Everything You Need To Know About The Nehru Jacket Style

Indian ensembles signify tradition and class. When it comes to traditional attires everyone thinks of heavily embellished clothes which are shimmery and made out of rich materials. However, one attire which is contemporary by all means is the nehru Jacket. Nehru jackets have always been in trend. Even though there are several new styles for men these days, Nehru jackets have always been classic. Moreover, Nehru jackets are also worn by women these days thanks to the changing dynamics of the fashion industry. These jackets look mind-blowing but styling them is not so effortless. A typical nehru jacket is a full sleeves coat like attire. In order to style this jacket in the right way, it is necessary to take into consideration the occasion, colours, material, etc.

History of Nehru Jacket

Created in India in the 1940s, Nehru jacket was known as the ‘closed neck coat’. This particular jacket style was extremely new for the Indian market and gained immense popularity immediately. This attire was given the name Nehru Jacket after the jacket was designed keeping in mind the style statement of the then Prime Minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru. Jawaharlal Nehru wore traditional sherwanis and achkans with closed necks.

The main difference between a Nehru Jacket and a sherwani or an achkan is the length. Nehru jackets are not at all long and barely reach the hips whereas sherwanis and achkans are knee-length. Jawaharlal Nehru never wore a typical Nehru jacket but this style came into being when Nehru started wearing sherwanis and achkans.

Just when this particular attire was making waves in the Indian market it also became popular in Europe and America in the mid-1960s. These days Nehru jackets are worn for several occasions but in the earlier times, these jackets were a sign of authority and formal wear.

These days there are many kinds of nehru jackets available. With innumerable customizations, these jackets are now made with a variety of fabrics.

Fabrics To Be Used for Making Nehru Jackets

Nehru jackets are no longer just treated as formal attire. This amazing piece of clothing has transformed into a modern-day Indian attire. These days there are several kinds of jackets available. Here are some fabrics which can be used for Nehru jackets.

  • Linen Nehru Jacket

Perfect for summers and light-wear, linen jackets are the most common kinds of Nehru jackets. Unlike other heavy materials, this one is light in weight and easy to carry too. If you are looking for comfort then you should go for linen Nehru jackets.

  • Khadi Nehru Jacket

Khadi Nehru jackets look extremely fashionable and classy if styled right. Khadi Nehru jackets are quite rare as compared to other fabrics because of their exclusivity. Nevertheless, they are perfect for all important occasions.

  • Silk Nehru jacket

If you want to go for something not so simple, then silk nehru jackets are the best option. Silk jackets are not just light in weight and comfortable but they also look good in bright colours. Silk-based jackets are a bit on the shimmery side which make them perfect for wedding occasions too.

  • Velvet Nehru jacket

Velvet nehru jackets give a very sophisticated feel. Velvet based jackets are apt for evening occasions and parties. However, these jackets need a good amount of maintenance because of their delicate material. Additionally, these jackets are also amazing for winters.

Tips To Style Nehru Jackets

Kurtas are extremely easy to style and pair up but Nehru jackets require a bit of more effort. Though most people think nehru jackets are good only as formal wears, if styled correctly they can be worn even as casuals. Here are some tips to style Nehru jackets with ease.

  • Nehru jackets with printed pants

Most nehru jackets are without any designs or patterns. One can pair up a simple nehru jacket with printed pants to quirk up the look. These days printed pants are very much in vogue and you can definitely team them up with a nehru jacket.

  • Printed jackets with plain pants

If you are bored with the mundane plain jackets then you can go for Nehru jackets with prints. Even Nehru jackets come with unique prints and patterns like checks, colour blocks, florals, etc. Pairing up a quirky nehru jacket with plain pants can do wonders for your look.

  • Nehru jacket and denim

The best way to style a nehru jacket is to team it up with a denim. Any plain coloured jacket can go well with denim. This look is a perfect casual ensemble.

  • Nehru jacket with Kurta Pyjama

The best way to style a nehru jacket traditionally is to pair it up with a kurta pyjama. A plain coloured nehru jacket can be paired with a simple kurta and pyjama. This combination is an apt choice for traditional occasions.

Types Of Nehru Jackets

Nehru jackets also come in many varieties these days. The nehru jackets might differ from one another in terms of sleeve length, button placements and fit. Take a look at some of the popular nehru jacket types.

  • Sleeveless Nehru Jacket

The trendiest kind of nehru jacket is the sleeveless jacket style. Most individuals team up a sleeveless nehru jacket with a white shirt. This kind of jacket is widely worn by men for traditional occasions too. You can pair up this combination with pants, trousers or denims.

  • Slim fit Nehru Jacket

Slim fit nehru jackets are a perfect blend of contemporary and traditional. These jackets are easy to style because of their comfortable pattern. Slim fit nehru jackets are much preferred by men. These jackets can be worn for any occasions.

