Sherwani Trends for Grooms to Follow this Wedding Season

Sherwanis have been the first choice for grooms the moment they begin considering the inevitable task of shopping for their weddings. And being in trend is another factor or remember when one begins to visualize the outfit and shop for it. Here is how you, as a groom, can stay in trend with your sherwanis this wedding season!

  • Bandhgalas

A style of sherwani or kurta where the collar is high-necked, bandhgalas have become quite popular lately and for all the right reason. Not only do they give the outfit a regal touch but also make the wearer look dashing and sauve.

  • Jacketed Sherwanis

Another cool trend that works with sherwanis are jackets. Jacketed sherwanis have become popular with the kind of charm they exude. And if your wedding is being held in the cooler months of the year, you have a great reason to opt for something that can keep you warm without spoiling your wedding outfit.

  • Floral Prints

Prints are another trend to opt for this season. Instead of wearing a monochrome top as part of your sherwani, floral prints should certainly be the trend that you need to try.

  • Multi-Colored Hues

Gone are the days where monochrome sherwanis made the tabloids. Multi-colored hues are the thing to go for if you wish to be in trend this wedding season. And if it is pastels you are trying for, this is an even better opportunity to experiment.

  • Subtly Embroidered Sherwani

While heavily embroidered sherwanis have charmed many an audience in the past, the new trend is to be subtle and minimalistic when choosing an outfit. Opt for ones that easier to carry without causing discomfort or taking the attention away from your bride and the occasion.

  • Unique Bottoms

One of the best parts about donning a sherwani as a groom is that you can wear almost anything and still be the center of attention at the venue.

Here are Some Tips for you when Choosing Bottoms Along with your Sherwani:

  1. Never choose a bottom the same shade as your kurta or the top portion of your sherwani. It will only serve to make the outfit look gaudy.
  2. Be sure to opt for a bottom that you are confident pulling off rather than choosing something that seems trendy.
  3. When trying on a dhoti, make sure you choose one that is pre-stitched so you aren’t worried about it falling off while you are performing an important ritual during the marriage ceremony. For those who have been in the habit of wearing a dhoti, you can always go for an ethnic, unstitched one.
  4. If you are looking for comfort along with class, you can also try Jodhpurs that offer you the flexibility you need by being loose-fitted at the thighs and narrowing down as it tapers to the ankles.
  5. While we certainly do not recommend corduroys for grooms to wear with their sherwanis, friends of the groom can try this combination to give their ensemble a western touch.

Depending on your preference and your style of dressing, you can choose to merge the conventional with what suits your perception of trends the best and come up with your own creation to flaunt on your D-day!

  • Accessorize

Moving on to the next order of business, once you’ve chosen the right top and bottom, it’s time to pair the right accessories with your outfit. From the top to the bottom, you can amp up your look significantly and make your wedding ensemble more elegant by adding these lovely accessories to the mix.

  • Footwear

With ethnic Indian wear, the best footwear to pair is something equally ethnic. A pair of mojdis on a groom is bound to look more traditional and classy than regular boots that are worn for every formal occasion. For those who prefer open-toed footwear, Kolhapuri slipper are equally traditional and chic to pair with your wedding outfit.

  • Brooch

A brooch is another addition you can make to the accessories you are already planning to wear along with your sherwani. You can wear it on the breast-pocket or somewhere that you feel would augment the charm of your wedding outfit.

  • Gemstones

With the kind of bright colors that most grooms wear on their wedding, adding gemstones to the look in the form of pendants, rings, buttons, or cuffs can take the appeal of the outfit up a notch and make the groom stand out with the beauty of it all.

  • Turban

One sign that lets people know who the groom really is apart from the fact that he would be the one of the reception stage next to the bride is the outfit he would have on and the lovely turban he would have on that is adorned with gemstones. Compared to the turbans worn by the family, the one worn by the groom is bound to be much more elegant and enchanting.

  • Kalangi

A lovely brooch, either with a gemstone as the centerpiece or made using kundan or other such glistening stones, a kalangi is placed on the front of the turban worn by the groom right in the middle. You can even try being trendy and place it at the side for a better appeal.

  • Pocket Square

While not conventional, pocket squares do make Indian outfits look as wonderful and striking as they do formal western wear. If you looking to add a unique touch to your sherwani, you can try adding a pocket-square to your look!

No matter what you choose to add to the ensemble, you can be sure to find the trendiest wedding sherwanis for men online at Nihal Fashions that are superior in quality and have the appeal to woo your audience, no matter the season. So be sure to remain the trendiest groom among your acquaintances by shopping right and being as creative as you can with what you add to your look when you dress up for your big day.

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary is a Fashion Blogger with 14+ years of experience in the Indian Clothing industry. He has high level of expertise in Indian traditional outfits.