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Trousseaus form the most important part of Indian weddings and festivals. It is generally believed that only women care about what they wear at a particular event but these days even men are quite conscious about their dressing style. Initially, when it came to traditional attires, men usually opted for kurta pajamas. Kurta pajamas are the most preferred ethnic attires because they are comfortable and easy to wear. Moreover, kurta pajamas can be worn for casual occasions too. Well, if you want a perfect wedding attire then sherwani is the best choice. Sherwanis are ideal for wedding occasions and are usually worn by grooms. These days even simpler sherwanis are available for weddings. One of the most popular style in sherwani is Angrakha sherwani. Traditionally, an angrakha sherwani for men is an overlapping sherwani which is tied at one of the two ends. This type of sherwani has a long history in the Indian culture. Sherwanis are usually seen as the most elegant attires because they were worn by kings and rulers. Angrakha sherwanis too give out the same vibe. Currently, the stated sherwanis are opted for wedding events. Angrakha sherwanis are heavily embellished with stones and other works. Additionally, some of these sherwanis also consist of embroidery work. These days designers are drifting from the traditional styles and have come up with several contemporary patterns for angrakha sherwanis. Check out how you can choose a contemporary angrakha sherwani.

  • Pastel Colours

Generally, wedding attires come in dark and striking colours like red, maroon, gold, etc. But these days even grooms prefer to go simple and elegant. Angrakha sherwanis look amazing in pastel hues. Currently, the trend in ethnic fashion is all about looking classy. Opt for colours like mint green, light blue, pastel pink, peach, etc for sherwanis. Sherwanis in pastel colours are perfect for summer weddings too. Moreover, these colours look good for daytime events. If you are someone who is not confident about wearing dark shades then pastel is the best option to opt for. Pastel sherwanis should have minimal embellishments because that complements the look of the attire. You can pair up your pastel angrakha sherwani with a white bottom. Pastel sherwanis are subtle yet impactful because of their modern look.

  • Go for Buttons

Usually, angrakha sherwanis are tied at one of the two ends. Instead of tying, you can also go for buttons. These days sherwanis are also designed with buttons at one end. This look is quite traditional and classy, especially for grooms. If you are not comfortable with tying knots then go for a button-style angrakha sherwani. Buttons shouldn’t be bland and plain, make sure they are decorative enough because that can influence the look of the outfit. Traditionally, gold- toned buttons are used in sherwanis because they blend perfectly with the sherwani’s rich look. If your sherwani has no hint of gold try and go for diamond or stone studded buttons.

  • Highlight only the Sleeves and the Neck

Almost every Indian outfit is heavy-laden with loads of prints and embellishments all over the attire. You can bring newness to your outfit and only highlight the neck and the sleeve ends. Embroidered neck and sleeves look elegant to the core. One can also go for embellished neck and sleeves designs. Make sure that the work on the neck and the sleeves goes well with the rest of the outfit. For instance, the embroidery needs to blend with the colour of the sherwani and shouldn’t look separate. Additionally, the rest of the sherwani need not be all full of embroidery or embellishments because that can take away the purpose of highlighting the outfit with neck and sleeves.

  • Go for other Bottom Styles

Most men wear sherwanis with churidars. Though these attires look best with churidars, a sherwani can also be teamed up with other bottom styles like straight pants and dhotis. With different bottom styles, you can change the look of the outfit and can also give it a modern vibe. Experimenting with the colour of the bottom might not be applicable to all sherwanis but you can try to do the same with some guidance. Get amazing Indian mens sherwani online.

Weddings are no longer just about the D-day, they have several other events too. For grooms, their outfit should also gel with the bride. These days there are many ways in which you can coordinate your outfit with the bride. Well, before doing the same there are some things you should take care of.

  • No Need to Look Like Twins!

Most couples are now following the colour co-ordinating trend. However, co-ordinating does not mean you need to look like twins. Many couples choose identical colours but also go for the same work and the embroidery which makes them look like twins! Make sure that even if you are colour-co-ordinating, your outfits differ in some way, maybe in the embroidery or the pattern or some other element. It is necessary to keep some uniqueness in each of the outfits.

  • Not Necessary to Go for the same Colour for the Whole Outfit

For instance, if the bride is wearing a pastel coloured lehenga then the groom need not wear a full pastel coloured angrakha sherwani. The groom can add this colour to the sleeves of his outfit or can go for an embroidery of the similar colour. This way the outfits will be coordinated and won’t even look identical. The main idea here is to develop a link between the two attires and that can be done with minimal elements too.

  • Keep the Tone Same

Contrast is the new in but if you are looking out for colour co-ordination then it is recommended that you keep the tone of the outfit same. For instance, if your bride’s wedding look is full of striking colours like a maroon lehenga with gold details, then you too opt for a similar dark hue.

Nihal Fashions has stylish varieties in angrakha sherwanis for men. Right from the unique colours to the voguish patterns, Nihal Fashions excels in traditional Indian wear for men.

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