Choosing the Best Indian Wear for Your Kids

Shopping for clothes can be extremely tiring and stressful and the same can get magnified when looking for Indian clothes for children. As children can be extremely fussy and picky about what they wear, especially when it comes to fit and comfort, and thus, picking the right outfit becomes all the more important. It is highly advisable to either accompany your child while shopping, if you prefer doing it at the mall or at a store, or if you are someone who shops online, then one of the best things to do, is to show multiple pictures of various clothes and shortlist the clothes, based on your judgment of what your child may or may not like, just to help them make the right decision. The next thing that you should check is what is the occasion that you are purchasing the kids Indian wear. If it is something that is a part of their day to day wear, or something that they would wear just over the weekend, then picking clothes that are as per his favourite colour or if he/she is into superheroes, then picking one based around those will be the right move, but if it is for a more formal event, then ensuring that your child likes the same is extremely important.

An outfit for a formal event:

If you are looking to dress your child in a formal, yet stylish way, then one of the best outfits to pick is the traditional Indian wear for kids. With a wide range of options available like festive Indian girls dresses, casual wear for kids, especially for girls, and looking for the right sort of outfit will leave you with some of the most attractive options that are up for sale. When shopping online, it also becomes important to ensure that the outfits that you purchase online, for your kids, is from a reputed and renowned website, one that provides easy return and replacement options and one that provides you with complete buyer satisfaction.

A traditional dress for your princess:

One of the best and most stylish outfits for girls, is a mini version of a sari, as not only is one of the most stylish and attractive Indian girls wear, it is also extremely comfortable and easy to dress your child into. With various designs, patterns, colors, embroideries, and works on the sari to choose from, you can ensure that your little princess looks at her fashionable best, whenever she dawns the sari. 

An outfit for an event:

One of the best outfits to pick for your child, is a popular outfit that is extremely popular in the southern part of India, is the traditional kids lehenga choli. With various bright and attractive colors and designs to choose from, you can browse through the various options available online, which will ensure that you get just what’s in vogue and will ensure that your little princess not only likes dressing in the outfit but will ensure that your little princess looks her fashionable best.

Style and comfort:

Another Indian dress for girls that you should consider purchasing for your little princess, is the stylish and comfortable kids salwar kameez. Originating from the state of Punjab, this stylish outfit is not just popular in the state, but is known for its style and versatility all across the country and has been popular for many years. You can pick various designs such as flowery, embroidery, mirror work, etc while picking the kurta and a colorful and stylish dupatta, that has thread and beadwork, along with some more attention to minor details, will bring a broad and priceless smile across the face of your child.

As mentioned above, more often than not, if the outfit is uncomfortable, then children often tend to either refuse to wear the outfit or tend to festive get cranky when they are at an event or function that prevents them from changing into something more comfortable. In order to avoid such a situation, it is best to purchase the outfit days or weeks in advance and let your child try it, in order to ensure that she is comfortable in the same, and is happy with the colour and design of the outfit.

Always having an outfit ready:

You should always have at least a couple of Indian girls dresses, as events and functions can just crop up in an Indian family. Be it weddings, engagements, anniversaries, birthdays or other family functions, Indians usually like to celebrate big and ensuring that your little princess always has something to wear to these functions.

Kids wear can be extremely difficult to choose, as children have their creative ideas, which makes it all the more important to consult your daughter before purchasing the outfit. We at Nihal Fashions understand that you want your little daughter to look her fashionable best and one of the best ways of doing the same is to ensure that you pick the right outfit and dress for your little girl. Our wide range of Indian girls wear will provide you and your little girl with a lot of options to pick and choose from, which will ensure that your little princess looks pretty and stylish, no less than a celebrity, which will ensure that your little princess remembers the event for the rest of her life.

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary is a Fashion Blogger with 14+ years of experience in the Indian Clothing industry. He has high level of expertise in Indian traditional outfits.