Donning your Ethnic Kurta the Exquisite Way

The Indian kurta has been an outfit chosen by men to be flaunted at some of the most important events in their lives. And with the regality this outfit exudes, we certainly have reasons to believe and encourage this tradition of wearing a kurta during their best moments. Choosing the right ethnic menswear needs a lot of thought put into it, from the shopping destination to deciding on what kind of outfit you need.

With the number of choices available lately as more and more trends are created, one certainly has a lot to look forward to when browsing for the right options. For those who are unsure of how to style their outfits right, how to maintain the outfit, mistakes to avoid when your buy a kurta, and where to buy the best Indian kurta, below is a little read to help you make all the right decisions when you begin your shopping!

Ways to style your kurtas right

Styling your kurta right is important. Which fabric you intend to opt for, what color the outfit is going to be, and how you intend to style it is what can ensure if the look is going to bode well with what it considered in trend. And if it is something you are comfortable with, you may as well start your own trend by wooing your audience. Here’s what can be done to make your look worth sparing more than a second glance for:

  • Choose your kurta style

Yes, you’ve decided to wear a kurta for the occasion. However, how you style makes as much of a difference if your goal is to woo your audience. Instead of going with the monotony of wearing a simple kurta, being different is where you will find the best trend in. Here’s what we suggest you do to style your kurta in the trendiest manner:

  • Collar

The kind of collar you choose for your outfit can completely depend on your preference, the season you intend to wear the outfit in, or the event you are dressing up for. While mandarin collars are popular among most lover of Indian clothing, people have also begun noticing the appeal of V-necks, round-necked collars, and different trendy collar styles that have managed to make an appearance among the latest trends in Indian wear.

  • Cut

The cut of the outfit refers to the shape that it is being stitched and hemmed in. If you boast of a splendidly toned physique, wearing a fitted kurta may very well be in your favor. If not, make sure you leave the outfit a little loose-fitted. Another thing you can try differently is the hem below the. While straight hemmed kurtas are the norm, going a round-cut end or something equally different is sure to be brought to the notice of your audience and make you a style statement.

  • Slits

How comfortable you are in a kurta also depends on the kind of slit it has. The bigger the slit, the better your flexibility and comfort. Lately, there have also been certain trends wherein kurtas without slits have made an appearance. And with the right stitch and pairing, you can be sure to pull it off without a glitch.

  • Fabric

The fabric or material of the kurta is another thing to be kept in mind when you choose the right mens kurta for you. The ideal one can be chosen, depending on the season and the occasion. In summers, opting for breathable materials such as cotton, linen, etc. is the best choice to ensure that you aren’t a sweating mess before you even step out of your home. During winters, you can always opt for all the regal looking options that you missed out on wearing during the hotter months.

  • Shades

The kind of shade of kurta you wear can also help make or break your overall ensemble. Instead of opting for monochrome shades, try wearing brighter shades in various hues. Also, forego somber colors in favor of pastels.

  • Accessorize

The next bit is to accessorize the outfit well without making it look too gaudy. So, if your plan is to wear a dupatta with your kurta pajama, make sure it is in a contrasting shade rather than wearing it in the same shade. As part of the guest list at a wedding, you can also opt for a safa in the same shade as the dupatta. Another accessory to pair with your kurta is a gorgeous gemstone mala or brooch. Pin it up on your kurta and you have a winner.

The right footwear is also crucial when it comes to accessorizing right. Instead of formal boots, choose to wear a love pair of mojdis. The more ethnic the patterns on it, the better your overall ensemble is bound to look. Wearing a Nehru jacket over your outfit can also be a great way to repeat the outfit without being too obvious about it.

  • Choice in bottoms

Where kurtas are often worn paired with a pajama, there have been trends where the pajama has been replaced with options that are trendy and comfortable. Some of these options are jodhpurs which are loose the top and taper towards the bottom, dhotis that offer the flexibility needed to move around without feeling restricted, cigarette pants that offer a hint of modernity to ethnicity, and churidaar pants that make you look taller than you actually are.

All of these ways of styling your kurta can help you wear it in more ways than one and create fashions trends that last a long time.

Where to flaunt your kurtas?

