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Traditional Sarees


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Buy and Drape in the shades of ethnicity with elegant Traditional Sarees

Topping as the most sought after garment for times that define culture and auspiciousness, the traditional sarees are timeless pieces infused with the essence of culture, perfected with the precision of design, and worn with sophisticated exuberance that simply spells charm and grace. The classic traditional sarees are said to add the divine appeal to the attire of every woman, giving her the attire that simply writes abode of culture and ethnicity at its best. Be it any auspicious occasion or simply a puja that calls for good luck or fortune, a woman welcoming in a traditional saree is sure to win attention and compliments wherever she is.

We at Nihal Fashion understand the need of every woman to get in touch with her cultural roots, and to cater to the same, we present an assorted collection of traditional sarees online. Our range of traditional sarees come in a wide range of fabrics that are not just limited to cotton, linen, silk, georgette, chiffon, jacquard, and more. While the fabric grants the desired comfort, the drapes exude elegance when coupled with fine prints, intricate designs, and heavy metal-work designs that simply leave a bespoke charm to the entire attire. And the body-fitting blouse styled with beads, artwork, embroidery, and variable stitching patterns gives the entire getup a cultural boost that simply makes you appealing and dressed for the occasion. Our traditional sarees online collection is a mix of traditional as well as modern designs that define culture at its best, exuding a striking charm, one drape-one pleat at a time.

Traditional Sarees Trends

We at Nihal Fashion bring to you the finest range of traditional sarees soaked with the hues of culture and ethnicity, perfected with the precision of designs, and draped with sophistication that will leave the onlookers spellbound. While the influence of the west has always been common on this classic piece of garment, yet their amalgamation has given us the finest trends in traditional sarees. You may choose any of these to flaunt your cultural acclivity at the best.


Coming from the heart of Kerala, this cotton saree comes with lighter prints and heavy design on the border. Accentuated with bright hues, the Taant is best worn with combination of flower garlands and gold jewellery, paired with dark-hued blouses. The Taant spells tradition in every pleat, and its styling is sure to catch eyes whenever you wear it.


Popular as the queen of the sarees, the silk embodied saree infused with intricate prints on both sides of the length is a must have for every woman. Available in striking hues of green, red, maroon; the Kanjeevaram is redefines grace and elegance at its best


Crafted to perfection with Sonepuri silk, the Bomkai is a beautifully woven 9-yard saree with intricate embroidery and threadwork across its length. Available in both silk and cotton, and infused with dark colors, the Bomkai will surely put you into festive delight.


Delicate and dashing and refined to perfection with rich colors that never fade, the Sambalpuri saree is a classic piece to own. Infused with delicate weaving and light patterns, the Sambalpuri will leave the onlookers spellbound for sure.


From the heart of Maharashtra comes the elegant and charming Paithani that grants grandeur and elegance to every woman. Refined with zari work along borders, printed with fine motifs, and embellished with recurring peacock design, the Paithani is sure to set you apart at any traditional occasion.


Simple yet striking in its own sophistication, the dotted Bandhani is a rage among Gujarat. Made especially with tie and dye method of designing, the typical Bandhani is a masterpiece of artwork that will exude elegance once worn. Coming from Gujarat, it carries the bright hues contrasted with pastel backgrounds that give the saree its unique identity.


Popular for its gold and silver zari work, and finely-printed motifs, the Banarasi saree exude royalty in every thread. The detailing along the length is so intricate such that each saree is a piece of art in itself. Made popular with Bollywood stars and women in power, the saree exudes prowess and elegance at its best. Ideal for celebrations, the Banarasi silk saree is a timeless piece of garment to own.


This silk saree imprinted with fine motifs will set you apart with its style and elegance. The intricate motifs have geometric ikat designs and fine detailing for the charming elegance. Pochampally is popular in Telangana region, and is a hit among stars on the screen. Available in combination of cotton and silk, the sarees are the ones to die for.


Hailing from the heart of Punjab, the floral prints of the Phulkari are set to incite warm spring in every heart. Made popular with romantic stories of Heer and Ranjha, the Phulkari is light and bright, and its artistic floral work is sure incite compliments wherever you go. The saree is of cotton and is threaded with fine embroidery work that will surely captivate attention.

Styling Traditional Sarees

Infused with irresistible charm and speaking loads of ethnicity to the core, every thread of the traditional sarees is made just to make you look right for the occasion. Appealing all age-groups and women of various ethnicities, the traditional sarees are a hit among women. When the time is for puja and festive celebrations, put on a Paithani or Kanjeevaram, paired with contrasting blouses, adorned with ornaments, and refined with elegance of makeup. When it’s time for festival parties, never fail to impress with the glazing silk Banarasi saree that will attract attention with its fine detailing and style. When the time is for cultural events, stay in touch with modern times while preserving the ethnic charm wearing a Bandhani or Phulkari, the dot-print or floral patterns are sure to keep your mood light and your personality bright with its charming grace. Be it any occasion, we at Nihal Fashions have the right traditional saree to help you look best wherever you go.

Why shop for traditional Sarees online with Nihal Fashion?

When it comes to shopping for traditional sarees, the comfort of availing a variety of options in front of the screen will surely help you save time while helping you browse through a wide range of products. We at Nihal fashion aim to make the purchase comfortable and convenient for you by presenting a variety of traditional sarees online for you to choose. You can also choose in accordance to your preferences by sorting from listed parameters such as Sales, New Arrivals, Prices, Relevance and Product Code. With Nihal Fashions, you are also entitled to provisions such as Lower Price, Free Gift, Attractive Ongoing Discounts and Free Shipping Worldwide for over USD 199, making your life fairly easy.