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Making a style statement these days is quite a tough task. Shopping for Indian traditional wear comes with a lot of confusion for men. When one selects and purchases clothes its style and comfort level matters the most. For men, the choices in ethnic wear are quite limited like kurta pajama, sherwanis, dhoti kurta, Nehru jackets and trousers, etc. In order to look prim and proper for an event, it is necessary to select the outfit which suits the occasion and the body type. Kurtas are extremely comfortable and casual in their vibe. The quality of the material also plays a very important role when buying an Indian outfit. Kurtas come in several colours and patterns and they are easy to team up as well. If you are someone who does not want to put much effort into styling then go for kurtas without a second thought. These days ethnic kurtas are available online too. Shopping for mens kurtas online is extremely convenient because online platforms can provide you with innumerable choices. Moreover, shopping online is also cheaper as compared to offline stores. Kurtas are available in almost all materials and designs but selection plays a very crucial role. Apart from purchasing the kurta one also has to think about the bottoms. Kurtas can be teamed up with a variety of bottoms but the colours of the two need to blend well. Here are some tips to choose the right kurta.

  • Check the Fabric

Kurtas come in a variety of fabrics but one needs to check the texture of the material. Some fabrics might not be apt for certain weathers while some may not be in sync with your body type and personal style. Choose a light fabric like cotton for summer occasions and go for heavy materials like velvet and brocade silk for winters. Kurtas can also be classified into formal and casual. Depending on the need of the event, select the fabric.

  • The Pattern of the Kurta

Mens kurta pajamas come in several patterns and styles but not all styles are apt for everyone. The patterns of the kurtas include asymmetrical kurta, high-low kurta, jacket style kurta, etc. A typical kurta looks like a loose shirt which goes to the knees but if you want to experiment with your kurta look then you can go for different kurta patterns.

  • See the Fit

In Indian wear, the fit of the attire requires a lot of attention. Kurtas are not body-hugging but they need to define your physique in some way. A very loose kurta can ruin the whole look whereas a properly fitted kurta can enhance the overall look. Also, make sure that the length of the kurta is comfortable enough. A kurta needs to be knee-length anything shorter than that can look extremely casual.

  • Make sure the Colour is Blending with the Design

The colour of an outfit needs a lot of thinking because that is the first thing everyone notices in an attire. The design on the kurta needs to be in sync with the colour too. If you are opting for contrast tones then see to it that the two colours are not looking out of place. The colour also needs to look well with the design.

Just like women’s fashion, even men’s style mantra has changed a lot. With unique colour combinations and several add-ons, ethnic wear for men now has several variations. Check out the tips to enhance your kurta style.

  • Go for Pastels and Shades of Ivory

Ivory has made a huge comeback in the ethnic trend. Ivory toned kurtas look extremely royal and elegant and are perfect for formal occasions too. This kurta can be worn for events like wedding reception, sangeet ceremony, engagement ceremony, etc. If you wish to add some colour to your outfit then you can go for pastels too. Pastel shades are dominating the colour world by all means especially in the case of traditional Indian wear. Try and go for pastel coloured kurtas like mint green, blue, pastel pink, peach, etc. These colours are extremely easy to pull off and pair up with bottoms because they can easily blend with any other shades.

  • Go for Detailed Necks and Sleeves

Men generally opt for kurtas which are single coloured but you can give a twist to the outfit by adding details to the neck and the sleeves. Match your neck collars and sleeves with a print or go for embellishments. This will break the monotony of the outfit and will give a stylish look to your kurta. Select the print wisely and if you go for embellishments see to it that you don’t go overboard with the same.

  • Try to Ditch the shiny Embellishments and opt for Pearls instead

Pearls are timeless and they can be added to the kurta too. If your kurta is light coloured then add pearls on the same for giving it a festive look. Pearls can either be added on the border of the kurta or sleeve ends!

  • Add a Jacket to the Kurta

These days jacket style kurtas are very much in vogue. You can add a jacket to your kurta if the event is formal and demands you to dress up heavily. Make sure that the colour of the jacket is blending with the kurta and is not looking like a separate entity. You can go for a Nehru jacket look or else you can opt for a waistcoat too!

  • Choose the Right Bottom

It is not a compulsion to wear a kurta pajama set always, you can experiment with the bottom styles too. Try and opt for bottoms like straight-fit pants, trouser-like pants, dhoti pants, etc. It is not necessary to match the colours of the bottom and the kurta but the two tones should look like one outfit.

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Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

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