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Most parents are unable to dress their kids fashionably for festivals and weddings. Kids ethnic wear is now available online too. Men and women have a variety of options to choose from when it comes to traditional Indian wear. With kids, one cannot go for all styles, because not all ethnic clothes are suitable for children. For instance, an outfit with risqué cuts might be apt for a woman but the same might not look ideal for a girl. Traditional Indian wear is no longer typical with the same mundane styles, many Indo-western patterns are also included. Kurta pajamas are rightly called the most comfortable Indian wear combo. This particular outfit is apt for all events and occasions. Even when it comes to patterns, kurta pajamas excel by all means. Well, kurta pajamas are not just meant for adults, even children can pull off this outfit without any fuss. Moreover, kurta pajamas are available in all colours and tones which makes them all the more versatile. Children cannot handle very heavy outfits and hence it is necessary to check the fabric of the outfit too. Kurtas are available in all materials and you can choose the fabric depending on your personal taste. Choosing the right attire for your children is quite a tough task because one has to consider many factors. Well, these days even in kids traditional wear many options are available. Before buying an ethnic outfit for kids you need to consider a few things. Take a look.

  • Fabric

A rough and an itchy material can cause loads of irritation to your child. If you want your kid to look impeccable in Indian wear then you must make sure that the fabric of the outfit is comfortable enough. Select the fabric which does not cling to the skin because that can lead to irritation. Moreover, before finalising the fabric check with the weather too. If your kid is supposed to wear a selected outfit for a summer wedding select the fabric accordingly!

  • The Pattern of the Outfit

Every Indian outfit has a particular pattern to it. Traditional outfits of all kinds are known for their peculiar style. Kurta pajamas are extremely simple to wear and carry because they hardly have any problematic patterns to them. A kurta is more like a long loose shirt whereas a pajama is a long pant which is not tight-fitted. Select the patterns which are easy to handle and carry for your child.

  • Colour Selection

Colours play a very important role in deciding the overall look of the outfit. Kids traditional wear is now available in all colours. However, for kids, you better opt for vibrant colours rather than going for dark shades. Choose colours depending on the time of the event. For day time events you can select bright shades like yellow, orange, green, white, etc. whereas for evening events you can choose to go for tones like blue, metal, grey, maroon, etc.

  • Choose the Correct Fit

Every traditional outfit for kids needs to be of a proper fit. See to it that the outfit is fitting properly and is not too tight or loose. Additionally, depending on the pattern of the outfit the fitting may alter. Extremely loose clothes can ruin the whole look and tight clothes can be very uncomfortable. Also, take a look at the length of the outfit before opting for one.

  • Select the Bottom Style with Care

Kurtas are usually worn with pajamas but nowadays many other bottom styles are available too. One can pair up the kurta with a churidar too. Before experimenting with the bottom style see to it that your child is able to carry the same. These days the combination of kurtas and skirts is also very much in for young girls. Here, the length of the skirt should not be too long!

Kids kurta pajamas have changed drastically in their pattern and style. Here are some trendy kurta pajama combos which are ideal for children.

  • Silk Kurta with a Churidar

The fabric of silk is quite comfortable and is also easy to maintain and carry. Moreover, for important occasions, it is best to go for silk because this material can give a heavy look to the outfit. Silk is quite shimmery and this material can also sustain embroidery and embellishments. Pair up a printed silk kurta with a simple churidar and your child is bound to look stylish.

  • Sherwani Kurta with Dhoti Pants

Sherwani kurtas are very much in trend. These kurtas have a sherwani like pattern and are best worn with dhoti pants. This combination is best for young boys and is ideal for events like weddings, wedding receptions, sangeet ceremonies, etc.

  • Jacket Kurta with Pajamas

Sometimes kids need another layer of clothing depending on the season. In such cases, you can also go for a jacket style kurta. Pair up a jacket style kurta with pajamas for winter weddings and festivals! The jacket can be of contrast colour and the kurta can be neutral. The stated combo can be worn with a churidar or pajamas!

  • Slit Kurta and Skirt

The combination of a slit kurta and a skirt is quite new. This combo is perfect for young girls who want to go for something unique. Skirts are quite comfortable too because they are not too tight and moreover, they give a good overall look. Choose the fabrics for this particular combination carefully. Generally, all kids kurtas are made keeping in the mind the structure of the kids but make sure the kurta is blending with the skirt.

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Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

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