Indian Clothing Trends for Diwali 2022

Diwali is one Indian festival that has a special place in our hearts. Also known as the Festival of Lights, it is celebrated by the lighting of lamps and candles. We dress traditionally, and everybody wants to look their best on this auspicious once-a-year fiesta. Here are some Diwali outfit ideas based on the top Indian Clothing Trends for Diwali 2022.

Indian Clothing Trends for Diwali 2022 for Women

Stunning Anarkali Look

Anarkali suits are traditional yet timelessly beautiful, and we can select an Anarkali from various styles to complete our Diwali look. Designer Anarkali dresses are trendy and can be worn with matching jewelry. Heavy-pattern dresses like the Anarkali are bound to beautifully compliment festive occasions like Diwali.

Traditional with a Modern Twist Look

If something is constantly evolving, it’s fashion, and nobody enjoys being perceived as someone who wears Indian womens dresses. Here’s where the contemporary ‘twist look’ comes in. The ‘twist look’ refers to fusion clothing that combines traditional and western attire. When worn with a sensual cut, the traditional lehenga choli for ladies can make a beautiful outfit. Wearing fusion clothing makes it easy to stand out from the crowd effortlessly.

Bright Lehenga

Diwali is the festival of lights; we love to dress colorfully for it. We must select eye-catching outfits in bright, vibrant colors for a radiant look. It is possible to achieve a brilliant appearance by wearing a bright lehenga. Traditional hues like orange, pink, and red are always in style. Lehangas with gold embroidery in these colors can produce an extravagant and lively look.

Graceful Patiala Suits

If aiming for a classier vibe, we can pick the timeless Patiala suits, which are ideal for Diwali, especially for the puja celebrations. Wearing a Patiala suit can be an alternative to the traditional salwar kameez look, which can be slightly underwhelming on Diwali. A Patiala suit looks excellent when paired with short-sleeved shirts. Additionally, a Patiala suit is quite cozy and makes for a well-rounded outfit option.

Conventional Look

Many of us prefer a traditional look because sometimes it is the best! Wearing traditional sarees in vivid hues like red and green is essential. For the festive seasons, silk or brocade are ideal for these sarees and come in various patterns and materials. With these sarees, we can accessorize using traditional jewelry.

Indian Clothing Trends for Diwali 2022 for Men

It is not easy for men to decide what to wear during Diwali. But, you can decide on your outfit in 5 minutes with our assistance. Read on to learn how to ace this for all future occasions that call for ethnic attire.

Revival Of The White

For Diwali, white is the color of choice for men because it is no longer seen as being too simple. Instead, white is a fashionable option, from short kurtas to longer ones with an asymmetrical hem to buttons that have been fancy-stitched throughout the festive season.

Typically, white on white works best, but do not hesitate to experiment by pairing shorter kurtas with sorbet-hued slacks or merely by adding a stole to complete the ensemble.

Short Kurtas

The short kurta has undoubtedly taken over men’s wardrobes. If we are the people who usually dislike dressing in ethnic clothing, it’s the ideal method to please the people around while also looking dapper. 

Short kurtas are perfect for all our wardrobe concerns during the festive season. There are many options, from wacky printed variants to solid-hued ones with more modern forms and details.

Choose Jodhpur, Ikat, or skinnier cigarette kurtas with checkerboard patterns. Wear them with well-tailored, loose-fitting pants to complete the festive outfit.

Nehru Jackets

The ever-stylish Nehru jacket is the ideal way to dress up even the most basic outfits. The Nehru jacket is versatile yet classy; it can perfectly be worn to a wedding or a formal holiday party at work, cocktail hour with the guys, or for Diwali.

Please choose between the sleeveless or full-sleeved style, and wear them with everything from short to long kurtas.

Cotton Silk Classic kurta pyjama

Although there may be an infinite variety of ethnic outfit options, the classics will always be the crowd-pleasers. The ideal thing is to pair the classic kurtas with white or beige churidars/pajamas or clothing from HTT in the same color.


The Indian ethnic outfits have recently undergone massive transformations and revolutionized the Indian fashion industry. Zig-zag silhouettes, zipped deets, and tie-up kurtas in the Kimono style took the market by storm. It may appear too heavy for casual occasions but is an ideal outfit for events like Diwali parties or some other festival celebrations.

Try the most prominent style of the season, HTT monochromatic, or match a solid-colored kurta with joggers with slightly different tones.

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Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

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