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Bollywood Sarees


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Buy and Style up like a Diva with trendy Bollywood Sarees

Bollywood has influenced our lives and attire with its stunning concepts and evolved fashion sense. Each movie brings along a fresh breeze of style that many of us style to imitate, thus elevating our dressing sense to match the likes of our favorite stars. While several modern outfits have been touched and granted by the grace of Bollywood, the typical Indian saree that is rolled in the hues of ethnicity has not skipped the dazzling effect of the industry. Having said this, there is an entire range of Bollywood influenced sarees out there, which are finely styled to augment the natural beauty of every woman, giving her the charm and grace she deserves, but with a touch of style-making statement.

We at Nihal Fashion understand the influence of Bollywood on and off the screen on the lives of women, and bring to you an assorted collection of fashion-influenced Bollywood sarees online. Indulging in the trendsetting designs, masquerading in the eye-catching hues, and bordering the wishful style of the young divas and their fine picks, the modern day sarees are a distance from the traditional getups, but do carry the essence of ethnicity with the style they are draped around. Experimenting with style since the first movie in 1913 (Raja Harischandra) to the latest Bollywood flicks, the sarees have evolved, both in styling, fashion, and design, all of which come together to give a bold and powerful appeal to the modern day woman draped in this stunning attire. We at Nihal Fashion have been the admirer of fashion sense of Bollywood, and present you the head-turning stylish Bollywood sarees that will allow you to step into the world of glamour.

Bollywood sarees design trends

Rolled in the enticing touch of elite fashion sense and perfected with the creative streaks of fashion artists, the modern day Bollywood sarees are stylish enough to catch the attention of everyone at the occasion with their stunning designs that call out elegance at its best. To help you choose better and be a part of the modern trend, we at Nihal Fashions present you the latest Bollywood saree trends.

Pastel Sarees

Colors are back in vogue, this time on the length of sarees as a whole. For the striking appeal that captivates the attention of onlookers wherever you go, the bold Pastel-colored sarees are yet another statement maker for the fairer sex. Made popular by screen stars like Deepika Padukone and others, the sarees are dotted with intricate prints and light bordering that give a lot of room to the striking colors. With the pastel sarees, you can keep the volume of fashion sense high while keeping the minimal look.

Half-embroidered Saree

Steal the show with the dashing combination of half-length heavy embroidery with striking colors in the backdrop. The half-embroidered sarees are a rage in Bollywood after stars like Shilpa Shetty flaunted their style with the heavy work of embroidery embellished on silk or georgette sarees that are capped with captivating colors. The half and half sarees are embroidered in the same shade as that of the saree such that the striking tones are muted with the dazzling designs that give the saree a refined look.

Striped Saree

When chaos of colors was making a rage in Bollywood the striped sarees did stir desire for colors in our hearts. And this was caused by the striking striped sarees which several Bollywood divas flaunted onscreen. Dark hue of sarees contrasted with light blouses, and rolled together in an eclectic combination that spells beauty and elegance is what striped sarees are all about. Add the vivacity of fine jewellery, and a statement-making attire is there at your disposal.

Plain Sarees

Simple and elegant, but stylish and well-fitting, the modern-day plain sarees in the length of 5 to 6 yards are sure to stun you with the colors of vibrancy. Unlike the pastel shades, the plain sarees come  in assorted range of colors right out of palette such that the rich colors of Bollywood make you stand apart from the rest of the crowd. Best available in silk and chiffon, the shiny glaze it adds gives the spark a diva deserves.

Rose Golden Saree

Whether you are a celebrity or not, the typical Rose Golden saree flaunted by Sushmita Sen is sure to give you the attention you deserve, wherever you go. Draped in the sparkling colors of rose and gold, the basic attire sets aside the monotony of everyday hues, giving a refreshing look to the woman who wears it. For those who wish to show confidence without the bang, the Golden Rose saree is surely a right pick.


Styling Bollywood Saree

Be it a celebration, a party, or a casual outing, the Bollywood saree is one traditional attire influenced by the artistic appeal of divas and fashion artists, all which have worked together to give it boastful elegance. When you are planning to visit a party, look at your best with striped sarees complemented with contrasting blouses and light silver jewellery that make for a head-turning attire. Break the monotony of serious dinners with the simple yet stunning Rose Gold sarees. Show your spark and fashion sense with the alluring half-embroidered sarees that are draped to perfection, giving your attire the charm and appeal it deserves. And then rise up with high heels or totes, and hold a clutch to imitate your favorite diva on the go. We at Nihal Fashion endorse your love for Bollywood, and present the right Bollywood sarees just for you.

Why Shop for Bollywood Sarees Online with Nihal Fashions ?

We at Nihal Fashions understand your love for Bollywood and your desire to look like your favorite divas, be it Kareena, Katrina, or Shilpa. We present a wide collection of Bollywood sarees in eclectic mix of colors and designs, available in a wide range of fabrics like Georgette, Net, Faux Georgette, Pure Georgette, Viscose, Chiffon, Cotton, Shimmer, Jacquard, Velvet, Viscose Georgette, Satin, Brasso, Crepe Chiffon, & Banarasi, and dotted with intricate designs and patterns.

Nihal Fashions is your one- of-a-kind portal that ensures that your wardrobe is never incomplete without the traditional Indian ethnic wear. With a stunning range of Bollywood Sarees for women from this top-rated brand, you can step out in style and turn your festivities into a grandiose affair. Nihal Fashions offers you essential clothing for occasions such as traditional festivals and weddings. Also, you can avail exclusive services and perks such as Free Shipping Worldwide for over USD 199, Free Gifts, Lower Prices and Ongoing Discounts. So select Nihal Fashions for the ultimate online shopping experience and turn heads with the exclusive collection it has to offer.