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Sarees for women are no longer just classified into silk sarees, cotton sarees, georgette sarees, etc. now Bollywood sarees have also become a distinct category. Most women adore sarees worn by Bollywood actresses but are clueless about where to buy them from. It is a tough task to search for similar sarees because most of them are exclusive. However, one can get amazing Bollywood sarees online at Nihal Fashions. Though most such sarees are glamorous and elegant, it is necessary to style them properly. Styling a saree means taking into consideration a lot many things like draping, jewellery, selection of colours, borders, etc. Fabric is another aspect which needs a lot of thinking when it comes to sarees. Usually, Bollywood sarees are of georgette, silk, chiffon and net. The design and the embroidery further influence the look of the saree. Getting your hands on a perfect saree is a complete joy. Here are some useful tips to select the right Bollywood saree!

  • Check the fabric

The fabric of the saree needs to be selected carefully. Make sure you are comfortable in that particular fabric and can carry it well too. Additionally, most sarees need proper maintenance and care depending on the fabric. For instance, a pure chiffon saree is very delicate in texture and will need very careful cleaning and washing. On the other hand, a cotton saree is not that high-maintenance. See to it that you consider all the factors before finalising the material. Colours also appear different on different fabrics because of the cloth texture.

  • Nature of the event

If you want a highly embellished saree for a reception then select the saree accordingly. It is very necessary to keep in mind the occasion before selecting a Bollywood saree. If the event is casual, then opting for a classy cotton saree is also an apt choice. You can add your own style statement to the saree too by choosing a unique blouse or an accessory to ace the look.

  • Work and embroidery

Not all sarees look good on everyone. Before selecting any saree make sure it suits your personal style and look. Also, see to it that the saree complements your body type. Fabrics play a very important role in this case too. Likewise, opt for prints, embellishments and works sensibly. For instance, a delicately embellished saree may look good on some but a saree with a bold print is suiting another. The colour of the saree should also blend with the selected work!

  • Colour of the saree

Bollywood sarees are available in all colours and tones. Currently, pastels are very much in fashion. However, the colour needs to be selected carefully because that is the main aspect of any outfit. Take into consideration the time of the event and choose the colour accordingly. These days most designer Bollywood sarees are of lighter shades. The trend of using two contrasting shades together is also gaining huge popularity.

The best way to add a twist to your sarees is to take inspiration from Bollywood actresses. Here are some innovative tips influenced by Bollywood divas.

  • Net saree with a floral blouse

Net sarees come in a variety of shades and tones. Usually, women go for the same shade for saree and blouse but you can also opt for a different pattern for the blouse. Try opting for a floral blouse with a net saree for a cocktail party or a reception event. This particular combination not only looks feminine but also signifies elegance. Team up this combination with statement earrings and you are ready to turn heads at any event.

  • Bright coloured floral print saree

A bright coloured floral print saree looks extremely fresh and unconventional. Opt from the shades of pink, green or blue to do justice to this look. This saree style is perfect for daytime events and summer occasions. Experiment with the blouse in order to bring newness to this whole look. Bright shades work amazingly well for florals!

  • Go for stripes

Ditch the shiny embellishments and works and opt for simple and classic stripes. One can choose a black and white striped saree or go for a red and cream combo too! Team up your striped saree with a high neck, full sleeves blouse. Add minimal jewellery to this look and let your Bollywood saree do all the talking.

  • Black saree with gold-toned details

Perfect for evening occasions and reception ceremonies, a black saree with gold-toned details is a must-have. Opt for a classic black georgette saree and make sure that it has delicate golden work on it. Pair up this magnificent look with heavy earrings and you are set to make a lasting impression. It is best to go for a golden blouse for this saree style!

  • White shimmer saree with a halter blouse

Sarees these days come in a variety of styles. Apart from being too traditional, you can also go for a modern look in a saree. Try opting for a white shimmer saree and pair it up with a halter neck blouse. This look is appropriate for a cocktail party! Make sure you get a good hairstyle too so that you can flaunt your halter neck blouse.

  • Olive-green silk saree

Go for an olive-green silk saree with golden details for a traditional touch. A silk saree is quite shimmery in its texture and therefore gives a rich look. Carry a traditional clutch with this saree to complete the look. The clutch need not be green in colour but see to it that it is golden in finish.

One can get innumerable choices for bollywood designer sarees online. The whole look of your saree depends on draping. Focus on picking up the right underskirt and check the fitting of your blouse! Most women complain about how their saree doesn’t stay intact even after draping it right, to avoid this mishap pin up your saree right! Lastly, choose the draping style which suits your body type.

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