Latest Trends In Party Wear Saree

For as long as we remember, saree has been an integral part of our tradition. Every woman has had a trousseau full of sarees that her mother, grandmother, or even great-grandmother had worn. Apart from ancestral gifts, women have also been spending on the latest trends.

Sarees have become a style statement for Indian women from weddings to parties to meetings. But, every occasion demands a different version of it, and with every season, we find ourselves amidst a new trend of party wear sarees. So, suppose you are one of the brides-to-be planning her bridal trousseau, a working woman looking for professional options, or any woman finding saree inspiration online. In that case, this blog will help you find the latest party wear saree trends.

1. Satin Silk Sarees

Satin silk has to be on top of our list as not just celebrities but also social media influencers have hopped on to this trend. Silk party wear saree tends to be everyone’s favorite as it gives a lasting impression on the people around. Moreover, the expensive-looking fabric can be very budget-friendly and still be able to please the audience. Satin silk in pastel shades will appreciate Indian skin tones and create a style statement irrespective of the occasion or your body shape.

silk party wear saree
Silk Party Wear Saree

2. Pleated Sarees

When curating a party wear saree collection, pleated sarees are a must-have. They are easy to drape and add an exceptional appeal to the overall traditional look. Pleated sarees are available in almost all kinds of fabric and are suitable for wedding functions, office parties, cultural events, and the likes. In addition, pleated sarees bring symmetry to your overall look and can come in handy if you do not have much draping experience. 

3. Ombré Sarees

Ombré sarees are as pleasing as the name sounds. They are a treat to the eyes, and many bridal fashion designers have incorporated dual tones in their trousseau collections in the recent past. The Ombré technique leaves a lasting impact, adds a deluxe appeal, and is one of our top 3 party wear saree trends of the year.

4. Dual Fabric Sarees

Dual-tone and dual fabric are fundamentally different, yet they add the same value to the sarees. They bring a unique-looking appeal and can be prepared in many options. Pair your net fabric with velvet or any other fabric of your liking and create remarkable looks. 

5.  Sarees with Thin Border

Gone are the days when heavy and thick pallus were in trend, and women would feel uncomfortable holding them with a single safety pin. Fast forward to 2022, we are now in a minimalistic fashion era where party wear sarees have a thin border in zari work, embellished with mirrors or embroidery in some, and anything that could add an attractive appeal to the overall look.

6. Organza Sarees

Organza doesn’t need an introduction as it has quickly become an important part of every woman’s saree collection. The light-weight fabric makes for a lustrous appeal in a gathering where everybody appreciates and cannot resist an organza party wear saree. So do right by this trend and grab more than one organza sarees.

organza part wear saree
Organza Part Wear Saree

7. Leheriya Sarees

Your mother must have had it, even your grandmother. That’s how old a leheriya print is. And no matter how many more years pass by, having a leheriya saree in your party wear collection. Leheriya patterns come in various fabrics such as Jaipur-influenced style, Gotta Patti work, and even Rajasthani leheriya. The tones are vibrant, and the fabric is light-weight, making it a perfect fit for a special evening.

8. Conceptual Sarees

This season we see a huge assortment of concept-based sarees as publicized by celebrities and influencers. But, if creating pleats or making creases isn’t your thing, here’s a more practical option. With pleatless concept sarees, you no longer have to have a helping hand in draping one saree. Instead, you can instantly wear this effortless look which is simple to carry, stylish, top of the trends, and doesn’t have to bother handling the pallu.

9. Color-blocked Sarees

Indeed, the color block trend is a rising pattern this season. It has not only given an edge to sarees but has also been experimented on various apparel. As the name suggests, the Color-blocked sarees are created utilizing different shades to make an extraordinary impact. It makes a fascinating and exceptional canvas-like beauty on the saree that makes it unique.

10. Tissue Fabric Sarees

Tissue fabric party wear sarees are normally created in metallic shades such as bronze, gold, and silver. Tissue Sarees are, without a doubt, made and planned to utilize a fragile texture that adds to the femininity of the fabric. In addition, tissue Sarees are prepared to utilize the fine strings of silk to make a light-weighted, tissue-like appearance.

Now that you know what kind of sarees you could splurge on while being on top of the latest trends in party wear sarees, we have curated a list of colors that you could add to your collection for the upcoming fall season:

1. Whites for the win

White is an essential part of every party wear saree collection. This beauty can easily be paired with many blouse patterns and colors, giving you a new look each time. 

2. Beige – The neutral

Not all special occasions require you to dress up in bold colors. While it is a choice to do that, having a neutral beige-toned saree can be beneficial since it adds earthy tones to your overall look.

3. Eternal black

Black to fashion is what food is to survive. Black has always been mystical and magical in every form of apparel. Black party wear sarees, in particular, add a party-perfect appeal to the overall look and makes you unforgettable.

black party wear saree
Black Party Wear Saree

4. Mesmerising florals

Can florals ever be not included when we are talking about sarees? They look feminine, vibrant, and youthful when simply put. Thus, having a floral saree can add a spring splash to your wardrobe.

5. Greys

As eternal as black, grey color is also a staple for every woman’s party wear saree collection.

Channel your inner fashionista and splurge on the latest party wear sarees with the lookbook we have created for you.

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

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