Charm your Way in a Fusion of the Traditional and the Unconventional

We bet you love to flaunt Indian wear as much as anyone else. But how about a blend of the west and the traditional for an even more charming appearance. We bet you love the idea!

Indo western wear for men has been a trending option among men’s ethnic wear for a long time. The lure of blending and contrasting ideas of two different world to form one that is so appealing has made many a men huge fans of this attire. From the comfort it offers to the many ways you can style it, indo western outfits have only brought about positive reactions so far. And if you have an audience that is equally in love with all things traditional as you, or are gracing an event where most of you are bound to flaunt your best Indian wear, being different with your indo western outfit is sure to create a lasting impression.

Check out all the ways you can experiment with and style your indo western suits!

How to style indo western wear?

The entire appeal of your indo western wear rests on the way you style it. Since most indo westerns are just a top and bottom that you need to put on, styling is where you need to focus on completely. How well you make it look with a few additions here and there is exactly what would make you the center of everyone’s attention when you strut about at the venue.

So here’s us giving you a few styling tips.

  • Accessorizing

This part of dressing up is so basic that we hardly need to introduce it. However, for those still clueless, trying out a few accessories that you know are sure to augment your look further is sure to be a great addition. Keep the patterns of the outfit, the shade, and the outfit of your significant other or you companion for the occasion in mind while you shop for accessories.

  • Dressing according to season

The weather is the only thing that make you rethink your choice of clothing. We all have had moments of indecision where the thought of a heat stroke have made us put our favorite clothes back into the closet in favor of something less appealing but more comfortable.

When you shop for men’s indo western wear, make sure you keep the season in mind. If the event you are planning to attend is to be held during the hot and humid seasons, you might have to opt for fabrics that are more comfortable to be worn during the heat. The same applies to monsoons.

  • Trying out your own style

One rule of fashion that you must follow – never back down experimenting. Everyone is creative with a unique mind. So, if there is a style that you think would look good despite that fact that no one else has tried it before, go for it! Flaunt your own creations with confidence.

What accessories can you flaunt with your indo western suit?

While your indo western outfit makes you look smarter than most other outfits, a few accessories added to the attire can be a great addition to the attractive ensemble you already have on. Whatever you do, make sure your accessories enhance your and don’t clash with the details on the indo western suit you have on. Since accessories are added to augment, wear some that bring out the hidden beauty of botht he outfit and your charming appeal.

  • Gemstones

Gemstones in the form of pendants, rings, and brooches make for perfect add-ons to ethnic wear, be it a complete Indian wear or a fusion of traditional ethnic wear and western outfits. A studded bracelet for men is another accessory to add to your list of items to shop for while carrying on with your shopping for the occasion you are planning to grace.

Another way to add gemstones to your indo western outfit is to replace the buttons on your outfit with gemstones instead!

  • Footwear

Indo western outfits look particularly stunning with the right footwear to accompany it. You can match your mojdi along with your indo-western outfit by gong for similar shades, patterns, and prints on both the footwear and the outfit!

  • Dupatta

A dupatta, while common with sherwanis and kurtas, can also be paired with an indo western outfit to enhance the overall look of the outfit. Wear it as a sash, an accompaniment, or style it in a fashionable way that adds to the glamour of the indo western wear.

  • Jacket

A stylish jacket with an ethnic touch is an ideal addition to an outfit that flaunts both Indian and western roots. Jackets with zari work or embroidery on them to match the kurta you have on, or perhaps a western-styled jacket to contrast the traditional look of your ensemble is sure to make you a sight to behold wherever you go.

What style of bottoms must you pair with your indo-western outfit?

Stylish bottoms are more than just a trend for all things western. Men’s indo western outfits have even more reason to try out different styles that are not only in fashion but also fascinating enough when fused without something traditional.

1. Pajamas

Generally paired with straight-cut pajamas, indo-western wear for men is popular all throughout the world with their suave look and elegant cut.

2. Churidaar bottoms

Love well-fitting pants? A pajama might be the wrong choice of bottom. The kind of fit that a churidaar bottom offers you can change the look of your indo western wear notably by making the overall appearance even dapper.

3. Dhoti pants

In an age where vintage is the new trendy, dhotis are an attire loved by all! With its crisp pleats and fluttering fabric, a dhoti adds a touch of ethnicity to your look and offers you the comfort and flexibility you need to go about.

4. Jeans

The perfect indo-western look is when your outfit forms a balanced blend of western and Indian roots. A pair of jeans with a traditional kurta is enough to define your body structure and give you a charming look.