What occasion you plan to wear your ethnic kurta in also plays a huge role in ensuring that the outfit is a hit. From a family occasion to a festivity, every celebration offers a uniqueness that can be infused with what you decide to wear. This involves the fabric you choose, the colors of the outfit, and all the traditions attached to how one is required to dress up during the function. Here’s a list of all the occasions and events where a kurta on you is sure to be appreciated:

  • Festivities

The number of festivals celebrated by Indians are surely unrivaled. From the beginning of the year until the end, one can be sure to find more than a dozen occasions to wear their best Indian clothing in. And a kurta is definitely the best and most comfortable choice, no matter what the month, season, or event. Compared to an ethnic sherwani, festive kurtas are easier to manage and carry.

  • Family Functions

Another place to flaunt your lovely kurta pajama, or kurta anything, is a family function. Be it a wedding, an anniversary celebration, a birthday, or any other event that your family celebrates with pomp, you have more than enough reason to wear your classiest kurtas and pull it off beautifully.

  • Cultural events

Cultural events celebrating the beautiful traditions and cultures of India, or celebrating the roots of India are also few occasions where wearing a kurta can be a great choice. Where you are in the habit of wearing western outfits every day, you can choose a day to be freer and wear an ethnic Indian outfit that allows you to flaunt your roots and be the most comfortable you can ever be, and what better choice than a kurta pajama or a dhoti kurta to do it.

  • Casual wear

If you love being dressed in clothing that isn’t too restricting and allows you to freely move about, choosing a kurta as a casual, daily wear option is certainly a wise decision. More comfortable than a shirt, cotton kurtas are also perfect for the summers where sweating profusely is one of the worst things you can do on your way to work. With a kurta to allow your skin to breathe, you are surely in a better state once you reach your destination than you would be in something else that is fitted and restricting.

All of these occasions and more give you the chance to flaunt the ethnic kurta without worrying about being or looking out of place.

How to maintain your kurtas?

If you have decided to fill your wardrobe with kurtas, its maintenance should be priority as well. Nobody likes to see a crushed kurta that looks worse for wear hanging in their closets. From how to wash the outfit to storing and wearing it right, all of these factors play a major role in determining how long your outfit is bound to stay new or look grand. Here’s us giving you some tips to remember:

  • Washing

What detergent you use to wash the outfit ensures if the fabric will shine brightly by the time you are done or run out of color and sheen. Checking to see what kind of cleaning agent suits the fabric you have purchased and keeping in mind the embroidery and the embellishments on it can help you make the right decision.

  • Ironing

Before you decide on ironing the outfit, make sure you select the right feature on the iron (if it is the one with the function to choose the kind of heating needed for the fabric in question). And when you begin ironing, be very careful to avoid the embellishments and sequins on the outfit so you don’t spoil them.

  • Storing

When it comes to storing your outfits in the wardrobe, many opt to hang the outfit inside without much care. The best way is to wrap it up in a cloth that keeps the outfit from looking old and worn out. The chances of the embroidery or thread snagging is also less when you have something else covering the outfit.

How much care is taken while you are wearing the outfit is also important in ensuring that is lasts long. If you have a habit of spilling food or beverages while you eat or drink, make sure the kurta you opt for isn’t too expensive.

Mistakes to avoid when purchasing or wearing a kurta

Purchasing or wearing a kurta needs one to be specific about what they wish to purchase. However, this also includes avoiding certain mistakes that can make the overall look go horribly wrong. Some of these are mentioned below to help you make the right choices:

  • Don’t overwhelm the look with colors

While we do encourage you to opt for brighter colors rather than staying bland, we certainly do not encourage overwhelming your outfit with too many colors. If you are planning on a bright shade of kurta, be sure to compensate and balance out the look by wearing a relatively somber bottom to go with the kurta.

  • Don’t choose the wrong fit

Buying or wearing something too fitted can make you uncomfortable throughout the time that you are wearing the kurta. On the other hand, wearing something that is too loose is also bound to make your look terribly ill-dressed. The key is to wear a kurta that offers a snug fit without restricting your movement. The right length of the kurta is equally important.

With these and more mistakes avoided, you can be sure of making a great impression in your lovely kurta wherever you go!

Where to shop for the best kurtas?

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