Types of Kurta Pajama and Styling Tips Every Man Should Know

India’s identity is embodied in its clothing. For various festivals and occasions, people in the country dress in a variety of ethnic attire, which gives them a traditional and fashionable appearance at the same time. There are various types of kurta pajamas for men, which we will see below.

Types of Kurta Pajama

Common types of kurta pajama are:

1. Art Dupion kurta pajama:

Traditional clothing fashioned from art dupion fabric is referred known as art dupion kurta pajamas. Dupion silk is a type of silk with a distinctive slubbed texture. Art dupion is a synthetic fabric that imitates the texture and appearance of dupion silk. A kurta, which is a long tunic-like top, and pajamas, which are loose-fitting pants, make up most art dupion kurta pajama pairs.

2. Party wears kurta, and pajama sets men’s:

These kurta pajamas typically need incredibly detailed workmanship that might take months or even years to complete. This kind of men’s kurta pajama is the oldest and has been worn for many years. Given that these kurtas are heavily embellished, they can be worn with light pajamas for a contrasted appearance.

3. Cotton kurta pajamas:

These men’s kurta pajamas are incredibly straightforward, lightweight, and comfortable. They can adapt to many styles and are ideal for any season. To make the outfit even more handsome, wear these with chino trousers.

4. Pathani kurta pajamas:

In keeping with its name, this style of kurta pajama is primarily worn by Muslims; however, currently, men of many religions favor this design. It falls below the knee and features a collared neckline. It provides the wearer with a feeling of strength.

5. Georgette kurta pajamas:

A kurta, which is a long tunic-like top, and pajamas, which are loose-fitting pants, are the two main components of georgette kurta pajamas. The kurta often has long sleeves, a button-down front and is knee-length or somewhat longer. The ease of movement is made possible by how cozy and relaxing the pajamas are.

6. Linen kurta pajamas:

A linen kurta pajama set normally consists of a long tunic-style top called a kurta and loose-fitting trousers called pajamas. The kurta often has long sleeves and a button-down front, and it is knee-length or longer. The loose, light fabric of the pajamas allows for easy mobility. Because of its reputation for being breathable and light, linen fabric is a great option for warm-weather or summer events.

7. Brocade kurtas:

Richly woven brocade frequently has elaborate patterns or designs, frequently in metallic or striking colors. It is frequently worn in traditional and ceremonial clothes and is noted for its opulent appearance. Brocade kurtas are renowned for their beauty, luxury, and skill that went into making cloth.

Styling Tips for Kurta Pajama:

1. Color-matching Games

Never hold back when it comes to color. Be daring and alternate between colors. Choose the color combination that will look best on you based on your skin color.

2. Decorate it

A drape or jacket will make your Kurta Pajama seem stylish. Choose a jacket with embellishments or prints when wearing a solid-colored Kurta Pajama.

3. Focus on the details

You have a lot of options in your wardrobe to experiment with, whether it’s embroidery or cloth. Choose a style that maximizes comfort while enhancing your physical features.

4. Accessorize

Any classic outfit that has been given a modern twist looks fantastic. Purchase a pocket square, pretty pins, and eye-catching brooches to enhance the splendor of your dress if you wish to add this touch.

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary is a Fashion Blogger with 14+ years of experience in the Indian Clothing industry. He has high level of expertise in Indian traditional outfits.