Best Kurta and Nehru Jacket Combination for Men to Look Stylish

Everyone aspires to be in style and stay current with fashion. Let’s have a peek at what’s new on the market to make you seem better for your upcoming event. Let’s discuss the newest fashion, Nehru Jackets for Men. This timeless Indian clothing is neither new nor has it ever been out of style. These jackets will offer your individuality a bold appearance. It not only has a traditional and modern appearance, but it is also simple to handle. It can add a dash of Indian style to your Western attire.

Best Kurta and Nehru Jacket

Ways to style Nehru jacket to look stylish:

1. Black Nehru jacket colour combination on black kurta:

Pairing your traditional jacket with dhoti pants will give it grace. This selection is perfect for a forthcoming occasion. Your shoes might create a distinction in this situation. As you succeed in this, let all eyes be on you. Black on black looks absolutely royal when styled together. This combination oozes confidence and class when worn properly.

2. Yellow Nehru jacket and black pajamas combination:

The yellow Nehru jacket on a black kurta creates a wonderful contrast that cannot be missed. This outfit will be a great option if you are attending a wedding or a traditional gathering. Pair it with the right type of accessory, and you shall feel all eyes on you. Owing to its versatility, it can be paired with absolutely anything easily.

3. Peach Nehru kurta and white kurta and pajamas combination:

Peach and white, both being light colors, look absolutely stunning when styled together. They create a simple statement and subtly give off a classy vibe. You can pair it with joothis or light-colored footwear to ensure the attention isn’t being taken away from the outfit in itself.

4. Onion pink kurta and jacket:

If you are someone who prefers keeping it simple, this one is for you. With no major color contrast, this set creates an aesthetic appeal visually. With intricate, Banarasi handwork done on the jacket, you can surely flaunt the fit in weddings, parties, and similar events. Not only will it make you feel royal also but elegant and classy.

5. Maroon Nehru jacket on black kurta:

Maroon Nehru silk kurta decorated with intricate banarasi handwork on a simple, black kurta is one of the best kurta jacket combinations and is a must-have. This contrast creates a beautiful visual appeal that cannot be dismissed. You can pair it with minimal accessories to complete your look. This outfit is perfect for weddings and grand traditional events.

6. Yellow Nehru jacket and off-white kurta:

Again, an eternal combination. The beautiful yellow Nehru jacket is made of silk and thus gives off a royal and expensive feel. This piece can be styled by the groom for Haldi or a ring ceremony. Pair it with simple footwear, and you are good to go.

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary is a Fashion Blogger with 14+ years of experience in the Indian Clothing industry. He has high level of expertise in Indian traditional outfits.