Ideas To Dress Up Kids For Weddings

We must be all too familiar with how difficult it can get to find an outfit or dress that kids would look forward to wearing. Given the fact that kids can be extremely selective and picky in what they like to wear, it becomes important to pay attention to the fit and comfort of the outfit. Any sort of misfit or tightness that can cause the slightest discomfort and your child may point blank refuse to wear the outfit and it thus becomes important to find an outfit that fits just right.

Following the theme:

Many events call for certain themes or colors that the guests may be asked to follow and picking the same colored outfit for your child will make him/her feel more involved in the party. If the party or occasion is more formal, such as a wedding or engagement, then purchasing more than one outfit is highly advisable, as events such as weddings and engagements last for more than one day, and in some occasions, functions such as weddings last for a week and more. Another advantage of picking more than one outfit is that children tend to spill or drop fluids and or foods on their clothes, which can cause a stain and thus not leaving you with a lot of time to attend to the stain. You can also change the look of your child by making him/her wear Indian kids wear on one day and a western outfit the other day. Not only will your child look forward to the same but will also ensure that their excitement levels are also high.

Picking something in Vogue:

While classic Indian dresses will appeal to the older and more mature audiences, tweaking the outfits and combining them with lighter and funkier colors for kids will ensure that children look forward to wearing the outfit. Colors such as pista green, peach, sky blue etc are a hit among the children and picking these colors for an outfit such as a kurta for the engagement and then changing to a more formal and royal looking kids sherwani is highly recommended. When it comes to picking colors for a sherwani, you should consider colors such as maroon and dark blue are highly recommended.
When it comes to picking outfits for your little princesses, then outfits such as kids lehenga and a dupatta with light summer colors for the engagement are the ideal Indian dresses for kids. For the wedding ceremony itself, outfits such as a gown with darker and more attractive colors, with work and designs are highly recommended and will go with the theme of the evening wedding.

Understanding trends:

It is essential to understand colors and shades and to pick them according to the seasons. Picking light and breezy colors such as light yellow, sky blue, light green colors during the summers will ensure that the outfit does not absorb heat and makes your child feel comfortable. Colors such as dark maroon, dark green are colors that are best picked during winter or towards the end of autumn are highly recommended. While these are some of the basics that need to be looked into, another factor that you need to consider while purchasing Indian dresses for kids is that you need to keep yourself updated with latest trends and happenings. Picking some intricate details from outfits worn by celebrities and then incorporating them into the outfit will not only ensure that the dress remains in vogue for long, but will bring a sense of excitement when the kid is informed about the same and will look forward to wearing the same.

Picking the right accessories:

As children tend to run around the event, seldom sitting in one place, it becomes important to pick basic accessories and not to over-accessorize them. Picking footwear that compliments the outfit and does not compromise on comfort will ensure that your child does not end up removing the footwear and just running around barefooted. You should take your child along while purchasing the footwear and not just make them to try it on, but also give the pair of footwear a few minutes to see if it is causing your child any sort of discomfort. While picking other accessories, keeping them to the bare minimum and not going overboard with them will ensure that your child does not feel uncomfortable and will not remove them during the function.

Keeping your kids fashion ready:

While events such as weddings are well planned and thought of, thus giving you sufficient time to purchase an outfit, there may be an occasion where an engagement ceremony may catch you off guard and t thus becomes crucial to always have traditional Indian dresses for kids stacked up in the wardrobe ready for an unplanned occasion. It will also ensure that your child always has an outfit ready for an occasion such as a traditional day at school, or any other event that may require them to wear a traditional and stylish Indian outfit.

Picking the right clothing for kids can be difficult, stressful and tiring, especially since there are not a lot of options available and given the fact that kids tend to be extremely fussy and choosy about their clothes. Knowing where to look and what to purchase will ensure that your child is always fashion ready, no matter what the occasion or event.

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary is a Fashion Blogger with 14+ years of experience in the Indian Clothing industry. He has high level of expertise in Indian traditional outfits.