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A three-piece outfit, the lehenga choli has captivated the hearts of many with its exquisite pattern, layout, and style. Comprising of the choli, the lehenga, and the dupatta, lehenga choli is one outfit that can never go out of trend. Worn more often during wedding and other major events, the lehenga is a gorgeous, full skirt that is designed in a numerous ways. From mermaid-styles to an empire waist lift, lehengas paired with the right style of choli can make you the star of any event.

The choli is no different from a blouse. More snugly fitting, the ends just the line of the bust, leaving your mid-riff bare. You can drape the dupatta of the lehenga choli in a number of ways to accentuate or highlight some of your features while covering the rest. Depending on the style of your outfit, you can try experimenting with your look to get the best outcome to flaunt and be the highlight of the occasion.

The Origin of the Outfit

The origin of the Indian lehenga choli can be dated back to northern Indian in the early centuries, precisely the tenth. The elegance of the outfit was augmented further with the arrival of the Mughals in India. Over the next few centuries, the craftsmanship of the outfit rose to a much higher level in terms of the make and design. Where one only saw lehengas in plain fabrics such as cotton earlier, the royal reign encouraged richer fabrics such as silk and brocade to be used in the making of this glorious outfit.

The Making of the Lehenga Choli

The making of this outfit depends on a number of things. From the fabric used to stich the lehenga to the embellishments and lehenga designs added, all of these factors play an important role in determining how long the outfit would take to be perfected. Lehengas that are stitched and woven by hand take much longer to be weaved and crafted than other lehengas owing to the detailed work and patterns that go into their making. The time taken to make these outfits also determine the price at which they will be made available in the market. The more labour and time that go into the making of the dress, the higher the cost.

The Innovation in Lehenga Cholis in Today’s Day

The difference in cultures over the years have led to the lehenga choli undergoing a number of variations. Fall the styling of the outfit and the silhouette to the fall of the skirt with the subtle lifts, the one can see the gradual shift in the way lehenga cholis were worn then and the way they are styled in today’s day and age. Where simplicity was the key in the earlier decades, elegance is the chief motive behind every make of a lehenga choli. This particular outfit, however, can majorly be seen flaunted by women during weddings where women’s lehenga cholis have set a benchmark of their own. If you’re looking for ideas to style your Lehenga cholis right, make sure you read up this little blog.

The Variations in Choli Styles

While lehengas can hardly undergo any more variations, cholis have seen many. To give your ensemble a completely unique, try some of these styles the next time you intend to flaunt a lehenga.

  • Full Sleeve Cholis

Full sleeved cholis come as no surprise with the kind of elegance they give off. Along with playing safe, this choli can steal the limelight with the right design.

  • Spaghetti Designs

Spaghetti-styled cholis are perfect for those not afraid of bolder looks.

  • Embellished Cholis

If your lehenga is embellished from waist to toe, there is no reason why your choli shouldn’t be. A completely bejeweled or embellished lehenga choli is sure to make you stand out among a crowd and create a fashion statement.

  • Off-shoulder Cholis

Off shoulder sleeved cholis are another raging trend that has become popular among women this year.

  • Tube Cholis

A tube choli, unlike off-shouldered ones, are designed without any sleeves. Fitting around you bust like a glove, tube cholis make for a great option for those with a leaner body structure.

  • Corset-style Cholis

For those trying to look slimmer, a corset-styled choli works like magic. You can tighten it to your specification look like a diva.

The Many Styles of Lehenga Cholis with Nihal Fashions

Nihal Fashions has some of the best lehenga cholis made by Indian designers. With every product being exquisitely crafted, our customers are left with no room for complaint with the outfits designed to perfection. Here are some of the many styles you can look forward to at Nihal Fashions.

  • Designer Lehengas

Our selection of designer lehenga choli is trendy and fashionable for every event or occasion. Being inspired and designed by some of the best designers, our range of designer women’s lehengas are crafted with care and expertise.

  • Traditional Lehengas

Nihal Fashions has a splendid collection of traditional lehenga cholis made from rich fabrics that are stitched and crafted to perfection. With our traditional lehengas made from the purest of fabrics, you can be rest assured of finding only the best at Nihal Fashions.

