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Buy Exquisite Sarees by Nihal Fashions to Go the Whole Nine Yards

The lovely, vibrant, and traditional attire that has women going gaga over it, sarees have been raising fashion quotients for years! A long piece of cloth that is unstitched, the Indian saree or sari has been a commonly worn attire among Indian women since ages. With the roots of the outfit being dates back even unto the Indus civilization and beyond, one cannot but be fascinated by this enchanting attire that has mesmerized women enough to have at least one hanging in their closets. Whether it falls in line with their daily dressing or been stored for special occasions that come by, every woman owns this lovely number to be worn at least once within a year.

The attire can measure either five yards or nine, and is generally paired with a blouse and a petticoat. Ending right below the line of the bust, blouses can be designed in a number of ways to blend well with the kind of saree you opt for as well as the personality you have. For those who love playing with fashion rules, a bolder look can help set standards of their own where fashion is concerned. On the other hand, the petticoat offers a form of security for the saree pleats to be tucked in and also acts as a covering if your saree is made of a sheer fabric. The end of the saree, called the anchal or the pallu, is draped across the shoulder while the rest of the strip is draped around the waist with a certain number of pleats at the front, forming a beautiful fall. For those who are ardent fans of the outfit, we have a special read for you to check out to know how you can style your own sarees!

The History of the Attire

The word saree, derived from ‘sati’ which is a Sanskrit word for a strip of clothing, was introduced centuries ago with the intent of draping the cloth around one’s body completely. Even after sewing was learnt as an art and practiced fervently, people leaned more toward the option of draping the cloth rather than sewing it to fit one’s structure. This was more to do with the fact that this particular outfit was perfect for extremely hot weathers, especially in a region like India. It was also a tradition back during the Indus Civilization to wear unstitched clothing more in the likeness of a dhoti.

Eventually, the outfit emerged as the classic saree we all know of and adore, thus creating a trend for the same. This very trend led to the attire being woven in a number of materials such as linen, chiffon, net, georgette, silk and more compared to the plain cotton clothing worn before the trend set into place.

Apart from being made in varying fabrics, the patterns too were experimented with, gifting us with the beloved printed sarees we so cherish in the modern age. Weavers also created sarees in mixed fabrics, giving ethnic lovers more options to choose from.

The Making of the Saree

Machine-made or woven by hand, the making of the saree differs from fabric to fabric. With the craze for embellished sarees with heavy designs being on the rise, sarees woven by hand are more common than those made through machines. In cases of designs that are more elaborate and defined, the amount of labor put in raises the cost of the fabric indefinitely. Most of the designer sarees made fall within this sphere, making them seem way out the budget for a majority of the people who wear sarees on a frequent basis. The number of days gone in the making of the sarees also differ depending on the patterns, the weaving method, the embellishments laid, and the materials used. This is also a factor that determines how much the saree will be prized at after having been designed to satisfaction. To let your mind get more acquainted with the concept of the saree, here’s something that delves into its diversity.

The Many Styles of Blouse

Blouses are yet another factor that make or break your look in an opulent saree. From playing the sleeves and hemlines of blouses to trying out new neck and back patterns, women have tried it all. Along with the many different patterns that are usually paired with sarees, women have also lately begun to pair the saree with crop tops that act as a blouse or a tee that contrasts the shades of the saree beautifully.

Where blouses were plain and worn for the sake of offering a covering, the many innovations have brought about a grand trend of designing blouses as elegantly as anything other ethnic wear. From zari work, embroidery, and embellishments to using lace and net to create a bold look with the fabric, one can see a number of styles that suit the modern-day woman perfectly.

Accessories that Add Glamour to Sarees

For people with great fashion sense, what can be paired with a saree to augment its look is no great task. But if you are a lover of ethnic wear, beaded jewelry, hair accessories, and gemstone accessories work great on any kind of saree you drape yourselves in! Along with these, adding a lovely stone studded brooch to gather your saree pallu in an elegant cinch at your shoulder is bound to give your look a whole new feel.

A kamarpatta is another accessory you can add to your outfit that goes around the waist, emphasizing your slenderness along with adorning your saree just the right way. Going for pretty saree pins to further add glamor to your entire look is as likely to make your overall look fetching as the right makeup to go with the ensemble.

The Representation of Sarees in the Present Day

The saree has undergone numerous transformations over the years with various regions and communities styling the outfit in a unique way. And to make it even better, the classic traditional saree has been adapted differently in varying styles such as a lehenga saree, butterfly style saree, and more that allows you to experiment with your looks and enhance the look and feel of the outfit.

Another fad that has emerged lately has been pairing a saree with jeans which, while strange, has been tried by many, including famous personas. This only goes to show how much you can do with a saree in your wardrobe to be pulled out every time an occasion arises.

The many experimentations with the traditional saree has also given saree lovers major fashions goals. And with sarees being made from a number of fabrics, you have a lot to look forward to when going on a saree purchasing spree. You can check of these diverse range of sarees in this little read. From being inspired by celebrities who have created their own style of saree draping to religiously following famous ethnic wear designers who bring about newer ways of flaunting said attire, there is no limit to the creations one can come up with to try out newer looks.

The Bollywood Appeal

Bollywood is no stranger to the whole nine yards. Traditional sarees have been flaunted in a number of Indian movies by famous personalities, making the look appealing to women all over the world who have given Indian cinemas a chance. Finding Bollywood designer sarees to make your own diva appearance is no difficult task with Nihal Fashions giving you the option of shopping online!

Influencing Hollywood

Surprising as it might be, Hollywood has also been greatly influenced by the Indian ethnic look. From Victoria Beckham and Angelina Jolie to the Pussycat Dolls and Selena Gomez, a number of popular celebs in the west have rocked this look by flaunting designer sarees by some of the best Indian designers. Lady Gaga, known for her fascinating yet eccentric way of dressing, has also flaunted a beautiful zari bordered designer saree while Katherine Heigl’s Indian bridesmaid look in an elegant chiffon saree won our hearts forever.

With Nihal Fashions catering to regions across the globe, you can pull off traditional Indian sari for women as elegantly as these divas did!

Occasions to Flaunt your Gorgeous Sarees In

Flaunting Indian sarees needs no invitation other than the many festivals and occasions celebrated by Indians all over. From flaunting the best ethnic wear during Diwali to stunning the crowd in lehenga style sarees in the nine days of Navratri, you have all the opportunities to dress up in your best ethnic look for all the events to come.

The best part about a saree is the use of casual sarees as part of daily use. No matter what part of the world you are settled in, a casual printed saree is never the wrong choice if you are in the mood to flaunt your roots.

Need more reasons? There’s always the family occasions that come your way, be it the celebration of an anniversary or an equally momentous event. You can get your best gossamer silk sarees out for the occasion or even flaunt a beautiful georgette number.

As for to-be brides on their pre-wedding shopping spree, finding the right bridal wedding sarees to wear as you walk down the aisle is as easy as breathing with the sarees collection at Nihal Fashions.

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