Dress Your Kids with Nihal Fashions’ New Range of Kurta Pajamas

Dressing up kids for festivals and weddings is a tough task because one has to focus on the comfort level first. Moreover, not all styles are appropriate for the kids to wear. Fabric plays the most important role in kids’ fashion. These days there are many new varieties in kid’s traditional wear like kurta pajamas, sherwani, Nehru jacket, etc. Kids kurta pajamas are extremely comfortable because they do not need much styling. Kurta pajamas can be worn for both festivals and weddings. Kurtas come in a variety of patterns and colours which makes them apt for all events. Moreover, kurtas are available in several fabrics which makes them ideal for all seasons as well. Kids Indian wear need not be too complicated, the simpler it is the better. These days people prefer to don kurtas for casual occasions as well. Kids kurtas used to be mundane with usual prints and designs but nowadays they come in many unique styles. Moreover, you can add a bit of uniqueness to your kurta by wearing different kinds of bottoms. Kids can try wearing vibrant colours too like red, yellow, blue, etc. You can buy traditional kids wear online too. Shopping for kids wear online is both convenient and money-saving. If you are bored of roaming from outlet to outlet in search of that perfect attire then online shopping is the best for you. Visit the online shopping portal Nihal Fashions for ethnic kids wear. Here are some things you must consider before buying a traditional kid’s attire.

  • Check the Season

Kids are bound to get affected by extreme temperatures and therefore before finalising the outfit you need to consider the same. For summer events you should go for cotton kurtas because they are comfortable and breathable. Additionally, cotton is also good for the kid’s sensitive skin. Likewise, for winter occasions you can opt for heavy materials like velvet, brocade silk, etc. Make sure whichever material you choose is not irritating your child’s skin.

  • Keep the Embellishments to the Minimal

Embellishments can sometimes become too irritating for the kids. It is better to keep the embellishments at the minimal because that way it will not irritate the skin. Moreover, kids can carry simple designs effortlessly. Concentrate on selecting the right colour and your child is bound to make a style statement.

  • Go for Comfortable Bottoms

Kurtas are extremely versatile and they can be paired with different bottoms too. Usually, kurtas are worn with pajamas but if you want to add a bit of uniqueness to your child’s outfit then you can opt for a different bottom style too like denim, churidar, loose pants, straight fit pants, dhoti pants etc. The bottoms need not be boring in white, black and beige. You can pair up the kid’s kurta with a colourful bottom too.  For instance, an ivory coloured kurta can be worn with a striking blue bottom!

  • Select the Fabric

When it comes to kids it is best to go for comfortable fabrics. Choose from the materials of cotton, silk, chiffon and velvet. Also, note that not all kurta patterns are possible in all fabrics. According to the season and the pattern of the kurta, select the fabric.

Men and women need to add loads of elements to their traditional outfits but in the case of kid’s outfits, addition of several elements is not needed. The kurta needs to be impactful enough so that the overall look does not look boring. Well, it is also necessary to know about the vibe of the event. Make sure that the outfit you select is apt according to the occasion. Check out these simple style tips to dress your kids in kurta pajamas.

  • Use Contrast Colours

Kids have a liberty to experiment with unique colour schemes and combinations. In kids kurta pajamas you can go for contrasting shades. Opt for the combination of pink and blue, beige and gold, silver and pink, rust and brown, yellow and orange, etc. See to it that the colours are complementing one another and are not looking out of place.

  • Go for Modern Prints

Traditional prints don’t look good on kids so its better if you choose quirky prints like checks, geometric prints, florals, colour blocks, etc. If you don’t want to go for embellishments then you can simply opt for a fashionable print. If you want some newness in the overall look then you can go for printed bottom too. Pair up a plain kurta with a printed bottom and your child is definitely going to make a style statement.

  • Opt for a Unique Pattern

Kurtas come in a variety of patterns. You can opt for a high-low kurta, asymmetric kurta, jacket style kurta, etc. The kurta pattern should be comfortable in its fit and your child should be able to carry it well too. Children tend to spoil most of their clothes so go for easygoing patterns. Avoid extremely long styles because there are chances of tripping. Keep the child’s comfort level a priority. Trying different patterns can change the overall look of the outfit.

  • Choose Comfortable Footwear

Women opt for sandals and men go for crisp formal shoes when it comes to wearing traditional outfits. However, for kids, the footwear needs to be comfortable. You can opt for Kolhapuri chappals, sandals, etc. Kids can also go for vibrant colours when it comes to footwear instead of wearing the mundane shades of black, beige, brown and white. A kid’s kurta pajama can look prim and proper with appropriate footwear.

  • Add a Dupatta

In order to complete the overall look, you can add a dupatta to the attire too. Make sure you pin up the dupatta safely so that it does not interfere with your child’s movements. The colour of the dupatta should blend with the colours of the kurta and pajama because otherwise, it can ruin the look.

Online shopping platform Nihal Fashions offers amazing varieties in kids ethnic wear. Also, don’t forget to check their festive discounts and offers.

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary is a Fashion Blogger with 14+ years of experience in the Indian Clothing industry. He has high level of expertise in Indian traditional outfits.