How to Style Indian Traditional Wear for Men, Women & Kids

The vast Indian tradition and the clothing that speaks of the same, men will be left with a lot of options to pick and choose from. One of the many options that can be considered is a traditional Kurta Pajama.

Given the versatility of the Kurta Pajama, one can customize the look to suit the nature of the occasion. By wearing accessories, such as a turban or other headgear, a classic shawl, and other accessories will help you complete the look for formal events such as an engagement, a family function, a wedding or other formal function, which would be appropriate and just right for the nature of the event. You can further style it up by wearing a sleeveless jacket and stylish footwear, such as Kolhapuri chappals to style up your look.

Not only would it be stylish, but it would reflect your impeccable taste in fashion and style. When it comes to picking colors for a Kurta Pajama, it is highly advisable to pick light and breezy colors, which go well with a kurta. Colors such as light yellow, off white, sky blue goes best with a kurta and for the pajama, it is best to select a white pajama. Not only will a white pajama go well with the kurta, but it is also a widely accepted fact that a white kurta perfectly complements a light-colored kurta.

Another option that the men can pick from is a Sherwani, which is ideal for functions where the spotlight will be on you. A sherwani with design, embroidery, work, and patterns that speak of its royal lineage. Picking dark colors such as maroon, red, dark blue, red, etc along with golden, silver patterns and work will ensure that the Sherwani suits the occasion. Styling the same with accessories such as jewelry, a turban, a stick, an analog watch, sandals, a bracelet, and other accessories will ensure that you follow the royal look. Given that a Sherwani is usually stitched using thick and heavy fabrics, it is important not to over-accessorize your look. If you plan on attending a formal event or are participating in one, then considering to wear traditional Indian clothing should be given a serious thought.

Styling Indian Ethnic for Women:

Traditional Indian wear is known for its style and complex designs and picking the right clothing for the right occasion will make you the head-turner at any function. With a variety of options to choose from, traditional Indian wear is just the right way to go. One can consider wearing outfits like the traditional saree, which will accentuate your look. One can seldom go wrong when picking a saree for an event or function, given the versatility of the outfit.

With designs such as Cut-work embroidery, Mirror work embroidery, Kantha embroidery, Bujh embroidery, Pearl embellishment, Kutch embroidery and other designs for blouses and options and designs such as Tassel Laces, Kuchu Laces and other designs and patterns to choose from, you can pick the ones that appeal to your impeccable fashion sense. You can add jewelry such as bangles, a gold set, earrings, a maang tikka, and a traditional gold nose ring to add to your look, you can elevate your look based on the occasion and nature of the event.

Another option that is traditional Indian clothing is the classic Salwar kameez. The salwar is one of the most comfortable dresses that will grace your wardrobe. Such is the versatility of the outfit that it can be worn for different occasions and can also double up as an everyday outfit. With fabrics such as chiffon, crepe and Georgette can be considered while purchasing a salwar kameez. With a salwar kameez, it is advisable to wear light and breezy accessories that will complement the comfortable book. 

Styling Indian Wear for Kids:

Traditional Indian clothing is available in a variety of options for kids as well, which will make them stand out from the crowd. With options such as boys Kurta Pajama and boys Sherwani for young boys and options such as Girls Salwar Kameez and Girls Lehenga Choli, the kids won’t feel left out and if the occasion or event calls follow a theme such as Traditional Indian clothing, the kids and toddlers will not feel left out. 

Cleaning your outfit:

Before storing your outfit, it becomes important to clean the outfit thoroughly. Using a brush to dust your outfit before storing it is highly advisable. It is important to read the label attached to the outfit before you get the same cleaned. Using certain products might damage the fabric and color of the outfit and if cleaning the same sounds like too much of a hassle, then it is best to get the outfit cleaned professionally.

Storing your Indian wear:

It is extremely important to store your Indian wear well and keep it protected from dust, moisture, constant exposure to sunlight. Keeping them stored in the cover provided with the outfit is important, as the same will ensure that your outfit lasts for years to come.

Indian traditional clothes are famous for its cultural and historical significance and has a lot of attention paid to every minor detail, which helps you carry your look with style, grace, and elegance.

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary is a Fashion Blogger with 14+ years of experience in the Indian Clothing industry. He has high level of expertise in Indian traditional outfits.