How to style a Kurta Pajama?

One of the most stylish and classic Indian outfits is the traditional kurta pajama and is being accepted as a fashion must-have for every Indian wardrobe. Not only is it a fashion must-have, but is also one that can elevate your look, no matter what the occasion. The outfit can be worn on various occasions, such as a festival, a wedding or engagement or even a traditional day at work, thus making a kurta pajama for men a must-have for every wardrobe.

Opt for a designer kurta:

Traditional Indian wear gives you the creative freedom to pick and choose designs and patterns to style up your kurta pajama for men. You can pick modern colors and designs for your traditional wear and give the outfit a more modern look and feel. You can opt for designs and patterns that help your outfit look like the perfect mixture of modern and tradition. You can mix and match modern colors such as sparkling grey or a black color overcoat and pajama with traditional designs, or one with an embroidered overcoat to highlight the entire outfit. or vice versa and make your Kurta pajama look truly stylish and one of a kind.

Finding the right colors:

When picking a kurta pajama for men, you will be spoilt for choices and will have many colors, patterns, and designs to choose from, but not all colors can be worn on all occasions. Colors such as dark brown, beige, dark maroon, kurta pajama for men with work, a combination of dark colors and goldwork such as embroidery, silk work, and other designer patterns, that can make your outfit stand out. These types of heavy work outfits are best worn at weddings, sangeet ceremonies, engagements, festivals and other celebratory events, which will help you leave a lasting impression on the minds of all those in attendance.

Your other options:

Another option to consider is one which is light and breezy and does not appear too formal and flashy. Picking colors such as sky blue, baby pink, light green and other easy on the eyes colors are ideal for a more casual outfit in event, such as dinner with friends and family, a traditional day at work and other casual events, that will help you not just feel comfortable, but will also ensure that you do not look like someone trying too hard and will keep to the nature and mood of the event.

Different fabrics for different kurtas:

Depending on the occasion that you intend to wear the kurta, you would be required to choose the material for the same. Fabrics such as heavy cotton, silk, and heavy fabrics are ideal for kurtas that will be worn at more formal events and functions. Other fabrics such as cotton, cotton, etc are light and comfortable and compliment the light and breezy colors mentioned above, which can even double up as your everyday office wear, or can be worn at casual outings as well.

Opt for something tried and tested:

A traditional Indian such as the traditional Banarasi kurta pajama for men. It is best to opt for such an exquisite outfit made using raw silk fabric. Originally from Banaras, a place famous for its rich culture, tradition, and art, that, over the years, has become a part of their traditional wear. From classic fabrics, such as raw silk, to the designs and artwork, usually handcrafted, where skilled artists put in hours of hard work, to achieve the perfect desired results, to its comfort and style, a Banarasi kurta is a must-have for occasions, where you can show off your exquisite taste in fashion and the finer things in life. 

A unique approach:

Another style that has recently gained a lot of popularity among celebrities and young politicians, is the jacket styled Kurta, which is sure to make you popular among your friends and social circle. Originating from Punjab, this stylish outfit is best styled with zari borders is fantastically paired with beige colored silk pajama.

A modern twist:

Another style that has caught up among the masses, is the short kurta, which oozes style and elegance and will help you make a fashion statement like no other. This outfit is best worn at festivals and can also double up as a wedding outfit if you are attending a wedding of a friend, colleague, or relative.

Uneven is the new style:

Another option that you can consider is the uneven kurta, something that is more modern and trendier. It is stitched in a way where the length of the kurta is a little shorter than the other side and it has a smooth transitional look that bridges both the sides of the kurta. When looked at from the front, it looks stylish and unique, which ensures that your kurta is something that is more updated with the latest in the fashion industry.

Traditional Indian wear is known for its versatility and can be changed to meet every individual’s fashion sense and preference. In recent times, celebrities from India and across the globe have picked traditional Indian mens clothing such as kurta pajama for men at various red-carpet events and is soon gaining popularity in various other countries as well. One of the biggest and best advantages of picking a traditional Indian clothing is the fact that you can seldom go wrong with it and you can help you be the true star of the evening.

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary is a Fashion Blogger with 14+ years of experience in the Indian Clothing industry. He has high level of expertise in Indian traditional outfits.