Stylish Women’s Accessories to Pair with Indian Ethnic Wear

Women’s accessories have taken ensembles to the next levels with their beauty and bling. With ethnic outfits, this becomes even more of a necessity. Here’s everything you can and should pair with women’s Indian clothing for all occasions:

  • Armlets

If you have on something that is sleeveless or cap-sleeved or shows off your arms, you can always add some bling to make your arms look not as bare. Armlets, worn above the elbow, add a fascinating touch to your ensemble and allow you to flaunt the accessory the best way.

  • Stylish Wrist Cuffs

You wrists are another area that look better when adorned by tinkling accessories. Stylish cuffs that beautifully cover your wrist and make it look more elegant are exactly what you need to add to your collection of bling to flaunt with your ethnic wear. For those who do not prefer the jangling of many bangles worn together, these broad cuffs work as a better alternative.

  • Rings

Leaving your delicate fingers unattended is another thing you should avoid when dressing up for an occasion in ethnic wear. Cocktail rings that are glitzy and catchy can bring some more appeal to your beautiful hands and make your finger look dainty and long. For those with stubby fingers, rings definitely work as a great way to bring some more charm to your hands.

  • Choker Neckpieces

Ethnic wear can be pretty elaborately designed, removing the need for accessories to grace your neck. The kind of neckline you opt for also becomes a crucial factor in deciding whether a neckpiece is required with the traditional attire you have on. If you have a penchant for neck accessories, you can always opt for a choker that is fashionably secured around your throat.

  • Maang Tikkas

While you are decking yourselves up from head to toe, why leave your hair unadorned? Maang tikkas, generally worn at the partition of your hair, or perhaps at the side while it dangles beautifully, are exactly what you need to make your hair look even more gorgeous. These can be ones made using kundan or even simple studded maang tikkas.

  • Hair Brooch

Where maang tikkas work to add glamour to the front of your hair, hair brooches can be a wonderful addition to your hair bun. You can choose something that is as small as bobby pin or go for something out there that steals the limelight. If you love flaunting your hair, this should definitely be on your list of accessories to purchase.

  • Earrings

No look is complete without earrings on. And with your face being the first thing people look at while greeting you, elegant jhumkas, chandbalis, or dainty dangling earrings are sure to be the perfect choice.

  • Bangles

If you aren’t a fan of wrist cuffs, bangles have forever been the go-to accessory to adorn wrists for ages. From glass bangles to metal ones, you can take your pick, depending on what you prefer.

  • Nose Rings

Nose rings are another accessory that looks great with traditional wear. For those who would rather not get piercings done, you can always opt for clip on nose rings that fit well.

  • Kamarpattas

When you have an accessory for every part of you, you waist shouldn’t be left unadorned either. Put on a kamarpatta to augment your gorgeous waist further.

  • Anklets

While the right footwear can brighten up your look, a beautiful anklet adorning your ankles are equally appealing.

  • Toe Rings

Toe rings are commonly worn by married women. However, there is nothing stopping you from starting a trend of your own!

Things to Avoid when Choosing your Accessories!

Accessories are an important addition to your ensemble no matter what you’re wearing. Whether you are dressing up for a wedding or for a night out at a club, the right accessories can take our look up a notch and make you a style icon. However, while you may have accessories that you think are the best, there are certain factors that you must remember when you pair them with your outfits. Here are some mistakes you must avoid when choosing your accessories to match your ethnic outfits:

  • Clash of Colors

One of the worst mistakes that people make while choosing ornaments and accessories to go with their ethnic wear is the wrong choice of color. Too much color can ruin the entire look and make your outfit look too gaudy. When deciding on an accessory, make sure the colors blend well together without clashing too much. You definitely do not want to be the eye sore at the event.

  • Overly Flashy Ornaments

Another big mistake to avoid is wearing overly flashy ornaments. You may fond of gemstones and luster but wearing too much of it, or choosing something that takes away all the attention for all the wrong reasons can be the greatest faux pas while you are dressed in your best. Opt for subtle options that go well with the ensemble to avoid being in the limelight for too much bling.

  • Overpowering Elements

The elements on your accessories are equally important in creating a good impression when paired with your best ethnic wear. If you have a choice, always opt for the one that is less likely to distract people from your outfit and your face. After all, it is you they should be admiring.

  • Wrong size of Jewelry

The wrong size of jewelry is another thing you should avoid at all costs. Imagine wearing a choker that is cutting off your air supply. Or having on a ring that is bound to slip off your finger the moment you let your hand fall at your side. Make sure that your jewelry is sized right and fits you perfectly to make the impression you wished to make in the first place.

Now that you know all that there is to know about accessories and pairing them with your ensemble, we hope you woo your audience with your choices and become the diva you are wherever you go!

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary is a Fashion Blogger with 14+ years of experience in the Indian Clothing industry. He has high level of expertise in Indian traditional outfits.