Top 10 Beautiful And Elegant Dressing Styles For Onam

Onam is a major festival in Kerala carried out after the harvesting. The entire festival lasts for 10 days. It is a celebration of the homecoming of their king. During this period, people celebrate in their best Indian traditional clothing. Here are 10 best styles that you can don during these days of festivity.

Dressing Styles for Onam - Nihal Fashions

1st Day: Atham
The initial day of the festival starts with a procession showing the return of the king. The clothing is essentially bright which reveals the enjoyment and merry-making. Dazzling lehengas and ceremonial dresses of yellow color are ideal.

2nd Day: Chithira
The dress worn on this day is generally of an orange hue and yellowish cream. The traditional dresses that are worn this day bear these colors.

3rd Day: Chodi
The increase in the intensity of the festive season takes place. People go to the marketplaces for shopping. The garments worn on this day are comfortable but conventional. This helps in going around for the shopping purposes.

4th Day: Vishakam
This day is one of the most hectic days of Onam. There are many competitions that are held for the native people. Wearing lehengas and traditional sarees are the best to stay comfortable throughout the day. There are many activities that take place during the entire day.

5th Day: Anizham
This day is dedicated to enjoyment and partying. The party type dresses are worn during the day. The Snake boat festival and boat race are played during this occasion.

6th Day: Thriketa
On this day a few types of flowers blossom which signifies the commencement of the holiday season. People buy Indian dresses for kids to make them look beautiful for the festivals.

7th Day: Moolam
On this day people celebrate by bursting fireworks and putting rangolis in their houses. The traditional attire is the most suitable on this day.

8th Day: Pooradam
Worship is held on this day. Cotton saris are generally worn by the ladies on this day. A bathing ritual is held for Mahabali king and Vamana.

9th Day: Uthradom
This is also called the first Onam. It is believed that Mahabali had come to the land of Kerala for the very first time on this day. Complete traditional dresses are donned on this day.

10th Day: Thiruvonam
This is the last day of the festivities. The king goes back to the underworld after seeing the people happy in his kingdom. People wear their best conventional dresses on this day.

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

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