5. Corduroys

Corduroys are yet another pair of bottoms that give an appealing feel paired with anything. Whether you intend to wear a short kurta or go all out with a pair trendy yet ethnic kurta, the corduroys you wear can

What are the latest trends in indo western wear?

As an outfit, indo western wear is a trend in itself. So, how do you stylize something that is already trending? It’s simple. Be innovative. Bollywood is definitely one inspiration that can help you come up with newer fashion styles. All you need to do is have the courage to experiment.

  • Adding innovative accessories

Accessorizing your outfit is hardly a new trend. However, what you use to accessorize your ensemble is what would make you stand out. Here’s what you can try out:

  1. Add a jacket with a western appeal to your particularly traditional outfit.
  2. Try out newer way of styling your look with a dupatta.
  3. Add accessories with details that match that of your significant other – be it the color, the print, the design, or more.
  • Pairing trendy bottoms

Gone are the days when you’d have to wear a pajama with your kurtas to look traditional enough. With indo western outfits becoming a trend, you can now push your pajamas to the back of the wardrobe and trade it for something classy such as a pair of dhotis, churidaars, or even elegant jodhpurs.

  • Experimenting with colors and shades

Instead of playing safe with shades and colors, experimenting is sure to win you some brownie points in the world of fashion! Opt for contrasting shades of tops and bottoms to create a lasting impression or go for bright shades that most people shy away from to start your own fashion trend. After all, everybody has the capability to start a new trend. If you confidently pull of your experimented look, you are sure to be the inspiration of many.

  • Trying out contrasting prints

The prints and patterns on your outfits create an impression as charming as the shade, cut, and fit of the ensemble. A fashion trend that most people have been following lately is trying out various patterns and contrasting them for a better fit. Understanding how things that generally oppose each other can blend to form an unconventional yet enchanting appearance, fashionistas have tried this particular styling method which has gained many fans among fashion lovers.

Things to consider when shopping for your indo-western suit?

We all love to shop. But that certainly does not mean we all know how to shop well. It is more than just picking out things you want and paying for them after a little bargain. There are numerous things that must be considered before you begin your shopping:

  • Occasion

The first thing to remember is the occasion. What are you actually buying the indo western suit for? Is it a wedding, an engagement celebration, a casual party, a festival, or just to have an outfit to pull out from your wardrobe when the time comes? No matter what the event, make sure you choose as per the occasion. Go for silk, brocade fabrics with heavy embroidery if it a grand occasion. On the other hand, it is best to keep things simple by choosing a plain silk or linen indo western suit if you would wear it at casual events.

  • Quality of fabric

The innovation of fabrics and their use in creating a number of looks and outfits has been a great turnaround to the way people dressed in the past. Now, almost every person has a fabric they prefer most while flaunting Indian wear. While opting for your indo western outfit, make sure you choose a fabric that is classy, stylish, and comfortable to wear in most seasons.

  • Choosing the right fit

While baggy western outfits sound and look trendy, that is certainly not the case with ethnic outfits. Wearing an ill-fitted indo-western suit can take away all the charm from the outfit as well as you. Choose outfits that offer a snug fit without compromising with your flexibility and comfort.

  • Picking the right shades

One things most Indians worry about is picking the right colors to wear. With complexion clashing to a great extent with the kind of colors you flaunt, is it best to select colors that do not seem too garish against your skin.

For example, an orange would be a definite no if you have a darker complexion. Similarly, wearing a dark shade such as black if you have a lighter complexion can make you look paler.

Who can flaunt an indo-western suit?

There is no hard and fast rule about who can wear indo western suits. While they are certainly designed for men, little boys can flaunt this outfit as captivatingly as adults. In fact, we’re sure that kids would turn out to be more dapper and elegant in indo western wear! And the best part about shopping online at Nihal Fashions is that you can find an entire selection of Indian wear dedicated to kids. So, with a few clicks, you have all that you need to turn your kid into the centerpiece of every event.

Where can you buy the best indo-western wear for men?

The beauty of Indian outfits has charmed people the world over, making it widely sought after. So if you love Indian wear and are finding it hard to come across something elegant to wear at the next occasion you’re about to attend, you can always find something graceful and classy online at the many online shopping portals that offer Indian ethnic wear.

With Nihal Fashions offering you an array of options to choose from, all you need do is browse through the website, filter out what you need or don’t need, and shop away! One great bonus to your shopping spree with Nihal Fashions – you can customize the outfits to your preference and avail great many discounts!

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

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