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Traditional Salwar Kameez


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Buy Traditional Salwar Kameez at Nihal Fashions Online store

Wrapped in the folds of time, influenced by the era of emperors, and styled by the finest artists of all ages, the traditional salwar kameez is the finest ensemble that exudes timeless sophistication and ingrained beauty meant for making your attire look the finest. The Traditional salwar kameez is yet another timeless piece of fashion that makes it way to every woman’s wardrobe, and enhances their appeal with its chic pattern and petite style. Unlike the western attire, this ensemble has stood the test of time, yet has been showered with the colors of culture, and refined with the changing preferences of the fairer sex to emerge as an attire that is sophisticated enough to add weight to your personality while preserving the essence of alluring beauty that draws compliments.

We at Nihal Fashions have gone back to the days when fabrics and designs were hand-crafted, each getting a personal touch of styling and class, to make the finest pieces of attire. And from these times that have been forgotten, we have come up with the treasured attire that add volume to your elegance. We present the timeless range of traditional salwar kameez online to give your personality the sophisticated charm of ethnicity, while adorning your getup with a full spectrum of colors, patterns, and styling. Accentuating your grace and enhancing your appeal, these classic pieces of attire are sure to make you the receiver of compliments as you go around flaunting your style.

Traditional Salwar Kameez Trends

Influenced by the styling of artists that have refined artwork and styling, the classic salwar kameez have evolved through creative iterations that add a bespoke charm to the attire. We at Nihal Fashion have searched the time to handpick the finest trends in traditional salwar kameez, and bring them to you to match your personality and preferences. Here are a few trends for you to stay busy with refining your attire.

Straight Suits

Traditional and stylish, these straight suits coming right from the heart of Pakistan are beautiful and exotic to wear. These are one of the finest garments that combine the dose of styling with comfort, giving your attire the magical touch of ethnic charm with the touch of modern arts. Infused with the finest floral patterns saturated in different hues, the straight-fit suits are ideal for those who wish to wear the colors of history, preserved with the beauty and style of ages, to bring forth an ensemble that is full of sophistication and appeal.

Jacket Style Suits

Another timeless classic that picks the regal styling of the nawabs, the jacket-style suit is a mesmerizing combination of elegance and appeal blown to full volume with numerous pleats embroidered with the fine artwork of artists. While the jacket offers a body-hugging contrast to this voluminous attire, the skirt is meant to accentuate the sophistication through fine styling and careful stitching such that the one who wears it is sure to draw compliments for the finest ensemble. Ideal for occasions that are exclusive, the jacket-styled salwars give tough competition to other ensembles dotted with the artistic influence of history.

Churidar Salwar Suits

Mixed and match with colors, tight yet best to flaunt your physique, the modern-day churidars combined with the comfort of fine fabrics and the beauty of patterns will give your attire the deserved attention. Adorned in layers of silk, chiffon, and others; refined with the touch of fine designs, and brought to perfection with body-hugging stitching, the churidars provide the right styling with minimal pleats and a little less ghera than the Anarkali suits. The good part of this traditional wear is the alluring embroidery work sequenced to perfection with intricate styling, all of which combines to entice and appeal.

Punjabi Ghagra

Giving an impeccable style statement to the classic attire, the modern Punjabi ghagra is widely influenced by the historic ghagra that is infused with fine prints. Showcasing pleats and flaunting free-style patterns, the ghagras are beautiful ensembles that adorn your beauty with its comfort and volume.

Styling your Traditional Salwar Kameez

We at Nihal Fashion help you to preserve the finest combination of ethnicity and charm while you personify grace and appeal with the finest traditional salwar kameez. Attend pujas with the finest appeal wearing the straight suits embellished with refined embroidery work. These salwar kameez suits will add a dose of style and appeal that will give your attire the grace it deserves. Adorned with the finest embellishment, the churidar salwar suits add a touch of refined styling to the traditional getup, giving you the vibrant appeal and mystical charm. And when you are at a place to represent culture at the best, stay in touch with the latest style while the alluring effect of the ethnic jacket-styled salwar suits will do the magic of drawing attention. We at Nihal Fashion bring a wide range of traditional salwar kameez to accentuate your style. Available in an array of fabrics such as Georgette, Cotton, Net, Faux Georgette, Viscose, Chanderi Cotton, Jacquard, Banarasi Jacquard, Chiffon, Brocade, Jari Gotta, Chanderi, Pure Georgette, blessed with the palette of colors, let us add elegance to your image with the traditional salwar kameez online.

Why Shop Traditional Salwar Kameez Online ?

When you choose to shop for traditional salwar kameez online, you not only give yourself a wide range of options, but you are free to make the selection yourself from the comfort of your home. And while you do so, you are saving a lot of time and eliminating commuting hassles that make the entire shopping process tiresome and taxing. We at Nihal Fashions have cataloged a wide variety of dresses, which you can search and narrow down easily, thereby making shopping a pleasant experience.

Why Nihal Fashions?

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