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Buy Exclusive Traditional Kurta Pajamas: An Attire of Style And Comfort

After sherwanis, kurta pajamas, or kurta pyjama, are one of the most widely worn traditional outfits for men. The Indian kurta pajama, in literal terms – a collarless shirt, has become a trend of sorts with people flaunting it at major events, or even casually. The comfort it offers as compared to a pair of jeans and T-shirt does add to its credibility. Apart from India, it is also found worn traditionally in numerous other countries such as Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka.

Ideally worn as garment reaching the knee, kurtas have, over the year, found many partners to be paired with. From the straight-cut pajamas that have been paired with kurtas traditionally for years to dhotis and churidars that have come into trend in recent years, you can style kurta pyjamas for men the way you want to and become a fashion inspirer on the way. Nihal Fashions offers an eclectic range of kurta for men that you can wear on different occasions and choose to style your way. You can also customize your outfits purchased at Nihal Fashions, making it the one-stop destination for all your needs.

Must-Buy Kurta Pajamas you can Find at Nihal Fashions

Kurta pajamas have undergone quite a transformation over the years with its many styles and trends that have been equally appealing as the ones worn before. Trends have changed with time, allowing people to experiment with the way they flaunt their kurta pajama. Nihal Fashions offers a wide range of mens kurta set with different styled bottoms to pair with the kurtas. These kurta pyjama sets too come in various trending styles that you can choose according to your preference.

  • Designer Kurta Pajama

Designer kurtas, looking royal and elegant, are perfect options to wear to weddings and other important occasions where dressing in your best is a must. A more comfortable choice than a sherwani, you can shop for men’s kurta pajama online at Nihal Fashions from choices in fabrics such as art silk, cotton linen, Banarasi giccha, taffeta, etc. and in the shades and patterns you prefer.

  • Casual Kurta Pajama

Who said kurta pajamas are to be worn only at formal occasions? Nihal Fashions offers you mind-blowing kurta for men which can be worn for casual events too! The collection of regular kurta pajamas available with Nihal Fashions are perfect for casual occasions and events where one would rather wear an outfit that is comfortable yet classy. Plain and fashionable, these kurtas make for a great addition to your wardrobe. You can find these kurtas in cotton, silk, linen, and other fabrics online depending on your preference. Opt for the best casual Indian kurta and be a trendsetter.

  • A layered-up Jacket-style Kurta Pajama

Nihal Fashions offers some of the trendiest jacket-style kurta pajamas that blend remarkably well together. With simple kurtas that are paired with intricately designed jackets or vice-versa, the kurta pajamas contrast beautifully without seeming too conspicuous. Make a lasting impact with this unique Indian kurta style.

Well, if you are up for some experimentation then take inspiration from our blog which conveys everything you need to know about the Nehru jacket style.

  • Royal looking Pathani Suit

Pathani suits, one of the simplest among kurta pajamas worn by men, while plain to look at, offer an amazing fit, making it look elegant and suave. Nihal Fashions offers cotton Pathani suits that you can customize to your liking and get a few accessories to match as well. Don’t miss out on our amazing discount offers on kurtas and accessories. Even kurtas have various kinds and types, read up on the stylish kurta patterns to try this season on our blog.

Bad at Styling Up Your Kurta? Check Out This Guide

Like any other clothing, you can experiment with your kurta pajamas by trying to pair with trendier add-ons that form a beautiful blend. With a little bit of mix and match, your kurta pajamas from Nihal Fashions are sure to get an even better style.

  • Layer it up with Jackets

Your kurta pajamas, dhoti kurtas, or even churidar kurtas can be flaunted best with a jacket in tow to make the traditional ensemble look even more charming. These jackets look suave and elegant with your kurtas in a contrasting shade to offer s good blend to your outfit. Nihal Fashions offers you good-quality jackets with your kurta pajamas to stay in trend all along. Every Indian kurta pajama can be paired with a jacket, but make sure to choose the right hues.

  • Experiment with bottoms

Tired of the same old straight-cut pajamas with your jazzy kurtas? Why not go for something different by trying out trendy bottoms with your kurtas instead! From great fitting churidars to dhoti pants that augment your traditional look further, you can find these trendy bottoms with Indian men’s kurtas online at Nihal Fashions. Also, don’t shy away from bright colours when it comes to Indian pajamas.

  • An ethnic dupatta to finish the look

While not every kurta pajama requires a dupatta, you can wear yours in a trendier way that looks less like a dupatta and more like a fashion statement. Being a little different can help you start a fashion trend of your own. Several mens kurta set come with a dupatta! Check out the same at Nihal Fashions. Don’t forget to read our blog on trendiest ways of styling a kurta pajama!

Here’s How To Add Charm To Your Kurta With Accessories!

Accessories make for a wonderful add-on to any outfit. Nihal Fashions offers numerous accessories along with kurta pajamas that match exceptionally well with your outfit. You can also try some of your own styles of accessories to flaunt in order to add more oomph to your ensemble.

  • Ethnic styled Mojdis or Traditional Indian Shoes

While purchasing any kurta for men, paying equal attention to the kind of footwear being worn is as vital. Nihal Fashions gives you the chance to save on an additional shopping spree by giving you the choice of purchasing mojdis with your kurtas online, in your choice of size. Since the mojdis are part of the outfit provided online, they are sure to match your outfit rather well. Apart from mojdis, open Jodhpuris are a great option to pair your outfits with too!

