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Men’s fashion has evolved amazingly with new trends and styles. When it comes to traditional wear for men, most people feel the options are far too less as compared to women’s wear. However, with the wedding season and innumerable festivals, choosing the right ethnic attire for men is extremely vital. Sherwani is the most suitable attire for men when it comes to weddings. Sherwanis not only look elegant but also reflect a royal vibe. Wedding sherwani has now become a must-have trousseau for men. These wonderful attires come in a variety of styles and patterns. Right from different materials to different prints, sherwanis are now available in almost all colours. Initially, sherwanis were worn only by grooms on the D-day but now this piece of clothing is opted by others too.

Styling a sherwani right is very crucial. Unlike kurta, they need to be paired carefully with the bottoms. One can buy a wedding sherwani online too. Check out why sherwani is rightly termed as the outfit of the elite!

When choosing a sherwani, there are a few elements which need more focus. Here are some tips which will help you choose the right one.

  • Occasion

Every sherwani for men is tailormade for a specific event or function. When choosing a sherwani make sure you know the purpose of the event. Go for a royal sherwani for wedding if the event is at a personal level or opt for a simple looking sherwani for a casual event. Depending upon the occasion, the work on the sherwani has to be chosen. Make sure you do not look overdressed by selecting a very heavily embellished sherwani for an informal event.

  • Colours

Though sherwanis are available in all colours these days, selecting the right colour is quite important. The colour of the sherwani has to be chosen depending upon the time of the event and the season. It is recommended that one wears light hues for summers and day events and dark-toned hues for winters and evening functions. Read our blog on popular sherwanis for men to flaunt.

Colours which are always in vogue are maroon, gold, beige, pink and orange. The colour of the bottom also needs special attention because that element can make or break the look.

  • Material

Selecting the right material for a sherwani is extremely important. Cotton is the most preferred material for any ethnic wear. However, when it comes to weddings, men’s velvet sherwani is much opted for grooms. Silk is another material which gives a very royal look to this attire. Cotton is widely chosen because it is flexible in terms of embroideries and prints. When selecting a velvet sherwani make sure that the weather is not uncomfortable because this material is quite thick in terms of its composition. Chose cotton-based sherwanis for casual events and go for silk sherwanis if you want a heavier look.

  • Fitting

Sherwanis are meant to look elite and fitting is one aspect which is responsible for the overall look. When buying a sherwani, one needs to make sure that the fitting is suiting the body type and is not too tight or too ill-fitted. Right from the correct sleeve length to the appropriate neckline, everything needs to be in proportion. Additionally, the fitting might also depend on the material.

  • Decide the look

Mens wedding sherwani is now available in contemporary styles too. Before shortlisting the sherwani decide whether you want a traditional look or a contemporary look. Every sherwani differs in terms of its colour and work. These two stated aspects also decide whether the sherwani is traditional in look or modern.

If you are still unclear whether to opt for a kurta pajama or a sherwani, read our short guide on the same.

Sherwani is usually worn for wedding occasions. However, if you want to wear a sherwani for casual events too, you can experiment with the colours and get the look. Here are some colour combinations for men’s sherwani.

  • Maroon and gold

Maroon and gold is the most chosen colour combination for wedding sherwanis. Most of the times this combination is opted for weddings. Commonly a maroon sherwani is paired with a gold-toned churidar which makes it perfect for a wedding event. This combination is mainly opted for grooms.

  • Blue sherwani

Blue has many beautiful shades but a royal blue sherwani is an all-time favourite. If you are not good at colour blocking and mix-matching, then team up two different shades of blue and you’re good to go. This colour is apt for evening occasions and can also be worn for casual functions.

  • Cream and gold

One of the classiest combinations in wedding sherwani is cream and gold. White and gold is also equally preferred for an elite look. These shades complement one another effortlessly and also look elegant to the core. Moreover, these neutral shades are easier to accessorize too because they can blend with any other colour. One can also add a vibrant footwear to this ensemble to break the monotony.

  • Pink and gold

Who says pink looks good only on women? These days shades of pink are much in vogue for sherwanis. A rightly embellished pink sherwani is perfect for a day occasion. The best hues in pink for a wedding sherwani are peach, coral and blush.

Well, apart from the colour selection there are some other elements too which can help in enhancing the look of the sherwani. Take a look.

  • The length of the sherwani needs to be decided perfectly. A short sherwani will not only look funny but will also make you look weird. A traditional sherwani reaches the lower-half of the knees.
  • Wearing the right footwear with the sherwani is mandatory! A bad looking footwear can take away the charm of the attire completely. A perfect pair of a traditional mojri is a must when wearing a sherwani! Mojris also come in many prints and finishes these days so make sure you select the right one.

Well, if you do not have the time to shop offline you can choose a mind-blowing wedding sherwani online too!

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