  • Wedding Lehengas

Weddings are the perfect opportunities to flaunt an exquisite designer wedding lehenga choli. And with most brides, preferring to flaunt a lehenga rather than a saree, you can find plethora of bridal lehengas within our inventory at Nihal Fashions. With the best of fabrics used and the right make and stitch, there is absolutely no comparison to our selection of wedding lehengas online.

  • Festival Lehenga

At Nihal Fashions, you can find some of the most beautiful festival lehengas to flaunt at the major festive celebrations every year. Getting a festival lehenga choli from us is as easy as a scroll and a click. From the right shade and pattern to the cut and designs, we have it all kinds of lehenga cholis to make your festivals no less than a fashion event.

Accessorizing your Lehenga Choli to Perfection

Accessories only serve to enhance your look. And here’s all you need to accessorize your look for any event!

  • Bold earrings or Ear Cuffs

A lehenga calls for bold earrings that you can flaunt even from afar. Chandbalis or jhumkas are absolutely perfections to be paired with your lovely lehenga. Make sure you opt for colours that do not clash with your look.

For those who do not mind an even bolder look, experimenting with ear cuffs is certainly the best option! This cuffs are sure to give your entire ensemble a regal look. Opting for metallic cuffs or studded ones can add more allure to the cuffs.

  • Antique or Studded Chokers

Flaunting a choker is bound to get even more attention to your choli and lehenga. The neck pattern of the blouse is all you know to decide if a choker is a good option. And if it is, make sure you choose on with an antique finish or go for studded chokers.

Chokers with kundan work are another trend this season that can be paired with your lehenga look. Instead of trying out too many accessories all at one, a simple kundan choker can do the job by making a bold statement and keeping you in the limelight.

  • Maang Tikka

For those who would rather not wear too much off any accessory, a simple maang tikka can complete your traditional Indian lehenga choli look. Forego the choker, the bangles, or any other jewelry apart from your earrings, and finish off the look with a lovely maang tikka sitting atop your forehead.

You can opt for a kundan maag tikka, a studded one, or go for a simple look, depending on the kind of lehenga you are flaunting.

  • Gorgeous Shoes

Shoes are an absolutely necessity for any occasion. And with a lehenga, you need to choose your shoes accordingly. Go for one that you’re comfortable in. You can get something to match the designs or pattern of the lehenga choli you are planning to wear.

Latest Trends for Lehenga Cholis in 2018

With 2018 kicking off, fashionistas and designers have already given newer trends a firm handshake by experimenting with various looks and making them a hit. Here are some that one can pull off at a number of occasions coming up.

  • Flowing sleeves that kiss the floor

Long sleeves that touch the floor has been one trend everyone has fallen in love with. With a sheer fabric flowing right down, the sleeves give a fairy tale feel to the entire look.

  • Sheer Capes

This is yet another trend in 2018 that has been a hit. A long cape or poncho made form sheer fabrics, this is the perfect substitute for a dupatta.

  • Tasseled or Fringed Outfits

We’ve all seen tassels go out of trend and come back over the last few decades. This particular trend sees tasseled lehengas or cholis or even the dupattas. For a better finishing, however, most opt for a fringed fabric rather than a tasseled one.

  • Trails

The dreamy look that a wedding trail offers has been envied by one and all. Most designers have tried to incorporate that very look within a lehenga choli. A beautiful cape is attached to the choli to follow behind you as you walk.

  • Off-shouldered Cholis

Off-shoulder cholis are just another inspiration taken from the modern fashion trend. The cholis are designed like a tube top with sleeves that start off the shoulder and end right where the hem of the choli ends below the bust line. Some have also tried adding longer and shorter sleeves for a better emphasis.

Occasions to Flaunt the Lehenga Choli in

Weddings certainly make the best events in which one can safely flaunt a lehenga choli. For those who like to make a statement with their outfits, or express themselves through fashion, wearing a simple traditional lehenga choli during a festival or a family celebration is sure to be equally flattering.

Depending on the lehenga choli you choose, whether designer or festive, you can decide the events, the time of day, and the season in which your lehenga cholis would make a better impression.

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