending on the kind of outfit you intend to wear. These jackets can contrast in shade with your outfit or blend beautifully by being an absolute match to your salwar suits. Adding a koti is another way you can pair your salwar kameez. Kotis are short coats worn over outfits, whether ethnic or western, and can be styled in a number of ways.

Accessorizing the Salwar Kameez right

Accessorizing your salwar kameez can be done by staying simple or opting for a jazzy look, depending on the kind of salwar suit you have on. To highlight your pretty hands, you can try on a hand harness that comprises of a bracelet, and a ring that is attached to the bracelet. For those who like it simple, a kada or glass bangles and an exquisite ring can do the trick. For your feet, a lovely anklet with an equally beautiful pair of footwear would be perfect. And to top it off, complete the look with some vintage earrings of jhumkas!

Occasions to Flaunt your Salwar Kameez

Indian ethnic wear is grand enough that it warrants special occasions. One can hardly flaunt a gossamer silk salwar suit on a casual day at home. We keep in mind all of the occasions and places that you can flaunt our collection and design each outfit accordingly. From designer wear to simple prints, we have the best salwar suits for all occasions.

  • Festivals

If you are looking for a reason to flaunt a designer party wear salwar kameez, you needn’t think for long. Indian festivals take up majority of the holidays every year, giving you more than enough reason to shop for a dozen or more ethnic wear throughout the year! Diwali, Navratri, Holi, Eid, and all of the other festivals celebrated with great pomp by Indian all over are perfect opportunities to shop for your salwar suits and more online at Nihal Fashions.

  • Family Occasions and Parties

Apart from festivals, Indians are no strangers to the many family celebrations lining up, especially with bigger families. Irrespective of which part of the globe you live in, there is bound to be a celebration every alternate month that you’d need to attend in your ethnic best. A designer salwar kameez is just right for such occasions.

  • Casual Wear

You can try our casual salwar kameez collection that can you can wear whenever you wish to without worrying about spoiling them. These are perfect for every weather and season, making them comfortable to be worn, whether you’re at home or outside in sweltering heat.

  • Weddings

Indians reside all over the world, giving your more than enough opportunity to grace a wedding around you with your presence. With the number of weddings attended every year, you can find the best range of designer wedding salwar kameez to flaunt as a guest at Nihal Fashions.

  • Office

Our inventory of salwar kameez has outfits that are perfect for places that require a formal style of dressing. You can flaunt our collection of the best salwar suits in your offices or to formal events and places.

Latest Trends for Salwar Kameez in 2018

Newer trends take over the world of fashion with every new season. For those who prefer Indian outfits over all things western or, perhaps, a fusion of the two, trying out some of the amazing trends of 2018 to style your salwar kameez should definitely be on your list!

  • Embellished Blouses

Playing with colors, patterns, styles, and designs is one way to always stay in trend. A lovely short satin blouse with a plunging V-neck, embellished to perfection is sure to be a stunner when you make an appearance in one, paired with a flowy bottom such as a Patiala or a palazzo. For those who wish to stay a little sober and can pull it off, a churidaar pant is an equally gorgeous choice of bottom for the look.

  • Kameez with Slits in the Front

Where one usually sees a slit at the sides of the kameez for convenience, the trends that followed took the concept of the slit out of the picture completely. Tunis without side slits became quite a phenomenon in recent years, only to be replaced by yet another trend – the front slit. Whether on one of the sides or both, these front slits can start at the waist and down till the hem of the kameez, giving a glimpse of the salwar bottom beneath which can be embellished to give a peek through the slit. You can try various styles with this particular trend, experimenting with fashion and creating your own masterpieces.

  • Crop Tops with Sheer Capes

This is yet another trend that has made waves in women’s fashion! A gorgeous crop top with a sheer cape trailing behind not only defines your silhouette even better but also manages to bring about an amazing fusion of both the west and the desi look. Paired with a salwar or a Patiala bottom, you are bound to rock the look with an added chic factor to your already wonderful sense of fashion.

  • Off Shoulders with Patialas

Patiala pants are an exquisite stand-alone attire that bring elegance when paired with anything. Fusing the modern and the traditional, a recent trend of styling Patiala bottoms has been in pairing them with short off-shoulder tops that are highlight our best features.

At Nihal Fashions, we keep up with the latest trends in designing the outfits we have within our inventory for you to stay in trend always.

Why Shop Online with Nihal Fashions?

A plethora of choices await you at Nihal Fashions where some of the best and latest salwar suits can be found. From a designer range to casual salwar kameez online, you will be left spoilt for choice while shopping with us. Using fabrics that surpass expected quality standards and adding innovative patterns and designs, we create some of the most mesmerizing ethnic wear for women. And the bonus to the quality of outfits is the affordable pricing of every product we offer. We offer monthly discounts as well as a number of festive deals that you can save on while shopping. And with the guarantee of all our products available at the lowest price from among all our competitors, you have even more reasons to shop with us.

We customize your ethnic salwar kameez for you to fit your specifications and your size. Along with outfits, you can also customize deals to suit your needs. You also get an assured discount on your purchase of 10%. And all your purchase can be delivered to your doorstep with no shipping cost for purchase of above USD 199. Along with an inventory of salwar kameez online in breath-taking designs, we also have sarees for women and women’s lehenga cholis within our collection of ethnic outfits for women.