  • Add elements like rings, brooches etc

Jewellery is one thing which most men avoid. However, jewellery is very essential when it comes to wedding kurta for men. Choosing the right accessories can go a long way in adding elegance to your outfit. When it comes to men sporting a traditional avatar, going for precious stones and gems in the form of rings, pendants and brooches are sure to make a perfect addition. You can also choose a simple chain or jewellery without any gemstones if that’s what appeals most to you. However, make sure it complements your outfit well.

  • Flowy Dupatta

A dupatta is one accessory that, while often paired with a sherwanis, will certainly look as chic on a kurta. Choosing the right shade of dupatta and the right fabric can go a long way in determining whether you look would be a hit or somewhat average. You can also choose to drape the dupatta in a way that adds to the charm of the outfit while looking like something straight out of a magazine. Try out the different varieties of kurta pajama for mens along with an elegant dupatta at Nihal Fashions.


When to Wear An Ethnic Kurta Pajama?

Indians have a never-ending list of occasions to wear their best traditional outfits. From the start of a new year to the many festivals and important events that crop up throughout, the endless supply of Indian ethnic outfits in your closet are sure to see the light of day sooner or later. Make sure you stock up your wardrobes with the best range of kurta pyjamas from Nihal Fashions for every occasion.

  • Casual Events

Casual events spring up without fair warning to give you enough time to shop. Nihal Fashions offers an eclectic range of kurtas with pajamas and trendy bottoms to give you the chance to shop online for whatever you wish to flaunt at the upcoming event. You can order it online according to your preference and have it delivered right at your doorstep.

  • Cultural Events

Cultural events are a common scenario in schools, colleges, and offices where one gets the opportunity to boast of their roots and their culture through their attire. Nihal Fashions keeps a wonderful selection of kurtas pajamas for men online in different fabrics and designs, allowing them the liberty to choose from a wide range of beautiful ensembles. You can don a Punjabi kurta pajama set for exhibitions and plays too!

  • Family Functions

Family functions are another addition to our never-ending list of occasions to flaunt Indian outfits. From a birthday party and an anniversary celebration to a naming ceremony of the newest member within the family, there is certainly no dearth of events to celebrate within a large family. For every occasion, you have Nihal Fashions at your service, offering the best kurta pajamas and more online. We have an amazing collection of classic cotton kurta for mens which are apt and comfy for almost every occasion.

  • Festivals

Festivals like Diwali, Navratri, Eid, and more see men flaunting the best Indian ethnic wear, celebrating not only the festival but the roots of the culture followed by them as well. Finding the right kurta pajamas and ethnic wear is made easy with Nihal Fashions. You can find a plethora of kurta pajamas, dhoti kurtas and more online along with accessories to go with it. You can also have the outfit customized while you make the purchase to give you everything you need within your set budget. Your festival shopping need not be expensive because Nihal Fashions has exciting festival offers and discounts!

  • Weddings

Weddings are events that see the most number of people flaunting their cultures. Indian weddings are no different with a majority of people opting to don traditional ethnic wear for every ceremony. The collection of mens kurta online at Nihal Fashions is sure to leave you spoilt for choice with the kurtas ranging from a number of fabric choices and styles.

Reasons To Choose Nihal Fashions For All Your Shopping Needs

Offering some of the best collection of kurta pajama for mens, Nihal Fashions has outfits in the finest quality of fabrics with expertly-cut ensembles that ensure a beautiful fit. Apart from the superior quality of the dresses, there are numerous other factors that make shopping with us an advantageous decision for our customers. Low pricing and free shipping are just some of the many perks to shopping with Nihal Fashions.

  • Get trendy attires in competitive prices

Everything you purchase at Nihal Fashions comes at competitive prices, allowing you the chance to purchase some of the best Indian traditional wear online at the lowest possible prices. From quality kurta pajamas to sherwanis and more, you can find everything you need within your set budget. One thing you need not worry about while shopping at Nihal Fashions is the quality of the clothing which is sure to be the finest, no matter who or what you shop for.

  • Unique collection and customization

One amazing boon to shopping online at Nihal Fashions is the option to customize what you purchase to suit your needs. The customization feature is a sure time-saver along with helping save you the money it would otherwise take to alter the outfit to suit your requirements. With the customization feature available with us, you can find what you need exactly the way you want it.

  • Money Saving Discounts and Offers

Nihal Fashions offers a number of discounts and offers every now and then to help you save on your purchase. These offers are available during festivities and other occasions where you can avail great discounts using the coupon codes mentioned online. The free shipping offered is another saving added to your list, giving you yet another reason to choose shopping with Nihal Fashions.

  • Unlimited Choices

At Nihal Fashions, you can find an eclectic range of kurtas along with the choicest of bottoms to pair those stunning men’s kurtas with! You can filter through the search column to narrow down the list to what you are looking for to save you time. You can also choose the price range within which you want your kurta to be to find exactly what you are looking for without overshooting your budget. Indian men’s kurtas are available in numerous fabrics, patterns, shades, and sizes to help you purchase the one you like without compromising.

  • Accessories

On every clothing item for men purchased at Nihal Fashions, you can choose a number of accessories that come along with it such as traditional footwear, safas, dupattas, etc. that can be customized to your requirements. From the size of your shoe to the length of the safa you are most comfortable with, you choose the accessory you are more likely to wear with your outfit and even choose to leave it out of your shopping cart if you do not wish to unnecessarily spend.

Shopping at Nihal Fashions also gives you the chance to save with orders exceeding USD 199 getting shipped for free worldwide. You also get a free pouch on your purchase along with numerous other offers in tow.

Your shopping expedition with Nihal Fashions is sure to be fun the more you browse through our selection.