  • Full sleeves Nehru Jacket

Nehru jackets were originally designed as full sleeves jackets.  Full sleeves nehru jackets give a very rich look and convey a sense of exclusivity. Such jackets are perfect for wedding occasions.

  • Double-breasted Nehru Jacket

A double-breasted nehru jacket is very much in trend. This kind of jacket is perfect for formal events and occasions. Moreover, this particular jacket style also makes an individual look slimmer because of its style and cut.

Colours To Opt for Nehru Jackets

When it comes to styling a nehru jacket, colour combinations are also important. Though there are no strict rules as to which colours should be opted for such jackets it is always better to go for shades of brown, black, beige and white. However, if you like to experiment you can also opt for bright colours depending on the occasion. Nehru jackets give a very formal look. Most of the times, people opt for these jackets in earth tones. Nehru jackets are very popular in shades of browns, blacks, greys and tans. Neutral colours look classy when it comes to Nehru jackets but these days in order to add a bit of quirk people are also experimenting with other colours. Here are the hues which can be opted for Nehru jackets.

  • Black

A black coloured nehru jacket adds grace by all means. It can be paired with black bottoms too. Black Nehru jacket looks perfect for evening occasions. It is advisable to add a wristwatch or an accessory if opting for a black on black combo to break the dark tone.

  • Orange

Orange has many shades in its palette and it is best to combine this colour with white bottoms. An orange hued nehru jacket looks vibrant and interesting because of its fresh vibe. Additionally, it is best to wear this colour because it adds quirk to your overall personality. Be it a sandstone shade of orange or a tangerine, nehru jackets in these colours are apt for fun events like cocktail parties, sangeet ceremony, etc.

  • Blue

One colour which is apt for both evening and morning events is blue. Blue also has many shades and it is best to combine two varied shades of blue. For instance, a midnight blue nehru jacket can be worn with light blue bottoms. Likewise, one can make innumerable combinations and experiment.

  • Pink

Pink is no longer associated with only the female clan. Most guys these days carry pink with élan and the same can also be done with nehru jacket style kurtas. A light pink toned jacket can be teamed up with a dark pink pajama. This colour can also be combined with white.

  • Yellow

If you are looking for an apt wedding attire then one should opt for a yellow toned nehru jacket. A gold yellow jacket not only looks traditional but also gives a trendy look. A yellow nehru jacket can be paired with white pants. One can also go for other shades of yellow like lemon yellow, ochre yellow, etc. Don’t hesitate when it comes to trying new colours but make sure they suit this jacket style and are apt as per the occasion.

Ways To Accessorize Your Nehru Jacket

Nehru jackets are very tricky to style and accessorize. Though one can experiment with the colours of the jacket, it is difficult to match accessories with the same. These days there are many ways in which you can style your nehru jacket. Many people overdo with the accessories when it comes to traditional attire. It is necessary to keep these props to the minimal when wearing a nehru jacket. Check out the ways in which you can accessorize your nehru jacket.

  • Play with the buttons

Buttons also come in many varieties these days. You can team up buttons of different colours in order to break the monotony. Suppose the colour of the jacket is cream toned then you can add blue or red coloured buttons to enhance the look of the jacket. One can also opt for printed buttons if the jacket is plain. Buttons also come in various shapes which can make the whole outfit interesting to the core.

  • Pocket squares

A pocket square is a small accessory but when added correctly it can change the whole look of an outfit. Pocket squares not only look classy but they also add charm. When it comes to adding a pocket square to a nehru jacket it is necessary to select the right colour. In simple terms, match your pocket square with either your bottoms or your dupatta. Also, make sure that your pocket square is folded in a proper manner because otherwise it will take away all the oomph.

  • Pair it up with amazing footwear

The best way to style your nehru jacket is to pair it up with Jodhpuri footwear. These kinds of footwears are perfect for wedding ceremonies and festivals. Moreover, if you want to be a trendsetter you can go a step ahead and opt for white sneakers too. Well, this stated style should be practiced only if you are confident enough to carry it. If your nehru jacket is simple and casual then you can pair it up with fuss-free Kolhapuri chappals too. These chappals are extremely comfortable and easy to go and they also add an ethnic touch to the attire.

  • Style it with a pair of sunglasses

If it is a day event you can team up your nehru jacket with a pair of sunglasses. Select the sunglasses according to your face type and you are bound to be a trendsetter. Additionally, even sunglasses have many hues and it is vital to select the correct hue. These days people wear shades as a fashion accessory and opt them for evening events too. If you are someone who loves to do something different then you can wear shades for late evening events too!

  • Wristwatch and rings

The classiest way to add an accessory to your jacket is by wearing a wrist watch. Also, one can wear a signature finger ring to increase the style quotient of the attire. Rings that contain a specific coloured stone look amazing with a nehru jacket.

Nehru jackets are never out of fashion. Style your nehru jacket right and you are definitely going to turn heads at any event.

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