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Said to make a woman look beautiful and dashing wherever she goes, casual sarees have become a hit among women who wear them for several occasions, be it at office, home, or outdoors. Influenced with the glamour of the western world, yet holding its firm roots of ethnicity, the modern casual saree is a refined combination of style with class that will simply give the lady a dash of elegance and charm at its best. Each thread of the saree is woven together to embellish design and artwork, while preserving the comfort for everyday activities such that you stand out even while doing routine work.

We at Nihal Fashion understand the importance of comfort while wearing saree for routine work, and present you an assorted collection of casual sarees online that are an essential for every woman’s wardrobe. Available in a variety of fabrics that will give you the leisure and comfort for everyday wearing, your attire will be accentuated with their fine prints and appealing colors such that you will look the best, even without making much efforts. With a touch of grace and a generous dose of glamour, the sarees have been refined and personified to match the style and comfort of casual clothing, but preserving the essence of ethnicity influenced by the west. We at Nihal Fashion present casual sarees online to browse and shop for making every day delightful and stunning for the sake of diva in you.

Casual Sarees Trends

Influenced by the west, mixed and blended by the shades of Bollywood, and well-endowed with the creativity of fashion artists, the modern day casual sarees are surely a treat for the eyes. Having said this, wearing them will not just help you stand out from the rest, but will give your personality the grace and poise it deserves, whenever you flaunt the colors and style of casual sarees online. We at Nihal Fashion wish for you the finest attire for a blissful charm, and bring to you the latest trends in casual sarees for everyday wear.

Chanderi Sarees

With the sparkling stars printed along the length against the backdrop of lighter shades, the Chanderi sarees, as the same suggests, is surely a star-clad ensemble to drape around yourself for everyday occasion. Believed to sparkle the diva in you, the elegance and pique patterns of the Chanderi sarees are set to engage in a royal affair with the wishful grace of everyday. Available in finely printed patterns such as traditional coins, floral arts, peacocks, and geometric designs, the sarees are sure to give you a warm appeal at office, birthday parties, meetings, or casual hangouts.

Tant Sarees

Popular for the darker hues and contrasting borders lined with masterful artwork, the Tant sarees are a dose of charm and chivalry smartly interwoven with grace for a strong appeal. Idealized as crisp cotton fantasy, the Tant is a well-crafted artwork of woven threads and minute designs that together make for an ensemble that is alluring and appealing to the masses. Paired with red-hued jewellery and gems, the sarees make for a fine treat for the eyes wherever you wear them.

Batik Print Sarees

Reserved as the creation of crafty artwork that exudes aesthetic appeal, the Batik print sarees are a rage among youngsters who wish to stay in touch with the ethnic roots, while welcoming the style of the west. Embellished with fine prints and crafted by making use of wax and ink, each saree is an artful creation of artists that have been practicing this centuries-old art even today. The Batik prints, unlike the other patterns, are handcrafted, asymmetrical, each carrying its unique touch of style and appeal, all of which are sure to enchant the onlookers whenever you wear a Batik Print saree.

Bhagapuri Silk Sarees

There are silk sarees and then there is Bhagapuri silk saree – an eclectic mix of colors and patterns that come together to lineup compliments for your attire. Ideated and created in the land of Bhagapur, Bihar, this garment is a masterpiece in itself that combines cleverly-shaped patterns in the backdrop of fine tussar silk 6-yard fabric. Along the length, you will find patterned hue of colors spread with liberty, while along borders lie the fine prints of geometric artwork that give the plain color work the contrasting appeal. Pair it up with traditional jewellery and accessories, and the Bhagapuri Silk saree will be a complete trendsetter for everyday attire.

Kosa Sarees

The finest among silk works, and the lightest among all, the Kosa silk sarees will surely leave you enchanted with their variety of colors and patterns that stick out of the palette. While the length of the sarees carry a twining, uniform pattern, it is the borders that leave space for artistic work to be shown. The borders are broad and occupy enough space to accommodate a variety of patterns and style, together which make for an interesting ensemble that is just perfect for the evening or casual dinners. Pair them up with peep toe heels for a whole-bodied look that matches the likes of screen stars.

Styling your Casual Sarees

A casual saree is yet another garment that signifies grace and elegance in its multitude folds and drapes, all of which come together to make a stunning appeal. For everyday wear, where you are expected to appear strong yet need to feel comfortable and appealing, wear the striking Tant sarees. Draped in silk and styled by dark hues, the sarees are sure to make a statement everyday. When you plan for dinners or wish to go out to malls or other places, try the sleek and elegant Batik Print sarees. The prints paired with light ornaments personify your grace and taste for finer things in life. Back to the indoors to formal dinners or hangouts, prefer the rich and elegant Kosa sarees that speak of enamor and beauty, keeping in touch with the designs of the west. And for occasions that call for spending time with your friends or loved ones, stun them all with colorful and striking Bhagapuri sarees that exude charm with the touch of comfort. We at Nihal Fashions have the perfect casual saree online for you to choose, irrespective of the occasion.

Why Shop for Casual Sarees Online with Nihal Fashion?

We at Nihal Fashion understand your love for sarees and the impact it has on everyday attire, and present you a vast collection of casual sarees online. Our casual sarees comprise of a diverse mix of colors and designs that are available in a variety of fabrics that include Georgette, Net, Faux Georgette, Pure Georgette, Viscose, Chiffon, Cotton, Satin, Brasso, and many more, along with fine patterns and styles. Nihal Fashions is a one-stop shop that presents casual sarees online right in front of the screen. Nihal Fashions offers you essential clothing for occasions such as traditional festivals and weddings. Also, you can avail exclusive services and perks such as Free Shipping Worldwide for over USD 199, Free Gifts, Lower Prices and Ongoing Discounts. So select Nihal Fashions for the casual sarees that will surely draw compliments wherever you go.