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The most comfortable ethnic attire for men is kurta pajama. This outfit can be worn for all occasions be it formal or casual. Depending on the occasion you can choose your kurta style. For men, selecting the right kurta pattern can be a difficult task. But one can go for exclusive designer pieces to get the best attire. Most of the times, men prefer to wear these traditional outfits only for weddings. However, these days they also wear these ethnic pieces for casual outings and events. With the numerous festivals falling in line, its now time to stock kurta pajama for mens. Usually, a kurta is nothing but a long shirt like attire falling below the knees. However, with the dynamic change in the fashion industry, you can now experiment with no limits. The overall look of the outfit is not just decided by the design and the pattern, it is also dependent on the fabric. Each year several designers come up with a variety of new prints and works and this has definitely influenced men’s dressing habits. Initially, it was believed that men took no efforts in their wardrobe but lately most of them are careful about what they wear and how they pull off a particular style.

Apart from the regular kurta styles many more unique types are now available in mens kurta. Check out.

  • Kurta with an embroidered neck

Traditional clothing does not mean going all shimmery and fancy. Currently, most people prefer classy and simple outfits even for important events. A simple kurta with an embroidered neck is perfect for all wedding events. This particular Indian kurta can be worn without much thought because it is simple to carry. See to it that the embroidery you opt for is suiting your personality and is apt for the occasion. The colour of the kurta and the embroidery should gel together and should not look overdone or mismatched.

  • Raw silk kurta

Raw silk gives a more glamorous feel than normal silk fabric. A raw silk kurta is perfect for weddings and cocktail parties. Opt for dark shades when choosing a raw silk kurta pajama for men. The trendy shades in this style are blue, green, red and dark yellow.

  • Back embroidery

Kurtas with back embroidery are very much in trend. If you want to drift away from the boring kurta designs then go for a back embroidery. Back embroidery need not be very massive, even a small detailed design can look classy. Make sure it goes well the front pattern of the kurta.

  • Cotton kurta or pure linen kurta

Linen kurtas are very much in vogue. These kurtas look extremely unique and are comfortable to the core too. Teaming up linen kurtas with bottoms is extremely easy. Choose light colours when opting for linen kurtas. Cotton kurtas come in a variety of prints and can be worn casually too. These kurtas are perfect for humid weathers and day events.

  • Sherwani kurta

A sherwani kurta is best for cultural events and wedding occasions. This kurta is not very casual like the other types but looks extremely royal. If you want to opt for a sherwani like attire but are not keen on wearing the heavily embroidered sherwani then this is the best outfit.

Compiling a mens kurta set is extremely simple. Here are some quick tips to style your kurta.

  • Kurta and Nehru jacket

Pair up your simple kurta with a Nehru jacket. The most important thing in this combination is the colour coordination. The shade of the kurta pajama has to blend well and has to go with the colour of the Nehru jacket too. Even in Nehru jackets, there are many variations in terms of sleeves, neck patterns, etc. Make sure the jacket suits the vibe of the kurta pajama and is not looking too different.

  • Asymmetrical kurta with trousers

Asymmetrical kurtas look very contemporary and are apt for parties and engagement events too. Team up your asymmetrical kurta with trousers to get a modern look. The colour of the kurta and the trousers need not be the same but it has to match with one another.

  • Kurta with denim

For casual occasions, you can team up your kurta with denims. The denim and kurta look is very casual and is perfect for everyday wear too. Any plain cotton kurta can be worn with denims. For this combo, choose bright and light colours like blue, pink, green, yellow and white. Dark toned denims or faded denims can look good on such kurtas.

  • Bandhgala kurta with dhoti pants

A bandhgala kurta looks perfect with dhoti pants. Instead of opting for pajamas and churidar try and choose dhoti pants. These pants not only look traditional to the core but are also very fashionable.  Dhoti pants are available in almost all colours so it is easy to pair them up with kurtas. Instead of colours, you can also go for tones like ivory, gold, silver, etc.

  • Jodhpuri style kurta

A perfect blend of Indo-Western, Jodhpuri kurtas looks magnificent and formal. A Jodhpuri kurta is slightly longer than the normal Jodhpuris and can be worn with trousers or dhoti pants. If you do not want to go for a complete Jodhpuri look then go for this combo. Try going for colours like dark blue, maroon and dark pink in Jodhpuri style kurtas.

Once you know what kind of mens kurta set to opt for, it is essential to think about the print and colours too. Apart from traditional prints, you can opt for geometrical prints, florals, checks, etc. Moreover, one can also experiment with the fabrics like velvet, linen, cotton, silk, etc. Note that any colour you choose looks different on different fabrics and hence it is necessary to choose the hue wisely. Take into consideration the time of the event and the nature of the occasion before shortlisting the outfit. If you are not sure about accessories then go for minimal add-ons like wristwatch, bracelet or finger rings.

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

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