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Shopping for special occasions like weddings and festivals is extremely easy nowadays thanks to online portals. As opposed to women, most men find it difficult to shop for ethnic clothes. The most chosen traditional attire for men is an elegant looking sherwani. Sherwanis are perfect for weddings and festivals. Earlier, only grooms used to wear a sherwani but nowadays many casual designs are also available which can be worn by others too. Sherwani is quite formal in its vibe and feel and it is also necessary to carry it with élan. Designer sherwanis are very much in trend these days because of their exclusivity and uniqueness. Kurta pajamas are quite casual in their look but if you want to wear something impactful then you should go for a sherwani. Sherwanis need not be all decorated they can be simple too! Currently, sherwanis with minimal work are quite in fashion because most men like to dress simply. Sherwanis are long coat-like attires which are worn with a tight-fitted churidar. To complete the look, every sherwani is worn with a dupatta. Traditional sherwanis for the groom are easily available online too. Selecting the right sherwani pattern and design is very crucial. Here are some factors you must keep in check before buying a mens sherwani.

  • Check whether you are Comfortable with the Fabric

Sherwanis are usually made with rich fabrics because the attire demands to look royal and traditional. However, these days there are many material options to choose from when it comes to sherwanis. Before buying a sherwani see to it that you are comfortable with the fabric. Materials like velvet, silk, cotton, etc are commonly used in making a sherwani. Depending on the time and season of the event select the fabric. For instance, you can choose to go for a velvet sherwani for winters whereas for summers you can opt for cotton.

  • Know about the Colour Combination

Wedding outfits are generally preferred in the tones of red, green, maroon, ivory, etc. but these days many unconventional colours are also in vogue like peach, blush pink, mint blue, purple, etc. Sherwanis can look extremely fashionable in unique colours but make sure you are confident enough to pull off the same. Instead of going for the same old colour schemes it is better to wear something unique! Additionally, you can also match the colour of your sherwani with the colour of the bride’s trousseau.

  • Select the Right Pattern which Suits your Body Type

Sherwanis are not as flexible as kurtas and they need proper styling too. When you select a mens wedding sherwani the pattern also plays a very important role. See to it that the pattern you select for your sherwani is blending with the colour of the outfit and is suitable according to the occasion too. If you have a heavier body type then select the patterns which make your body look leaner.

  • Don’t be too Rigid with your Design Selection

If you go for commonly opted colours and patterns then you can choose some innovative designs. Experimenting a bit with designs will surely enhance your overall look. You can opt for an Indo-western look too by opting for designs like florals, geometric prints, stripes, etc. One can choose different embroideries too.

  • Check the Bottoms

Usually, a sherwani for men is worn with a churidar but you can try to team up your sherwani with a different bottom too. If you are bored with the usual churidar then you can go for dhoti pants, straight-fit trousers, etc. The colour of the bottoms can also bring newness to your outfit. Instead of matching the colour of your bottom with your sherwani you can go for contrast tones also.

  • Check the Fit

One of the most crucial things in a sherwani is the fit. Sherwani needs to be of a proper fit only then will it look good on your body. The sherwani need not be too body-fit but it should define your overall physique. Most sherwanis have buttons or some other element to keep the fit in place. Before buying the sherwani, try the same with the bottom.

A must-have add-on for a mens sherwani is the dupatta. Men are generally confused about carrying a dupatta with grace. Even a dupatta needs to be draped properly for it look well on an outfit. Here are some tips to drape a sherwani dupatta.

  • Show off the Border

One of the best ways to drape a dupatta for a sherwani is to highlight its border. Most sherwani dupattas have a heavy border which also defines the overall look of the outfit. Simply drape the dupatta around the neck so that the two ends fall in the front displaying the long border! This draping style is effortless and quick to the core.

  • Carry the Dupatta on one of the Wrists

If your sherwani is extremely simple the dupatta is bound to be heavy-looking. Highlight your dupatta by pulling it from one side and drape it from the back so that the other end falls on your hand. This draping style doesn’t need much thought but looks extremely graceful. Nevertheless, this draping style will require a bit of handling because the dupatta from one end will hang on your hand!

  • Go for an attached Dupatta Look

Many sherwanis these days have an attached dupatta which is already fixed with the outfit. If you are someone who does not understand how to pull off a draped dupatta then this is the best option to go for. Attached dupattas don’t even need much of styling because they already appear draped!

Nihal Fashions is the best online shopping hub when it comes to traditional Indian wear. This online platform has several varieties in mens sherwani which are apt for weddings as well as festivals. Be it a super heavy-laden look or a casual design, Nihal Fashions has something for everyone. Additionally, don’t forget to look for their festive offers and discounts.

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

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