The Dawn of the Western Influence on Indian Traditional Wear

We all love the Indian outfits to the extent of flaunting one at every occasion that comes our way. But do you know that the much loved outfits have been influenced by a number of cultures, including the west. While it is definitely hard to believe, the many variations in the kurta pajama and the sherwani have been inspired by the cultures other than India.

The First Influence on the Outfit

Not many know that the traditional kurta for men was also influenced by the west. The kurta greatly resembles the long frock-type coat that the British wore back during the time when India was colonized. While the kurta pajama was still a recognized outfit back in the day, many innovations were done to the now widely worn attire over the years. From the use of fabrics other than the simple cotton to adding more patterns and designs to the outfit, the westerners have managed to influence the Indian ethnic wear to a great extent.

Along with the kurta, sherwanis were also greatly influenced by the clothing worn by the British as well as the Mughals in the early decades.

The Innovations and Variations over the Years

Over the years, cinema has been another mode of influence for a majority of the outfits worn by Indians. The graceful styles of dressing in terms of patterns, cuts, and flairs were all accommodated into the way of dressing by the Indians. Among Indian men’s clothing, one can clearly see the essence of the tuxedo implemented in the cut and stitching of the modern kurtas and sherwanis.

While we do claim the westerners to have influenced fashion for Indian for decades, the current trend being followed by all has also taken in some inspiration from vintage Indian outfits. The ethnic dhoti has made a huge comeback in recent years as against being worn by people back in 1900s.

No matter what the influence, one can definitely not deny the beauty of the Indian wear and all its elegance.

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