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Wedding Sarees

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The journey of togetherness for eternity as time speaks begin with the auspicious event of marriage. Marriage is said to be one of the most important days in the life of a woman, wherein she aspires to look her best and create some of the most cherished memories that will last a lifetime. Right from the hairstyle to the ornaments, everything from head to toe is rolled in the colors of elegance, and all of it exudes a mystical charm when the saree comes into the picture. A wedding saree is that exquisite piece of clothing which every woman treasures. Draped in the tones of grace and elegance, it is the attire that personifies the auspiciousness and happiness of the occasion, to be treasured for a lifetime.

We at Nihal Fashions understand the important place of the bridal saree in the life of a to-be bride, and bring to you an assorted collection of the finest wedding sarees online. Each saree is uniquely style, influenced by the artwork of Indian and Western designers, parched in hues of ethnicity and modernity, and finely woven into the designs of creative craftsmanship, all of which together paint the elegance and vivacity of the wedding saree. At Nihal Fashions, you have a wide range of options to choose from a variety of fabrics that include, but not limited to, net, georgette, chiffon, silk, chanderi, tissue, cotton, jacquard and several others. Each of the wedding sarees come dipped in the color-rich palette that gives this ethnic attire the color of the occasion. From cherry red to dark maroon, from bottle green to fuchsia, indigo to copper, turquoise to tangerine, all the bright colors mixed and matched with fine prints and heavy design work, together constitute the finest bridal sarees for you to wear at the big day in life. Dressing up for the big occasion becomes easy, when you choose to shop for wedding sarees online with Nihal Fashions.

Wedding Saree Trends

While the fashion artists are always playing with their creative spirits to grant us designs that are loved and cherished, often we are unaware of patterns, prints, and trends in wedding sarees. We at Nihal Fashions make you aware of the latest offerings in wedding sarees online by presenting the latest trends.

Banarasi Shalu

When it comes to the touch of regality finely twined in the artistic work of design, the Banarasi silk saree seems to have an indigenous relation with ethnic elegance and modern charm. Made from the finest silk, ladies love to drape this fine printed attire with exotic design for special occasions inclusive of marriage. Hailing from the heart of Varanasi, the Banarasi wedding saree is known for heavy golden embroidery that gives this attire its original identity. The sarees go best with gold sandals or studs.

Kanjeevaram Saree

Exude your prowess but with the softness of grace in the appealing Kanjeevaram saree. Like the soft tones of the bridal voice, the saree is draped in the hues of ethnic charm blended with the style of modern artists. These sarees give a loud shout to the fine artists who style the attire with intricate designs, soaked in the vibrant hues of red, violet, pink, and fuchsia. Coming from the hub of Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu, this is one fine saree to that flaunts patterns and style.

Nauvari Sarees

Get in touch with the past with a Nauvari sarees on the shoulder. Soaked in the warm hues of yellow, red, and violet, and bordered with the fine print of craftwork at its best, the Nauvari saree is Maharashtra’s native attire that flaunts ethnic charm at its best. Typically having the length of a 9-yard cloth, the sarees spruce up in style when the fine prints get impression on the length. Whether it is a traditional occasion or a wedding, this classic piece of attire will surely impress you all.

Pattu Sarees

Speaking of history in its print of fine design, the Pattu saree carries the colors of Kerala with the touch of grace and style. Infused with bright colors and printed with fine design that narrate abode of history, the Pattu saree is a timeless piece to adorn for weddings. The sarees get a stunning charm when bordered with broad golden borders, making the attire perfect for the wedding with the right addition of jewellery.

Patola Sarees

Draped in the bold, vibrant and appealing hues, the Patola exhibits fine patterns and designs that exude vibrant charm to captivate attention. Available in a varied combination of vivid colors and detailed to perfection with intricate detailing, these sarees are perfect for wedding or any other auspicious occasion that spells grace.

Styling up your wedding saree

A wedding saree needs no introduction, but as per your taste and personality, the pick needs to be personified. Popular as the most elegant attire in our culture, the wedding saree comes in numerous styles. Don the classic dulhan look with the banarasi shalu adorned with heavy jewellery and bridal makeup. Get a touch of modernity with Patola handloom sarees combined with the elegance of light jewellery. Roll in the traditional colors of culture with a Nauvari saree or Paithani, paired with fine-print design on body-fitted blouses. And complete the bridal look that will amplify your elegance and charm with the right bridal jewellery. We at Nihal Fashion have a wedding saree just for you to make the big day special and memorable.

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We at Nihal Fashions present numerous styles of the gracious wedding sarees. Available in length of 4 to 9 yards, dipped in the hue of striking colors, and woven with the beauty of fine prints and intricate designs, our wedding sarees online will give your image the touch of ethnic charm. Our exquisite collection of wedding sarees will not only make you appear more beautiful, but will also make you feel beautiful. From vivacious colors to amazing designs, our range of sarees is incomparable. Our collection will undoubtedly amplify your appearance and make your wedding day a truly memorable one. Shop now and quickly select a saree of your choice for your special day.