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Fashion for kids is no longer just about cute western attires, even traditional Indian wear has many varieties for children. The most popular Indian outfits are salwar kameez, sarees, kurta pajamas, sherwanis, etc. These days western gowns and floor-length outfits are also in vogue. The most important aspect of selecting an ethnic outfit for kids is the comfort level. Kids can get too irritated if the fabric of the outfit is itchy and uncomfortable. It is necessary to check the pattern before opting for a particular attire. Though all Indian outfits are now available for children, it is necessary to select carefully. Make sure you choose the colour wisely and also consider the fit of the outfit. It is easier to dress kids in ethnic wear because one can experiment to no ends. Instead of opting for the same mundane colours and patterns, you can also try and go for Indo-western styles. Kids can carry almost styles and hues and that makes the selection quite easy. However, there are several other factors which need consideration when it comes to purchasing Indian clothing for kids. Parents sometimes make a mistake of choosing odd patterns for their children’s ethnic wear. It is necessary to understand that what may suit an adult may not be apt for a child. Be it dresses with risqué cuts or unique sleeve patterns, it is necessary to know whether the child is comfortable in the same or no. Investing in ethnic clothes is quite worthy because they come in use for various festivals and wedding occasions. Ethnic clothes are not just impactful they are also unique. Traditional outfits are available in all materials and styles and depending on the event you need to choose the attire. These days you can get amazing traditional outfits for kids online too. Here is why it is best to shop online when it comes to kids ethnic wear.

  • Saves Time

Shopping online for traditional wear is extremely time-saving. Roaming from one outlet to another takes a lot of time. Moreover, if you are someone who is busy with tight deadlines and schedules then online shopping is the best for you.

  • Gives you a glimpse of all styles at one place

Most of us explore too many outlets to get that one perfect outfit. Well, with online shopping portals you can get a glimpse of all the styles at one place itself. Additionally, finding all the patterns for Indian wear online is also convenient by all means. Nowadays, most online shopping platforms also have a section for Indo-western patterns.

  • Cost-effective as compared to offline outlets

Outfits from online shopping platforms are cost-effective as compared to offline stores. Several online shopping platforms also offer mind-blowing discounts and festive offers which makes them all the more worthy.

  • Convenience

Once you purchase an outfit online, you need not worry about its delivery. Most online shopping portals offer home delivery of the outfits which makes them all the more convenient. You need not worry about commuting because the outfits will reach your doorstep without any fuss.

  • Latest styles and patterns

Online shopping portals are well aware of what is trending and that is why most of their collection is up-to-date. You are likely to get the latest styles and patterns if you shop online.

Indian Kids clothing is not just restricted to salwar kameez and sherwanis, currently, there are many new varieties in traditional wear. Check out the voguish styles for kids Indian wear.

  • Crop top and skirt

Girls can ditch the boring lehenga choli styles and go for crop top and skirt. The combination of a crop top and skirt is modern and comfortable by all means. This particular outfit does not even need a dupatta! Try and go for vibrant colours when it comes to this attire. Crop top and skirt is ideal for weddings, sangeet ceremonies, cocktail parties, etc.

  • Kurta pajama

Kurta pajamas are comfortable and easy to carry for both boys and girls. Moreover, kurtas are available in many varieties and colours which makes them ideal for all occasions. Pajamas are generally worn with kurtas but nowadays many other different bottom styles are also worn. Apart from pajamas, you can also go for bottom styles like dhoti pants, straight fit pants, ankle length pants, etc. Several kurta patterns these days also have jackets. Kurtas with jackets can be worn for winter events.

  • Gowns

Traditional gowns are very much in trend these days. Perfect for wedding receptions, sangeet ceremonies and cocktail parties, gowns are effortless to wear. Traditional gowns are floor length and give out a contemporary vibe. When you opt for a traditional gown see to it that the fit is proper and the colour combination is apt. Colours one should opt for traditional gowns are beige, pink, purple, black, peach, mint green, etc.

  • Sherwani with dhoti pants

Sherwanis look royal and traditional. Sherwanis are usually worn with churidars but these days they can be teamed up with other bottom styles too. Pair up an ethnic sherwani with a dhoti pant and your kid is bound to look fashionable.

  • Nehru jacket and trousers

For wedding receptions, young boys can go for a Nehru jacket and trouser too. Nehru jackets and trousers look formal in their vibe. This particular outfit is comfortable to the core because it is more like a western attire. Choose the colours for this outfit carefully. You can go for colours like midnight blue, grey, dark blue, peach, etc. Make sure the fit of this outfit is proper and is not too loose or tight. Additionally, this particular look can be completed with proper footwear.

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Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

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