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People usually only concentrate on the pattern and the style of the dress. Especially, when it comes to Indian wear people hardly care about the fabric. Men have very limited options when it comes to traditional Indian wear. Kurta pajamas have always been the most preferred attires in ethnic wear. Kurta pajamas are available in several fabrics and this outfit is also high on the comfort level. These days everyone looks in for some comfort when they select an attire. Indian trousseau can get quite uncomfortable if it is filled with embellishments and heavy fabric. For summers and humid weathers, it is best to go for linen fabric. Linen kurtas for men are very popular these days. These kurtas are simple to the core but are also traditional in their vibe. If you are looking out for something classy and simple then go for linen kurta pajama. Men are quite confused when it comes to choosing the right attire for a wedding or a function. Kurtas are not just perfect for weddings they can be worn for sangeet ceremonies, cocktail parties and engagement ceremonies too. The fabric of linen has been in the market since time immemorial. Linen is the most chosen material for kurtas because it is appropriate for hot and humid weathers. Linen is a natural fibre which makes its texture super comfy. This particular fabric is produced from the flax plant and is used in making many other attires. Check out the benefits of wearing linen.

  • Linen is Durable

Linen being a natural fabric is durable and strong. If you own a linen kurta you need not worry about its maintenance because this material is long-lasting. Most clothes lose their fitting because the strength of the material reduces overtime but in the case of linen wear, this is not a hassle. The fabric is strongly knit together and therefore can withstand any external factor. Many times, it so happens that clothes even lose their shape because the fabric weakens, such is not the case with linen!

  • Perfect for the Skin

Many people complain about how their skin behaves oddly when they wear certain fabrics. Linen is extremely recommended for you if you are facing any skin allergies or problems. Linen as a fabric is extremely breathable and therefore is easy to wear and carry. The skin does not experience itchiness or roughness when it comes in contact with linen. If you are someone who is hypersensitive to different fabrics then opt for a linen kurta without a second thought.

  • Hassle-free to Clean and Handle

Some clothes need extra attention because their material cannot withstand any hardcore cleaning or treatment. With linen, you need not worry about the same. Linen kurta pajamas can be washed in machines and can also be dry cleaned. Moreover, you can let them dry naturally under the sun too! Maintaining outfits made from linen is both time-saving and effortless.

  • Linen is Versatile

Right from a handkerchief to a full suit, linen can be used in making anything. This particular fabric is extremely lightweight and is therefore much preferred. Linen fabric kurta pajamas are light in weight and you can wear them for casual occasions and events too.

Even linen has several blends and types. If you are not sure about wearing a complete linen-made attire then you can go for a combination of linen and some other fabric too. Three linen blends are extremely popular for kurtas and dresses namely cotton linen, linen rayon and linen polyester. Here are the basic characteristics of these three blends.

  • Cotton Linen

The blend of cotton and linen is softer than only linen. Cotton linen improves the texture of the linen by filling in the gaps. Cotton linen also doesn’t require much ironing because it keeps the material crisp and wrinkle-free. If you are always short of time then cotton linen is the best fabric to opt for. For instance, if your cotton linen kurta pajama is not ironed you can still give it a try!

  • Linen Rayon

Rayon has a slightly shiny texture which gives the simple linen a shimmery feel. The combination of rayon and linen also softens the fabric. If you are looking for a bit of sheen in your outfit then opt for this blend.

  • Linen Polyester

Cleaning becomes extremely effortless in this fabric blend. The blend of polyester and linen also frees the outfit from wrinkles. If you are someone who finds ironing very boring then go for this blend.

Styling designer linen kurta pajamas is quite easy because the material is less demanding. There are many ways to style men’s kurta pajamas. Take a look at some of the simple fashion tips.

  • Team up your Linen Kurta with Denim

For a casual feel, the combination of a linen kurta and a denim looks perfect. Pair up a light-coloured linen kurta with faded blue denims and you are good to go. This look is apt for events like festivals, cultural events, etc.

  • Add a Dupatta to your Linen Kurta Pajama

If you want to give an extremely traditional feel to your outfit then add a dupatta to your linen kurta pajama. The colour of the dupatta need not be the same as the kurta but make sure they appear in sync with one another. You can go for contrast colours too when pairing up a dupatta with a kurta pajama.

  • Complete your Look with Proper Footwear

Every Indian wear is incomplete without a proper pair of footwear. Make sure you complete your look with trendy footwear because that will enhance the overall look of your outfit. Traditional wear can be paired with mojris, Kolhapuris, brogues, etc. See to it that the tone of the footwear is blending with the overall ensemble. Choose from the tones of beige, brown, black, midnight blue, white, etc.

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Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

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