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Indian clothing styles vary with different states and cities. Typical Indian dressing depicts the glorious culture of the country fused with diverse traditions. Generally, clothing styles in India appear to be bright and colorful, captivating the eyes. You can notice the difference in Indian dressing styles when you travel from one state to other. Today, Indian clothing had changed a lot at par with latest fashion trends. Great ethnic style of clothing reminds us the glorious historic tradition of India during the period of royalty. Not only has it managed to woo people of the Indian origin with its beauty but also people of the west who have taken to the outfit like fish to water.

Below is a glimpse of all of the different styles of Indian clothing for men and women that have managed to become widely popular across the globe owing to their charm and regality:

Indian Clothing Styles of Women

Some of the most exquisite Indian clothing for women has been the traditional Indian wear that ranges from sarees and salwar kameez to the more authentic lehenga cholis and shararas. With these outfits worn at important celebrations, women have a lot to choose from when piling up their closets with party outfits and ensemble worth flaunting at weddings. Here are some of the outfits women can choose to wear.

Indian Salwar Kameez

This is one of the many traditional Indian dresses worn by women of all age groups. Salwar, a kind of loose trouser is usually paired with a long type of kurta known as kameez. This Indian dress is easy to wear and allows maximum body movements for doing usual activities. This outfit is worn not only on a casual da

Lehenga choli

It is a kind of skirt and blouse usually worn with dupatta or odhni. Today you can easily get lehenga choli from market in versatile colors, patterns and designs. Beautiful mirror and embroidery work stitched on this typical traditional Indian dress clearly depicts the culture and tradition of Indian history. Sparkling view of glitters and sequins adorned on lehenga choli makes you stay focused in crowd. At present you can find different types of lehenga in online market stores. Some of the top varieties of lehenga choli include bridal lehenga, sangeet lehenga, designer lehenga, wedding lehenga and mehandi lehenga. Today, this traditional Indian dress is one of the widely worn apparels during special events and festivals like Dussehra and Diwali.


Saree is an unstitched piece of cloth ranging from six to nine yards in length. Draping a saree usually varies from one state to another. Each type of saree can be draped in number of styles for suiting specific needs and events. Each style of wearing provides its own grace of Indian women. Gujarati, North Indian, Maharashtrian and Bengali are four main styles of draping a saree. Some of the top varieties of Indian saree include Kanjeevaram, chanderi, gadawal, patola and konrad.

Indian Clothing Styles of Men

Men with a penchant for Indian wear have a lot to look forward to when it comes to styling their ensemble for important occasions. From the best outfits to equally enthralling traditional accessories, here are all of the things you can add as part of your outfit for the day when dressing up for an important function.


It is a long coat of knee length buttoned up to the collar. Nowadays, this traditional Indian clothing is a widely used wearing for wedding parties. Sherwanis are usually worn with colorful turban and scarf on wedding day. Silk and embroidered sherwanis are usually embellished with eye captivating artworks like mirrors, sequins and beads.

Kurta Pajama

Another great outfit that is popular among traditional menswear is the kurta pajama. A snugly fit pajama paired with a long tunic called the kurta, this outfit has managed to find its way from centuries ago till the present where the new innovative ways of styling the outfit have made it a trendy affair, no matter what the occasion.

Indo-western Wear

This particular outfit offers a subtle yet perfect blend between contemporary and conventional wear by mixing the traditional with the western. Indo-western outfits make for perfect go-to options for every occasion, irrespective of whether they are traditional. For those confused about deciding on Indian outfits or western wear, this blend is definitely the right choice for you.


The ethnic dhoti is a traditional Indian clothing for men tied at the waist. This unstitched piece of cloth usually comes with five yards length or may also vary depending on the kind of the stitch it is or the way it is worn. This Indian dress is also known as dhuti in Bangla and Laacha in Punjabi.


Turban is a kind of headdress comprising a long piece of unstitched cloth which is wrapped around the head. Turban, a vital dress code of Sikhs is also known as Pagadi in Punjab.

Where to Get the Finest Indian Wear?

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